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Rhianna Kontrai
Posted - 2006.08.29 17:33:00 - [31]

My sympathies and respects to you and your family on your loss. I am a father aswell and can only imagine what you must be going through, I live in fear of that day arriving for me.
I hope you are able to cherish his memories with fondness and happiness more than regret his passing.
Our best regards from myself and all at Warspite Developments.

United Brothers Of Eve
Posted - 2006.08.29 17:50:00 - [32]

The farewell;

My sincere condolences to the Tacs-family. Jeremy was a great friend and co-player to both new and old gamers in EVE and me. The Grumpy Old Farts will miss him and his always good spirit a lot.

Fly like the Eagle Tacs! Spread your wings and discover and new world. I hope you are in a good place now.

Thank you for letting us know DaddyTacs.

Grumpy Old Farts

Arcane Velshologies
Posted - 2006.08.29 17:52:00 - [33]

I never knew tacs but just by speaking to those who did I am filled with sadness. I only wish I had knew him.

Best of luck to his family.

Veto Corp
Posted - 2006.08.29 19:28:00 - [34]

Originally by: Verone

Sincerest Condolences from the whole of Veto

Word. Sad

Executor Shiro
Casino EVE
Posted - 2006.08.29 20:06:00 - [35]

I knew Tacs, and I was also deeply impacted by his passing; I hope the best for your family in this time of sadness.

Gilles deRais
Posted - 2006.08.29 20:10:00 - [36]

My deepest condolences.
We used to hang out together in Mandoo when I was in GoF.
His enthusiasm and cheerfulness never ceased to amaze me.
Fare well Tacs.

Valley of Deep Shadow
Posted - 2006.08.29 20:41:00 - [37]

Edited by: Chaimera on 29/08/2006 20:43:54
Words cannot express the sorrow of all current and former GOF members at the moment.

From the entire GOF family … we send our most sincere condolences.

Tacs possessed the unique ability to bring a smile to everyone's face no matter what kind of problems we personally were presented with. Throughout the tales of wicked Wanda (one of his nurses), his personal issues with patch days, and his never-ending quest for more BPOs he personally made EVE a better place for me.

I personally hope to one day spend time with Jeremy in a better place. A place and time where the real world limitations EVE allowed him to overcome will no longer be present.

Freelance Unincorporated
Posted - 2006.08.29 20:45:00 - [38]

My sympathy and best wishes to you & your family.

Dinochrome Brigade
Shadow of xXDEATHXx
Posted - 2006.08.29 21:10:00 - [39]

Sad news, DaddyTacs Sad

His optimism and enthusiasm will be deeply missed. During my time in GOF i found Tacs to be one of the kindest, generous and cheerful characters in all of EVE. My deepest condolences for your loss.

Whereever you are now, Tacs, i hope they have Titans there, 'cos you deserve one!

Posted - 2006.08.29 21:11:00 - [40]

You have the Gentlemen Scoundrels Deepest Condolences.


White arachnid
United Brothers Of Eve
Posted - 2006.08.29 21:24:00 - [41]

My condolences to you and your family, and in addition, to his two nurses Amy and Wanda who looked after our friend with such care.

After reading your mail DaddyTacs I am absolutely devastated as I know are the rest of his mates in G.O.F.

Personally I will miss how even on his bad days he could have a laugh and cheer the corp chat channel. His personality shone so brightly that when he was not on, his absence was always noticed.

I am proud and honoured to have met him and call him friend.

He will be fondly remembered, and sorely missed.

Posted - 2006.08.29 21:29:00 - [42]

Words can’t express the loss of Tacs.

He enriched the Eve universe anyone that played with him cannot have been anything but touched by his humour, his enthusiasm and his drive to help those who were just starting in Eve.

Personally we shared many good times in Eve trying almost all aspects of the game at one time or another. For me the Eve-universe will be a little darker from now on.

My heart felt sympathies to his family and friends who were blessed to be fortunate enough to know him in person.

“All life in our Universe must sing together . . . . . or not sing at all” Somewhere an Angelic choir will be enriched.

Posted - 2006.08.29 21:46:00 - [43]

Farewell Tacs...we wont forget your adorable attitude in helping all other people in game and the happiness and laughter you brought into corp chat .
On behalf of "Solo for Uncle" corp.....
Dexter Wilde
Gilles deRais
Helen Raven

We will miss you.

JinMei Wilde
Posted - 2006.08.29 23:17:00 - [44]

Sorry to hear about your loss.
He will be truly missed.

Fly in Peace, Tacs.

Dexter Wilde

Blood Blind
Posted - 2006.08.29 23:35:00 - [45]

im very happy that you told the eve community about this, its all very deep and moving what ive read here and i my heart goes out to you and your family for the loss.

Always important to have a loved one know that u loved this game if ever the worst happend id only hope that what tac's dad has done for him my own family would do the same.

Psyco Logic
Endless Destruction
Imperial 0rder
Posted - 2006.08.29 23:36:00 - [46]

On behalf of Fun Inc, we wish our deepest condolences. I am truely sorry.

Luthais Dalzeil
Federal Defence Union
Posted - 2006.08.29 23:47:00 - [47]

Edited by: Luthais Dalzeil on 29/08/2006 23:49:01
Everyone in GOF will agree... Jeremy was one of the most courageous souls we ever had the pleasure to have known. Tacs spent the majority of his game time for the past three years helping others. And rarely asked for help for himself.

He was very proud of you and GrandpaTacs and always bragged on the both of you. Obviously he got his strength of spirit from his Family.

Dexter Rast
Mercenary Forces
Exquisite Malevolence
Posted - 2006.08.30 01:31:00 - [48]

to outlive your offspring must be a bad feeling Sad

best wishes to you and the rest of your family in what must be sad sad days

Brotherhood of The Saltire
EVE Animal Control
Posted - 2006.08.30 01:50:00 - [49]

You have my upmost condolences even though I never interacted with Tacs.

g guild
Posted - 2006.08.30 06:44:00 - [50]

Deepest condolesence from G Guild. Seems he is an excellent players.

Body Count Inc.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2006.08.30 06:46:00 - [51]

On behalf of the MC, I wish you and yours well. Sad

Omber Zombie
Frontier Technologies
Posted - 2006.08.30 07:21:00 - [52]

Originally by: Velsharoon
I never knew tacs but just by speaking to those who did I am filled with sadness. I only wish I had knew him.

Best of luck to his family.

had to quote it, as it sums up exactly what i wanted to say.

Evil Strangers Inc.
Posted - 2006.08.30 09:48:00 - [53]

Very sorry to hear, my condolences.

Posted - 2006.08.30 13:44:00 - [54]

Edited by: DaddyTacs on 30/08/2006 13:49:21
Hiyas again Peeps ;-)

First off i must send my appreciation to all that have responded to this thread. I did not fully realize exactly how many hearts my son had touched. Being a quadriplegate he was very limited in what he could do in Eve but what he did even amazed me not only with Eve but with every encounter he had online with online gaming. Jeremy was a perfect example of what being "online" meant to all of the handicapped people who enter this vast new world. Even though it might have been a nightmare to put bugs into the game to fix the bugs the game provided and then taking them out as the Devs fixed them ... I would do it all over again in a heartbeat for just having one more minute with him. I was never so proud of anyone in my life for what he did to help others and could only dream of becomming half of the man he turned out to be.

In memory of Jeremy i do have one request. He allways wanted to aproach the devs to have the name of the sector he hailed from changed from "Mandoo" to "TacsManDoo". it was a dream of his and i now ask the devs and gms to make this a reality. I will play his character myself to keep his memory alive and will never stray far from it. He provided free refining and at cost manufacuring to all that asked no matter who they were, I will continue to do this in his memory. His character is a top miner/refiner/manufacturer and will help those who are not skilled enough to provide these services.

I miss him terribly and your kind words although brings back the tears of loss helps to heal as well. I must give thanks to you all from the bottom of my heart.


Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2006.08.30 18:12:00 - [55]

Though I do not know you I would like to offer my sincerest condolences and respect to you and your family. Any loss of someone dear to them is hard to bear and a child must be even more so. From the words yourself and others in this thread have had to say about your son, it sounds as though he was a very strong character and a good person who'll be missed. Wishing you a long life.


Aeon Jonas
Point Blank.
Posted - 2006.08.30 19:47:00 - [56]

God Bless his soul.

The Legion.
Posted - 2006.08.30 20:34:00 - [57]

My condolences, friend.

Freox Pygrace
Storm Aerospace
Black Sun Alliance
Posted - 2006.08.30 21:26:00 - [58]

My deepest condolences, Tacs, for your loss. Sad

Veto Corp
Posted - 2006.08.30 22:26:00 - [59]

Edited by: Laocoon on 30/08/2006 22:26:07

Originally by: DaddyTacs
He allways wanted to aproach the devs to have the name of the sector he hailed from changed from "Mandoo" to "TacsManDoo".

I really wish the GM's were allowed to do this stuff, and put memorials ingame... Sad

edit: ...because they're always deserved

Grumpy Old Farts
Posted - 2006.08.30 23:21:00 - [60]

What a Shock

Condolences, Tacs we'll miss you.

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