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Hekaton Keirez
Axe Gang
SMASH Alliance
Posted - 2006.08.08 04:36:00 - [1]

I have had a love/hate relationship with EVE since beta and have tried it multiple times. 18 months ago I finally built a machine that could run EVE to my liking but have only re-tried it recently. I am coming to the end of my trial and am still in the grey about this mysterious game. At this point I'm running agent missions and training up for some sort of pirate/combat build and I'm more or less happy with the game so I plan to try it for another month.

I've enjoyed interacting with certain people - though my starter corp can be rather trying - I've actually enjoyed courier missions, I didn't even mind getting blown up by a Serpentis in .4 space. But still the question remains: is there more for me in EVE than this, being that I'm a casual player (ie. less than 6 hours a week)?

I realize that EVE is open-ended and so it is what you make of it, but I'm still wary. So I thank you for reading this far and now get to the point. What keeps you people in your pilots seats? Why play this game, which has gotten such mixed reviews as 'Best MMO Going' and 'Boring Elitist Cult'? Any comments would be appreciated and thank you for your time.

Mik Nostrebor
Ex Coelis
Posted - 2006.08.08 05:54:00 - [2]


Welcome back to the game :) I am not really sure how to answer your question given that I don't really know what aspects of a game keep you interest.

To me, it seems that after about a month you have a reasonable grasp on how the game works and almost no grasp on how it is played, no offense intended. Unlike other games this one really is defined by it's players. I have been plyaing for 5 months now and am still feeling out life in pirate infested low sec space. I have played in misions up to level 4 combat, I have mined, I have chased rats in low sec and been chased around lowsec by human pirates. I have been ganked at a gate trying to ship trade goods around. I have learned to fly a dozen different ships and learned how to make millions of isk a day instead of 1000's.

I have found that team play and tactics and knowing the character and thinking of other players, of finding what times a piece of low sec is safe and when it is not, is very important. The subtle nuances of knowing when it is safe to believe that trading in the forum and avoiding the scammers. Even now, I am familiar with only about 5 or 6 regions in the eve universe and there is so much more out there. I have tried my hand at COSMOS missins only to discover that I am months of skillage away from doing them properly (something I aim to do later).

I have discovered that half the game is in the chat windows, whether it be trading, finding more people for your corp, organizing an attack on a group of players in low-sec, scouting out a route before your mates industrial jumps into dagerous space, teaching newer players how to do something (like bookmarks lol).

I have found that the subtlties of skills and modules make a world of difference for survival in PvP. That each ship has a different way of being used and different good and bad points.

I have learned that bigger is not always better.

The point is that you keep learning. While you are learning and working with (and despite of) other players you set and reach goals. You grow a sense of achievement and a sense of belonging to an area or having a name for a particular field of play.

As people keep pointing out. Almost everything is PvP in a manner of speaking. From the obvious fighting to the market to manufacturing and yes, even mining. Knowing when and where you can get the ore you want before others get it first.

If you are still playing as a solitary and things start to get boring, try finding a corp and joining. If nothing else it is an experience :)


Ethidium Bromide
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2006.08.08 07:16:00 - [3]

well i never worked out how to make money in this game so there are still lots of goals i haven't reached yet.
also i enjoy interacting with other players a lot and ofc losing my ships always makes me feel greatRolling Eyes

Hekaton Keirez
Axe Gang
SMASH Alliance
Posted - 2006.08.08 20:45:00 - [4]

THanks for a thoughtful response, Mik!

Maldon Perriera
Posted - 2006.08.08 22:42:00 - [5]

I would recommend looking into eve university or rona midguard for corps to join or some of the roleplaying corps if that is your taste. It is very open ended and you either love that or hate it. I to try to play less than six hours a week but at first especially you will move very slowly if you do that

Farrellus Cameron
Sturmgrenadier Inc
Nulli Secunda
Posted - 2006.08.08 23:13:00 - [6]

The general principle of the game is that you can do whatever you want. Of course, that creates problems in terms of giving people direction. Other games are much more focused on supplying PvE content, like missions and NPC characters to kill, such as WoW. This company is relatively small so its hard for them to generate a huge amount of PvE content, and instead its more focused on supplying the players with the means to generate their own content. Of course many of those means are not quickly accessible, which may (and does) frustrate some players, but that's a fact of life for all MMO's.

The farther you go in this game the more you realize how complex and layered every feature is, how vast the possibilities are, and how this game is probably the most ambitious MMO around. I have yet to hear of an MMO that enables its players to achieve anything comparable to things like: player created empires that span dozens of solarystems, player constructed starbases, 300+ ship fleet battles with dozens of different types of ships/weapons/tactics (although with varying success from the servers), and solarsystems where hundreds of players buy/sell/manufacture thousands of items and generate 90% of the game's economy.

For the record, if lack of isk is an issue, doing missions is a good way to make isk. The higher level the better of course, but if you can do them quickly, lvl 2 missions can be somewhat profitable. If you can gather up the loot relatively quickly I think it's worth it too. Then find a really busy system and sell it off with as minimal fuss as possible. I find that the value of the loot generally surpasses the mission rewards pretty easily.

Anyways, a lot of corps are perfectly willing to take new players and to teach them about doing things like going into 0.0 to hunt people. Or you can also join an industrial corp and go on group mining operations in secure space and then learn how to build equipment to sell. Other corps do missions together or complexes together. Some corps do all of it.

Now that I am in a corp its definitely a lot of fun. You interact with people, you go out and get into trouble together, you fight together, and a lot of them are really nice. It really does add to the experience and show you why this game shouldn't just be treated like a regular video game.


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