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Hodokie Seek
Old Farts Drinking Club
Posted - 2003.10.12 16:35:00 - [1]

Two weeks I've been gone, two long and lonely weeks. You would not think it so bad, not like what the deep space freighter pilots endure, so glad I gave that up for my Casandra, it was the best decision of my life. We have only been married for 4 months but have dated for three years prior. She hated me being away so often and especially on my birthday which is coming up in a few days. She flew out once to meet me at my destination, just to be with me on my day, God I love that woman so much and I am sad that once again I find myself away from her on my birthday, my day, well, now our day, as we are one in love, marriage, and spirit.

Captain Sally Loranda and I just dropped out of warp in Angur at the Jump Gate to Access, delivering supplies and equipment to the new Amarr Station there. “How's it going back their Captain?”, I ask over the comms to Captain Loranda. “Fine Captain, so far so good.”.

“Roger that, not to long now to Access 1 eh? Wish we weren't so damn far behind schedule. That customs hold up in Renyn really hurt us, Concord just wanting their share of the tariff I think. Security tax, bah.”, I say to Captain Loranda. Sally laughs back, “I can't believe Casandra married you Loki, you are the perpetual grump, you know that right? Grump ever lasting, that's what I'm going to call you from now on.”

We are 30km from the gate when all of a sudden I hear four loud bangs. “We got company Sally.”, I say. “Aye Captain, 1 Maller and 3 Tormentors.”, she replies. The Amar formation hit's their afterburners as they scream to the gate and jump. “Damn, their in a hurry, damn near sent my Indy into a spin.”, I say to Sally. “Aye Loki, wonder what all that was about.”

We jumped into Access, but emerged a little off the normal jump point, not quite sure how that happened, you would think it to be a fixed thing. My scanners pick up objects about 190km to starboard and I see that they are a group of ships. I swing the camera drone around and zoom in and I see why we are off course. There is skirmish going on, the Maller and the Tormentors are going at it with some Bloods, damn thieves, hope the mop the deck with their faces.
Instinctively Sally and I set course for the station. It is not unusual for use to do so without checking in over comms. I did notice that the local channel was kind of quiet, odd I thought to myself, especially if there are Bloods operating in the area and being engaged by the Amar Navy. I should have recognized this as an warning sign but failed to do so.

Hodokie Seek
Old Farts Drinking Club
Posted - 2003.10.12 16:37:00 - [2]

We drop out of warp and found ourselves amongst 50 Blood vessels and the skeletal remains of 10 Amar cruisers. The Arch Reavers were pounding on the station with missiles and lasers and I can see that it was taking heavy damage. Escape pods and shuttles where leaving the station in droves, the Bloods where shooting them like fish in a fish bowl. “MY GOD!”, I yell out over the comms, “EVASIVE MANUVERS, GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE CAPTAIN!” There was no response, only static, I switch to the local channel to no avail, all the comms are jammed. I swing my camera drone around and see Captain Loranda swinging her Iteron around for a quick warp out when it is jumped on by 2 of the Arch Reavers. 4 Missiles slam into her a mid ship and her vessels rocks and then buckles due to the impact. They are 5km from her now and 6km from me. Just as they turn their turrets on her I am thrown to the deck by two explosions, I'm hit. I pull myself up and reach for the controls and try to steady the ship so I can warp out but I my camera drone was destroyed, I can not see. My sensors are not working, The bloods have jammed me. Just as I launch my back up camera drone and bring it on-line. It hits something and starts to tumble about. I fight to bring it under control, the Bloods are have now opened up on me with their turret guns and I hit my shield booster to buy me some more time to try and warp out. I now see what my camera drone hit, it was Captain Loranda's body. Her ship was destroyed as well as her escape pod.

“MURDERS, F'N MURDERS!”, I yell out. I manage to clear the bigger pieces of debris and go to warp, shoving the little pieces and a couple of Bloods out of the way in doing so. I emerge at the Angur Gate, it is being guarded by some Blood Flowers, pesky Blood recruits, that's all they are. The shield booster is still going and I make for the Jump Gate. The Bloods open fire but my shields hold. It's a 5 minute run through hell again before I manage to jump to safety.

I warp to one of Angurs stations, it too is under attack but the Amar Navy had a number of battleships defending the station and it looked like they were winning. “Amar Station, this is the Galente Freighter Hattaki Maru requesting priority docking”.
“Galente freighter, the station is locked down, please leave the area immediately” was the reply I got.

“DAMN IT! I NEED TO DOCK NOW! I am on emergency systems and I don't know if my repairer is working properly, my ship is severely damaged!”
“Galente Freighter, leave the area immediately.”

One of the Blood vessels broke through the Battleships defense perimeter and targets me, I jump to warp and set course for Renyn mid flight. I had similar issues in docking at all the local Amar Stations, they were all on high alert and were not allowing none Amarrian vessels to dock. My automated structural repairer by now has taken care of most of the ships structural damage, but my armor plating was shot. All I had was shields. I decided to go for broke and head home. I set course for Renyn and go to warp.

Hodokie Seek
Old Farts Drinking Club
Posted - 2003.10.12 16:39:00 - [3]

Edited by: Hodokie Seek on 12/10/2003 16:41:20
I arrive in Renyn and dock at the Chem Tech Factory which is where I work out of. I thought of Captain Loranda, how she would not be returning with me. She has been a good friend for 15 years and I loved her like a sister, she introduced me to Casandra. A pain fills my chest and I sit and cry for a friend and comrade that I will fly with again.
I was met by several Galente military intelligence officers when I stepped off my ship into the crossway of the loading dock. I was taken to a Police office on the station and debriefed, apparently the Bloods had launched a full blown attack around Angur and Access, resulting in heavy Amarrian casualties, 1 Mining Colony and 1 Space Station had been destroyed, most of the locals were shot in their pods and shuttles and the fled the area.

After being debriefed, I make my way to my quarters and sit to have a drink. It was a quarter to three and Casandra would not be home for another two hours or so. I hear a knock at the door and it was two Galente Government officials, one carrying an odd looking box. “Mr. Soldar, Mr. Loki Soldar, husband of Casandra Soldar?” I respond, “Yes, what can I do for you?”

“The Amar Government has sent word that your wife was on the Access 1 station. We regret to inform you that her escape pod was destroyed in the battle. I'm sorry sir, but your wife is dead.” I fall to my knees and lean against the wall. The two government officials grab me and help me to my sofa. There I sat with my head in my hands, so hurt I am unable to cry. They set a box down on the table and tell me, “Sir, sir, are you listening? An Amar cruiser managed to salvage some items from the debris before it was forced to with drawl, the Amar Ambassador to are area was notified of a Galente woman who was killed in the attack and made every effort to ensure that you get these items. Our heart is saddened for your loss sir.”

After they left, I sat back down and looked at the box. I must have stared at it for hours. Finally, I muster the strength and courage to open it and see what's inside, what is left of my beloved Casandra. In it was a carry bag and an envelope. In the carry bag was all her normal things, ID Chip, a brush which still smelled of shampoo like she just used it after a shower, and other assorted items. I then pick up the envelope and open it. It was a birthday card, my birthday card, actually, our birthday card, as we were one in love, marriage, and spirit.

I place the card on the table in front of me and stand to walk to the bedroom. I pack a few clothes and other assorted items. I go down to the docking level and board my Celestis and I set course to join my friend, my love, and my child.

Hodokie Seek
Old Farts Drinking Club
Posted - 2003.10.13 04:31:00 - [4]

Bah, I never catch the errors until AFTER I post, bah. Rolling Eyes

Posted - 2003.10.13 11:17:00 - [5]

Nice writing, Hodo. While your previous one was not bad, I would definitely put this in the good category. sans the minor grammatical errors. Looking forward to your next short.

Hodokie Seek
Old Farts Drinking Club
Posted - 2003.10.13 14:01:00 - [6]

Ya, I got to get sombody to proof read it before I post. I re-read it so many times that I miss the little things.

Posted - 2003.10.19 19:16:00 - [7]

Hodokie Seek,

That was amazing, good work. I hope you continue to write more. I love the emotional aspect of this story. Again good work (don't worry about the grammer).

Posted - 2003.10.29 03:39:00 - [8]

wow thats some story, love the action Smile

Shintoko Akahoshi
Risen Angels
Posted - 2003.11.08 08:22:00 - [9]

That was really good! There's one thing I'm confused about, though. "Why I drive an indy..." is obviously autobiographical. Are either this story or "The Escape" also autobiographical? I'm asking because in "The Escape" the protagonist marries Catrella and in this story the protagonist is married to Casandra.

I'm curious because both stories would make outstanding background material for you, but it looks like at least one isn't. Or is there something about Intaki marital practices that you'd like to tell us?Wink

Hodokie Seek
Old Farts Drinking Club
Posted - 2003.11.08 14:31:00 - [10]

My apologise for the confusion. The main character in "The Escape" was to be a totally different character. "Why I drive an Indy" was durived out of a sort of a story as to how my character Hodo came to be. Only now did I realize when you pointed it out that I did not make that distinction.

The funny thing is though, the reason Captain O'Danis did not have a clone came from the idea that not everybody in Eve can possibly have a clone. The population I thought would get so out of control if everybody was virtually imortal. A sect of the Intaki Reborn beliving in natural child birth and only one life seemed to fit nicely I thought.


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