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Hodokie Seek
Old Farts Drinking Club
Posted - 2003.10.11 01:58:00 - [1]

The name is Hodokie Seek and I am the captain of an Iteron, that's right, a freighter. I feel it a privilege and a calling to pilot such a craft and why you ask, I will tell you.
You see, when I was 7 years old, my father Aqui took and new job as one of the station engineers at the Center for Advanced Studies in Cistuveart. My parents purchased a shuttle to make the journey from Luminaire to Cistuveart when our shuttle took heavy damage during a Jump Gate malfunction in Algogille. The camera drones were destroyed during the jump, the console to the left of me exploded during a power serge and a piece of shrapnel hit me in the chest. The last thing I remember is my father sending a distress call out on the local channel and seeing my mother unconscious next to me in her seat. The cabin was filling with smoke and the smell of ozone and burning electronics was over whelming.
Next thing that I remember is waking up in a medical unit at Algogille IX – Moon 3, the Federal Administration Information Center. The doctor was standing over me and remarking to a strange man whom I did not recognize as to how lucky I was that I was alive. The piece of shrapnel that struck me just missed my heart by a few centimeters and one of my parents, most likely my father, managed to put an oxygen mask on me. I managed to choke out a sentence or two, my throat being sore and my voice was extremely scratchy and hoarse. I asked where my parents were, The doctor placed his hand on my forearm and said, “Shhhhh, no more talking. Rest and heal some more, you'll be just fine”. The stranger next to the doctor appeared to have a tear in his eye, though I was not sure. I slipped back into a deep sleep.
I awoke quite some time later, I now have no idea on how much time has past. I noticed the stranger I saw with the doctor sitting in corner chair, his head propped up by his arm, he was sleeping and looked as though he had not shaved for days. Looking around I did not see my parents and I started to panic. I quickly setup and rushed to get out of bed, suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my right arm and I looked down to see blood coming from my arm. In my hast, I ripped the IV that was re hydrating my body and providing the medicines I needed to heal. The room started to spin and I calapsed, before hitting the ground the strange man appeared behind me and caught me before I hit the floor. He put pressure on my arm while yelling for a doctor, I was struggling to get away, screaming at the top of my lungs for my mother and father. I tried escaping the strange man's grasp but I was two weak to break free. By this time two nurses run into the room and whisked me back into my bed, applying a regenerate to my arm to heal the new wound I created in my arm.
“I WANT MY MOTHER AND FATER! WHERE ARE THEY!”, I yelled. “MOM! DAD! HELP ME! HELP MEEEEEE!”. One of the nurses did her best to calm me but I was to panicked to listen. I kept screaming, “MOOOOM! DAAAAD!”. I never heard a response from them. The strange man made his way to the side of my bed quickly placing one hand on each of my shoulders pressing to restrain me as one of the nurses inject tries to sedate me. I slip into a groggy state yet still conscious and able to see and hear what's happening around me. The man looks into my eyes and says, “Listen boy, you were in a terrible accident. You need to rest and heal, do you understand me?”. I silently nodded.
“Your parents”, he goes on to say, “saved your life, do you understand me?”
I silently nodded.
“Your parents loved you very much and placed your well being before theirs.” Like a kick in the head it hit me, I will never hear the sound of my parents voices again. Never again will my mother hold my hand or feel her warmth as she hugs me. Never again will I go to the arcade with my father or sit and have meals with them. I look away from the strange man and stare at the wall in my hospital room, I did not say a single word.
The next morning I awaken still to find this strange man in my room, once again in the corner chair, head propped up by his arm, seemingly fast asleep. I notice on his jacket a Galletene Federation patch with a front shot of an Iteron on it. The patch has “Gallentene Merchant Marines” embroidered on it. He's a freighter pilot, captain maybe. He must have been the one who rescued me, and tried to rescue my parents. He stirs and looks my way and sees that I am looking at him. He says, “Your awake, how do you feel?”. I respond, “Fine sir, but, my...”, my voice tapers off. He says, “Your parents, yes, I'm so-so sorry. I could not do anything for them, but you must know that I tried.”. I said nothing.
We both stayed silent for a bit, watching the vids on my screen and I asked him about the patch on his jacket, “Your a freighter pilot?”. He responds, “Yes I am. I fly Iterons for the Federation.”. “You haul ore and such right?”, I asked. He chuckled and said, “Ya, and such.”.

Hodokie Seek
Old Farts Drinking Club
Posted - 2003.10.11 01:59:00 - [2]

“I was leaving Renyn in route to the Venal region taking medical supplies to several stations down for distribution to the various aid agencies working in that region. The fighting in Venal was and still is to some degree kind of bad there. The Gallente and Minmatar governments are offering assistance to the locals there caught in the middle of the corp battles that have occurred down there.”.
“So your escorts picked me up?”, I asked. He chuckled again and said, “No, I pulled along side your shuttle, docked, and got you and, well, your parents out and brought you on to my ship. You were pretty battered up my young friend.”. I shut my eyes and cringed for a moment when he mentioned pulling my parents out of the smoldering shuttle. For seven years old I was fairly bright and pretty well versed in the way the universe works, life and death, good and bad, those sort of things. To think he not only saved me, but thought enough to bring my parents too for whom were already dead, but maybe some how thinking the barriel ceremony would bring some sort of closure to me.
In the weeks to follow, I was put into custody of a family on Cistuveart Station, the place I was originally heading with my parents. The police and Concord investigation into the jump gate malfunction concluded that a faulty power diagnostic relay was to blame for the misalignment of the gate and the subsequently damage to the shuttle. I also came to find out that 3 private frigates and two cooperate cruisers passed by with out so much as batting an eye, the gate had switched to an auxiliary relay apparently. I was furious as Capt. O'Danis's ship, (Moedar O'Danis was the captains name), was the fifth ship to pass and he was the only one to stop! The other vessels were on “special ops or runs” for their various owners or cooperations. Did not have time to assist a civilian shuttle the the local police were off chasing ore thief's in the belts. Good grief, even the jump gate maintenance crew flew by but had a priority on getting the jump gate back to 100% functionality. I was so angry, so mad, that those first few ships since they could have made the difference between my parents living or dieing!
Captain O'Danis has since kept tabs on my condition and over time we developed a bond, a kinship that grew and became stronger and stronger over time. He would tell me tales of running medical and other supplies to parts of non-empire space revenged by cooperate wars and skirmishes. He hauled freight goods to help keep the stations running and empire ships flying. I was always looking forward to hearing about his next adventure, running a blockade, narrowly escaping pilots, and as always, aiding those in distress. “Freighter you see Hodo don't have the capability to carry much offensive weapons, maybe an 200mm Autocannon or a Light Rail Gun of some sort. So we must rely on our wits and use the mind more then might to make our way through the stars. Will run in tandem for safety sometimes, boosting each other shields during an attack as we make our escape. It's a close nit community the freighter pilots.”, I remember him telling me once. I had asked him something about why he flew a freighter and not a frigate or even a battleship but I don't remember the question really. “Freight runners find adventure and even a thrill in going to new places or even rendering assistance to another freighter. It may not be a glamorous life, but I would not trade it for the world Hodo. My calling, you might say, is to help and support others and they way I can fore fill the calling is by bringing them the supplies they need to fore fill their calling.”
Moedar O'Danis lost his life two years ago when he tried running a gate down in the Curse region once again bringing supplies to aid workers assisting locals in distress in that region. His escape pod struck the chassis of his burning ship while ejecting which cause breach in the capsules hull, he died almost instantly. He had no clone he told me once because the Intakai Sect he was born into believed that it was not their place to claim near immortality. “We have no clones Hodo, it is not mans place to claim near immortality, only a God can do that, and son, I'm no God.”, he said to me. “We have one birth, one life, and one death, so best make the most of it.” He said with a crocked grin.
All that was left of his vessel was an old bell that he had hung on the bridge of his ship. Engraved on it was the date the ship was built and the ships name, “Last Hope”. To this day I have that bell, mounted proudly on the bridge of my Indy and when I am running freight down near the Curse Region, the bell for some reason would sometimes ring, and I knew I was not alone, and that I was safe, for a fellow freighter pilot was near by, ready to render help ship I need it.

Shintoko Akahoshi
Risen Angels
Posted - 2003.10.11 05:53:00 - [3]

That's an excellent story, Hodokie. Thanks for writing it. Nice job!

Hodokie Seek
Old Farts Drinking Club
Posted - 2003.10.11 08:27:00 - [4]

Thank you, sorry for the typos and such, only now can see them.

Posted - 2003.10.11 09:26:00 - [5]

Excellent story, makes eve become more alive to me as a second life, also great job of letting us all remember the haulers that get this universe moving.

cya in the corp channel,
skot (sunflash)

Posted - 2003.10.29 03:22:00 - [6]

great nice story, very mellow Very Happy

Drink Starsi
Posted - 2003.11.16 01:52:00 - [7]

You owe me a tear.


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