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Minmatar Munitions and Tactical Assets Repository
Posted - 2006.08.24 20:21:00 - [1]

With the other courier missions being removed are these ones gone as well. There's been a few people in the noob corp asking about standing today. It seems like, without these missions they don't have enough standing to talk to ANY agents that give missions. With less than 5k in their wallet they don't have isk for skill books or a ship to fight belt rats.

Can someone confirm this? If so how long are new players expected to mine veldspar with a Civilian Miner on a Reaper to get started?

Del Kerrin
Posted - 2006.08.24 20:54:00 - [2]

Trial player here, 11 days left.

I'm still doing the tutorial but based on everything I've read, newbies like me are screwed. We don't get the cash rewards and we don't get the impant at the end, to either use or sell. This is because all the courier missions are gone.

I have an Eve Mail from an agent that says to meet him at the starting station. He's not there. I'm guessing he was a courier agent and was deleted.

It's like half the game has been deleted from my viewpoint.

Oh, and I have about 3,000 ISK that I can't do anything with.

I'm shocked that the devs would screw over newbies like us who are (or were) interested in picking the game up. I'm terribly frustrated at the moment... Mad

Posted - 2006.08.24 21:10:00 - [3]

It looks like they'll be patching in new courier missions on Tuesday according to the Player News section so this should be alleviated for us soon.

Serenity Winterfyre
Posted - 2006.08.24 21:24:00 - [4]

Yeah seriously it sucks... I just started my tutorial up like 3 days ago and the extra standing really would have helped alot... as it is I had to do a extensive search for a agent I could actually use finally and now I have to grind up faction standing to use an agent I would have normaly have been able to use alot faster.

What I want to know is if these courier missions they are adding are just normal courier missions or are they leaving the newbie like me stuck and totaly f'ed moneywise and faction standing wise.

Lucky me I've played the game before or I would have quit out of due frustration.

Gadfly Hawke
Posted - 2006.08.24 21:42:00 - [5]

It seems to me that the recent patch wasn't very well planned. CCP should have stopped to think that nerfing the tutorial wasn't the smartest thing they could do.

SonOfAGhost's TestAlt
Posted - 2006.08.24 21:44:00 - [6]

Been checking things out. There are still some courier missions from event agents, just not the series of 8 that leads to the implant. So new players can earn some isk for skills/better ship but as far as I can tell no standing (at least not until they get the normal storylines after doing 16. Some low level combat agents are available as well. A -20 security agent in Rens offered me Worlds Collide in my Reaper Laughing. Not all agents that show as available to me will actually talk to me though.

Minmatar used to get sent to the Urban Management station for the starting courier missions. The 2 agents that used to be there no longer exist but Eslin Stein the surveilance event agent I found there did give me a courier mission. Strangest thing about him is he isn't listed in the corp info as even existing.

As a side note, it appears that the agents in Rens VI - 8 got chopped in their quality used to be +18 and is now -9. Probably changes to other agents as well so double check who you're working for.

Ozzie Asrail
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2006.08.24 22:18:00 - [7]

Yea, I jsut started a 3rd account and wanted to do the tutorial missions so I can the +1.0 standings increse but CCP have managed to trash those missions [:s]

Real shame for true neubs since that +1 implant is increadable handy to sell and get you on your feet and buy your first real frigate.

Solitary Forsaken
Posted - 2006.08.24 22:52:00 - [8]

Yeah here is a 14-day trail that you can't do anything ....

I think as a newbie you can maybe find a -17 rated agent somewhere in your area. I'm sure a new player you'll be keen for this hit and miss affair.

It's not like you newbie players mean anything to CCP yet anyways Smile

Not very smart implementation to say the least. All the hype for Kali, people might be foolish to think they'll be able to get into EVE before then. Get settles ... no way that happening.

SonOfAGhost's TestAlt
Posted - 2006.08.24 22:53:00 - [9]

OK ran through the chain of event agents the one in Odatrik passed me off too. Made the same isk in 4 courier missions for 3 agents as the 8 newbie missions used to pay (230k).

So getting startup isk shouldn't be an issue for new players, indeed it may actually be easier. These agents don't seem to give any standing for either their corp or their faction however. Probably related to none of them showing up under the agents tab for their respective corps.

However it looks like for standing all a new player can do is enough event courier missions to buy a combat ship and then find the crappiest combat agent they can and start from 0 standing.

Ozzie Asrail
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2006.08.24 23:02:00 - [10]

Might help you guys find combat agents

Maldon Perriera
Posted - 2006.08.25 02:00:00 - [11]

Wait so your saying they removed the tutorial agents that you got sent to directly after you finished the "real" tutorial like the gallente trojain horse ones (where you carry stuff around to make a caldari agent for the gallente intelligence service?). If so that is INCREDIBLY stupid. I mean the one thing that is amazingly missing from the game is easing in of newbies and one reason I quit before. Only stayed now because I was able to make it into a newbie corp (thank God for Rona Midguard...)

Solitary Forsaken
Posted - 2006.08.25 04:55:00 - [12]

Well I read that the patch on Tuesday will have some new Courier missions added back to the game. Maybe this will help solve this new player issues.

Fingers crossed.


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