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Erif Nosra
An Eye For An Eye
Rule of Three
Posted - 2006.08.29 14:21:00 - [1]

Thinking of starting a new char this one has 5.6M but has BS and retriever thinking of starting afresh and keeping focused on a path. Has anyone else done this or would you recommend trying to sort this one out?

CrayC Inc.
Posted - 2006.08.29 14:30:00 - [2]

What do you mean it's a mess? How?

Raider Zero
Tormentum Insomniae
Posted - 2006.08.29 16:57:00 - [3]

Originally by: Erif Nosra
Thinking of starting a new char this one has 5.6M but has BS and retriever thinking of starting afresh and keeping focused on a path. Has anyone else done this or would you recommend trying to sort this one out?

Get ahold of a program like evemon and run the scenarios to figure out whether you'd come out ahead in what you want to be doing and when the new character would overtake your current one.

TBH, it's very likely you'll find that you can focus your efforts now either in fighting or mining and you'll be fine. You'll never be able to re-claim the time that you have spent already, whether you start a new character or not.

Queens of the Stone Age
Black Legion.
Posted - 2006.08.29 17:37:00 - [4]

That you have mixed combat and mixed industrial skills is no problem since it does not give you any "penality".

The only thing which would justify making a new one would be that you are unhapyp with your attributes (like 10 char and mem and 3 per and will), but even there it can take months to years till your higher learning speed has made back the SPs you invested already with your old char.

Amesha Spentaz
Black Star Alliance
Posted - 2006.08.29 17:59:00 - [5]

I am also unhappy with my char. Sometimes I think it would be better to just start a new one, I even mapped all the possibilities to make a new one totally ballanced. But after thinking a lot, the conclusion is that it is not worth to restart just because the char is not the way I wanted it to be.

There is only two scenarios I would restart my life in EVE at this point and I think I could point that for you.

1st - The simple pleasure to restart a new life with all the knoledge and see how I would perform now from the start, in short a new adventure.

2nd - If you can sell you char for a good ammount of money and I mean ISKS (I think this is allowed but I am not sure, if soo sorry to post that), then it can be interesting.

3rd - Mix of both scenarios above (my choice)


Iota Belisarius
State Protectorate
Posted - 2006.08.29 18:51:00 - [6]

Well if you're dead set on starting a new character then (depending on how much ISK you have) you could buy a new character, that's not so crappy, and has more SP anyways.Very Happy

Louis DelaBlanche
An Outlying Variable
Posted - 2006.08.30 00:30:00 - [7]

Theres nothing wrong with having a general skill character imo. Unless you know beforehand exactly which path you'll go down youll always end up having skills that effect a "different" career path.

I have skills in everything pretty much, means not as adv in one area then someone who focused solely on one. But on the otherhand it means if i get bored doing one thing i can comfortably switch to doing another.

Simularly with attributes most would advise going for a pretty lvl base attribute points unless you know what u wanna focus on. I made mistake of giving myself a charisma baselvl of 15 (thought attribute points were for more then just skill training time when i first played :-(). But it hasnt caused any severe skilltime nightmares yet. it will though :-(.

Neways thats my 2cents (which ended up totally about $5 but thats that)

Lord Wimbishi
Forge Regional Security
United Corporations Of Modern Eve
Posted - 2006.08.30 08:03:00 - [8]

Train up learning skills first basics to lvl 5 adv to lvl4 and you will have a better go of it. get a set of +3 implants and you can train very quickly. this takes maybe 2 months to do at best but will set you up for the best long term skill training possible. many veterans did not have the ability the new players have now days. There was no implants and no advance learning skills in the begining and a mentality of thinking that lvl5 learning skills was a waste of time.

You all have it good now days and the best way in trying to close the gap and get ahead faster then most of the vets is get those damn learning skills done first, yeah it is boring and yes you won't have a lot to do but you will catch up and pass those that you started the game with; your age group and a year from now you will be months ahead of them in skill training. it is good to focus on trying to get 1mil sp a month, some can get up to 1.5 a month depending on what you train for.

Perception and Intelligence fills most of the training tress backed up with willpower and memory. Charisma is playing more of a part of the game now more then ever before too so if you plan on being an agent runner or some type of corporate leader/gang leader don't short out your charisma attribute.

I'ved trained over 25mil sp with Per and Will alone. so in my opinion you spend most of the time using these two attributes so It would do you well to make sure you don't short hand them.

Amesha Spentaz
Black Star Alliance
Posted - 2006.08.30 16:48:00 - [9]

Originally by: Lord Wimbishi
Train up learning skills first basics to lvl 5 adv to lvl4 and you will have a better go of it. get a set of +3 implants and you can train very quickly.

Your suggestion is good as a FIX and even soo one must have a good ammount of money and think about loosing it if he/she goes to low sec.

What is in focus here is how he and others had created their characters and how this reflect today. With this in mind we canīt consider the hipotesis of using learning skills or implants because this can be always added in a leveled way. I mean if you buy all skills of basic and advanced learning atributes to balance all your natural atributes it is pointless to not train them all up (adv) at least lvl 4, then again you end up with some areas having much more points then others. Inplant can help level all atributes cause you have the price motivation, I mean you pay a lot for just one more atribute stacked but even soo if you have the money then BLAHHHHHH why not just buy a full set of +1 or +2 or +3 or even more? again you end up with all your atributes not leveled.

Soo the real important factor here is how the NATURAL ATRIBUTES are leveled? IMHO if you have like 1 or 2 even 3 points more then other and do a lot of diferent things like me then it is ok you eventually use the areas with less atributes and train for more time and then compensate when training other skills that require your atributes that you have more points. But if you have like 4 or more discrepancy points then this can become nuissance (but you can always train anyway) because you will have to train more and the chance to compensate maybe not soo common.

Remember here that I am talking about all this time about characters to do almost anything, from trade to combat, from PVP to PVE, from research to manufacture. If you wish to make a char specialized in one area then it is another talk. For example, I helped a friend of mine to create a char with Inteligence and Memory toped out, it was the second most focused char in all character selection that we could choose, this is because my friend also wanted some points to perseption soo training for ships would not be soo bad.

Finally there is some characters that can be created almost fully leveled, I say almost because of the total number of points there is always on atribute that will have -1. The end numbers are...all 8 and one 7. For example the Jin Mei can have (if I am not wrong) all atributes 8 and perseption 7. This is very good in my opinion because you have a very well balanced char while it is very easy to completely level all atributes buy just giving one atribute a +1 implant. For example if you going to use no implants at all you can only buy a +1 for this specific atribute, if you want to give your char a real boost you can give him a set of +3 implants for all atribs and a +4 for the atrib that is falling back.

Hope this helps.


Bruticus Prime
Posted - 2006.08.31 02:44:00 - [10]

As aslready stated, it's not a mess unless the base attributes are horribly out of whack for what you want to do.

I actually like this about Eve opposed to other MMO's. There's really not much you can do to screw up your character. Every skill you train is useful as long as you use it, and there's no silly crap like choose skill A or B, but you can't have both.

You already stated that you're only doing missions for now. Ok, so crank up those learning skills if you haven't already - if you can afford a BS you can afford the books. Even if you just want to concentrate in one area - Ships or Gunnery, fine so work Perc and Will and skip the rest for now.

I've only been playing about 8 months now, but I feel that there are no useless skills or wrong way to learn them. If learning a skill allows you to do something else in the game that you want to do, then you now have more options open to you than the person that hasn't learned that skill. Even if you use it once and go back to some other skill set, if you ever change your mind again you already have a head start on the path.

Assuming you know what you want to concentrate on with your character now and your attributes are balanced enough for this, make a list of the skills you want to learn and the levels you want to take them to, and follow the list. I did this while I was training the learning skills, so once I was done all those I could jump right into what I wanted to learn and not hunt and peck around for a new skill that might help me. You already have a huge jump on me - I did learning skills while I was only in a destroyer, at least you're already in a BS.

Don't lose hope. Make a list and give your character a few months and I think you'll see a big leap forweard towards what you want him to be.

Good luck.

Soren Eisarson
Posted - 2006.08.31 03:13:00 - [11]

NO!!!! Dont restart.
You have nearly 6 mil sp, ~ 6 months of skill training.
Do you really wanna waste all that time for a char that will (at best) take years and years to get that 6 months back? Big deal if you are specced in a few different things, it gives you something to fall back on if something goes wrong.

Teken II
Posted - 2006.08.31 07:39:00 - [12]

Edited by: Teken II on 31/08/2006 07:40:12
I have the same problem. I made my char for mining, but realised it is so damn booooring. And went for combat, but I have low perc and willpower. I have adv learnings to lvl4 and all gunery now lvl 4. I have BS and Cruiser lvl 4 too. Now I want to start a new char purely for pvp, and old one I want to sell for ISK. Do you think it is wise?!
P.S. I have head full of +3 implants except charisma.

Posted - 2006.08.31 16:47:00 - [13]

Even if you start a fresh character no matter which path you choose, either industry or combat you'd be behind the character you currently have, you could pretty much treat your current character as a fresh one and get a little head start... no?


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