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Posted - 2006.10.31 00:49:00 - [61]

Just in case it isn't mentioned in this thread--but in several other places--I suggest a Tatical Command modual. What this modual does is basically act like the UI of a ship, allowing you to work the POS in a similar manner, as in target and selectively use the aplicable moduals that are avalible to the pos. As in, guns, webbers, warp scrams, etc... so that you can actually give your POS fleet a chance against mass swarms of capital ships.

Northern Intelligence
Posted - 2006.11.08 16:41:00 - [62]

Edited by: Mallick on 08/11/2006 16:42:07
Originally by: Je'hira Osiris
I like well errr the idea of having differnt types of poses.. though tbh to can just equip the pos with differnt mods.. ie hardeners and more guns would make it a battle pos. As for the whole "Logistical" pos affecting the reinforced mod i think is a really bad idea. I have done alot of poses assults and they can be hard enuf if ppl set them up correctly. it should be on the stront it makes you have to wait X amount of time and then reform and give the defenders time to regroup. if you have 24 hours stront then you have 24 hours to make get a froce / cap ships in to defend. making it so you can wait more that 2 days is silly it just leaves nothing to the attackers. if you dont want to loose a small pos then but up a medium or a large .. most ppl think twice before attacking a large pos. to have a pos up means you need to be able to defend it as well and this is easy enuf if you are organised and have the cap ships.. if you dont try not to **** off ppl with them :-)

You should read it again. Logistic POS only adds time it takes to take the Outpost.

So if there is 10 Logistic POS in system, and you decide to avoid taking them down, you can attack the Outpost and wait 10 days before you can fully take it, or you can take down the Logistic POS and take the Outpost and take it at once.

Black Legion.
Posted - 2006.11.17 01:40:00 - [63]

They sorta have different kinds of poses.

Minmatar: Defense (Uber Bonuses)
Amarr: Industry (Huge PG, multiple capital assy. arrays, 100%? silo bonus)
Caldari: Research (Huge CPU)
Gallente: A Mixmash of different things. bonuses suck so it useless IMHO, can be a refinery if you needed it.

General Mar
Southern Cross Alliance
Posted - 2006.11.17 09:13:00 - [64]

Edited by: General Mar on 17/11/2006 09:14:17
the war should be focus on attacking the station instead of spammed POS, that mean if you take station's shield below 50% and hold it for 24 hours, you win !!!

so how do it work ?

Station's shild need to become stronger so it will take hour to take down the shield, it also have insane shield recharge rate so need lots damage to take down the shield

Between 75%-100% shield, the station is'offence mode',
- station's gun will do extra damage because it supply most of energy to weapon system,
- the attacker will have to find out their damage output and work out a strategy to tank the damage,
- everytime the sentry gun got destory, the station will quickly send out another to replace(every 30 seconds ?), the number of gun equal the number of player dock inside station, (if possible, the sentry can "drive" by player so they have something fun to do instead of sit on station)
- the attacker may lost lots of ship if they can't handle sentry gun, or there are too many sentry gun

between 50%-75% shield, station is "defensive mode".
- it will do less damage but have insane shield recharge rate, so attacker need to focus all their damage on station .
- the damage output from station gun is weaker and sentry gun take some time to replace
- it is time for defender to undock their ship to interupt attacker's damage so they can't focus all damage on station to let it recharge above 75%

between 25%-50% the station is 'reinforcement mode'
- station is nearly run out energy and all gun is stop, recharge rate is slower when closer to 25%
- if you can hold the station in 'reinforcement mode' for 24 hours, you will win
- if attacker keep it at 25% then it don't need lots of damage hold it, eg 5 battleships can hold it at 25%, or 10 for 35% etc
- if there are defender inside station, it will help station recharge quicker

to take over station :
- after 24 hours of 'reinforcement mode' the station will lost.
- to defence you either need bring lots of people to dock in to help station recharge over 50%,
- once station recharge back to 50%, the 24 hours timer reset so attacker need to start over again if they still manage to get station down to 'reinforcement mode'

so if the fight is focus on station. what is role of POS ?

1, POS will do nothing to sovereignity, it is all about who own the station, attacker can't spam POS because it won't help them gain sovereignity

2, each POS will help station do more damage, have more shield and recharge faster. eg each station add 10% damage, 10% recharge rate, and 100% shield !!!

- so if you have 10 POS online, the station will do 2x damage, recharge 2x faster and 10x time more shield
- it is nearly impossible to take down station if it have lots of POS to backup, or it require really strong force to do so

3, each POS will spawn 1 sentry gun at each gate for this system, the sentry gun is control by station's owner so can provide minimum protect from pirate/traveller

think about it in real life of fiction, if a system is full of POS in every moon, it should nearly impossible to attack it, and take way too much time to destory them one by one. attacker can keep them in aggressive mode untill they run out fuel, but what happen if defender have stock up months of fuel ? well it will require really strong industry to support it

Ab Origines
White Noise.
Posted - 2006.11.24 12:53:00 - [65]

These are my thoughts.

Might not be clear but i'll do a powerpoint or pps and try to re-write it as soon as i'll get at home!


Removing The Sov system would be a great solution.

Put the old stations back - Lock and destroy.

But to Avoid pingponging like it would be in a AAA vs AXE (Euro - USA) make the station shields half-downable by 20 dreads and 10 carriers in ~3hours (should check for corresponding damage output and put the corresponding shield hitpoints)

When station hits half shields (50%), make it in what I'll call "mid-efficient-mode"

-> For the attacker it doesn't change anything keep pounding the station.
-> For the defender his station becomes "bugged" and less efficient (refining 50% effiency / cloning 50% more expensive / Fitting don't change - goal is to force the defender to get out and fight / agents giving 50% of the LP they normaly should / all prices in the station becoming 50% more expensive / ...)

What would be interesting is when you get the station to 40% shields you reread what I put up and change 50% by 40%. But that would be to hard developping I guess, but would have a good effect -> fight back fast! If you wait it will be harder.

At this point the goal is, for the defender to boost shields up to get their services back fully operational.

At this point the shields are at 50% (after 3hours).
Three more hours of station pounding will get the station into reinforced. (only fitting avaliable - maybe cloning too - prices at the station are doubled (the 100% of the 200% price goes back to NPC faction or is just lost)

(Price changes will also help creating better prices in regions for your own alliance mates)

When the station hits the armor it will be in reinforced mode. It's unlockable by the defender AND the attacker. For 12 other Hours NO ONE can target the station, defenders can dock doh and fit new ships.

The 12 hours timing will be to prove that the attacking alliance or defending REALY can afford a 0.0 place (-covering whole timezone)

Once those 12hours have passed station is lockable by both parties. It's armor will be at 50% not 100% to avoid one defender cruiser to boost station for one shield point and force the attackers to go through the 12hours cooldown time again.
->defenders : repair armor to get it into shield.
->attackers : kill the 50% remaining armor

Emptying the half armor left should take 3 more hours (test). Once the station enters structure she will get her shields back to 50% and the attacker tag.

The attacker becomes defender and defender becomes attacker.

Okay Omeega, great. But what are POS made for then?
Meh, moon harvesting and having a foot into your enemy's campground to be able to have a force present in it's background to run what I'd finaly call, a real SIEGE.



6hours of station pounding

12hours of "cooldown time"

3hours of pounding

station is yours


000shield : 6hours of killing : station lockable

050armor : 12hours automatic : station unlockable

000armor : 3hours of killing : station lockable


Originally by: jeNK

The only solution required to station ping-pong was to have the shields instantly recharge to 100% after capture..

We didn't need POS's, we didn't need Sov, we didn't need Capital ships.

bring 30capitals at one primetime and in 30mins smash a station

other alliance brings 30 capitals at it's own primetime and ****s back the same station.


-> useless


<We didn't need POS's,>

Yes we did. It's good to have a safe place (but still killable) to have a siege base and make far-from-home operations (D2 vs ASCN p.ex)

<we didn't need Sov,>

It was the only thing CCP found to avoid ping-ponging.

<we didn't need Capital ships.>

Yes, to kill the POS and the station much faster.


Ab Origines
White Noise.
Posted - 2006.11.24 12:53:00 - [66]

Couldn't that be solved by implementing something like uhh... you know... strontium? Call me crazy or something, but avoiding just that seems to be the purpose of reinforced mode in POSes. Shouldn't it work for outposts as well, so long as you keep the functionality intact until it comes out of reinforced?

I've also always thought it was weird that you don't need to actually invade and conquer an outpost to get control over it (put those marines to good use!). Oh well, I'll go dream on.

with stroncium one unique person is able to save a whole alliance.

that's not the point i think - it's just too easy.

Station out of reinforced?
-put stroncium

Mistique One
Posted - 2006.12.13 13:24:00 - [67]

/ counter-signed

James Duar
Merch Industrial
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2006.12.13 14:01:00 - [68]

/not signed.

Any overhaul of POS's can't break what we already have. The graphical proposal would just change all the modules and click them together. This proposal needs to mean that systems with POSs in them remain operational right now. You work with what you have.

Lady Winter
Posted - 2006.12.13 14:16:00 - [69]

Changing pos dynamics as drastic as recommended in inital post is a very bad idea as then people will just blob around dreadnaughts attacking specific pos types too remove certain strategic abilities from there enemy - the one grand configurable pos scheme now works well - it just needs to have more controllable configurations added too the pos for offensive and defensive abilities - the graphics modified so there not as "wtf lag" intensive as you warp in on them and perhaps some new creative structures - and maybe a few reductions too time based situations with pos's such as structure unanchoring/anchoring times [not the tower times] and the speed of the refinery processing/onlining.

pos' work well as-is as there inline with the concepts that make eve successful - variable fittings of hundreds, if not thousands of possible setups.

taking it too role based pos's would seriously hinder and make more narrow the whole concept of pos's and how they are effective.

o' also with role based pos's your then opening up the argument that you will need to be able to anchor multiple towers on a single moon to adequatly compliment/defend the role based pos's.

Posted - 2006.12.13 14:23:00 - [70]

not too sure about the idea, but indeed it would be good if the POS could "interact" between one and an other in the same system.

Danton Marcellus
Nebula Rasa Holdings
Posted - 2006.12.13 18:57:00 - [71]

Please for the love of god let the different modules come together to something that remotely resembles a station!

Fanghorn Dewberry
The Flaming Sideburn's
Posted - 2006.12.16 11:18:00 - [72]

Maybe a Battle POS could have a module which slowly destroys other POS's in the system like torpedos which can go thru warp but which have to be on a fixed target. A counter defender module could be installed on a POS.

Voltaire Leriel
Gentlemen's Agreement
Posted - 2007.01.19 04:57:00 - [73]

Originally by: Admiral IceBlock

Logistic POS, or Outpost POS
This POS is used as a defense mechanism, just like the moon of Endor in Star Wars. Each Logistic POS adds 1 day to the Outposts 'reinforcement mode'.

Can the the logistic POS be taken out by Ewoks?

Nerf Ewoks!

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