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Darth Matt
Ashen Lion Mining and Production Consortium
Posted - 2006.08.02 19:20:00 - [1]

ok, heres my dilemna,
I have been mission running like mad in my Raven, and fellow members of my corp who are old time caldari have been giving me advice on how to outfit my Raven...

Even our CEO says--- ACTIVE HARDENERS!!

So as any combat pilot does, I seek information from my fellow pilots on their experiances. Assume I have at least level 4 in all the appropriate shield related skills to mount T2 items...(which I have)

Arrow1. T2 Active hardeners of choice for mission...we all see it ineveryones bio's dont we.
Arrow2. T2 shield resistance Amplifiers with level 4 or 5 shield compensation skills in each of the 4. My math tells me this could be far superior to t2 active hardeners and removes the capacitor be better used for other more cap hungry modules- for example xlg named booster and amp.

please tell me if I am crazy for pursueing the passive route...I can mount either in t2, but if I can avoid going from level 4 in each to level 5 in each, I can use that time training more electronics skills.

thanks for your kindness,Smile

Darth Matt
The only good Dark Jedi
Ashen Lion Mining and Production Corp.

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2006.08.02 19:21:00 - [2]

Edited by: Sarmaul on 02/08/2006 19:21:55
Assuming maxed skills:

Passive T2: 37.5 * 1.25 = 46.875%
Active T2: 55%

In summary: your maths sucks :P

Valea Silpha
Noir. Mercenary Group
Posted - 2006.08.02 19:22:00 - [3]

The passive resist trick doesn't work for shields. Gotta be active hards all the way.

For armor the energised adaptive nano membrane is awesome with maxed skills, becuase you get bonuses to all resists. Shields don't have a passive module that does this, so you need to go active.

Plus active makes your ship all pretty and glowy.

Darth Matt
Ashen Lion Mining and Production Consortium
Posted - 2006.08.02 19:38:00 - [4]

this is where some of the information is confusing...if I were to just read the skill description for compensation it reads exactly (after the active garbage) :

To passive shield hardeners: 5% bonus per skill level to Shield Explosive resistance

thats 37% plus 25%...i know there are modifiers all over and penalties for stacking multiple modules, but I would only put one on for this theoretical situation. It would seem that you get up to 62%

I know I am about to get slammed, but that is ok, as long as I learn something whilst you beat me up for asking what to you is a noob question.

I was also thinking of skilling to level 5 caldari cruiser and adding a tank setup, with the additional 25% of shield resists across the board, it seems very nice. ( on my way to command ships)

thanks again,
Darth Matt
The only good Dark Jedi
Ashen Lion Mining and Production Corp.

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2006.08.02 19:41:00 - [5]

Yep the description is misleading, which is why we generally get 1-2 threads in this forum a week from people moaning that it doesn't work as it states. Don't blame yourself :P

Eternal Fury
Rage of Inferno
Posted - 2006.08.02 20:38:00 - [6]

The 5% that is added on from the skill is actually 5% of the REMAINDER of the shield..

EG: you have 35% resist to something. Add on that 5 % means it's 5% of the 65 that is unprotected.

So you actually gain 3.25%.

So 35 + 3.25 = 38.25

If you go the route of Passive sheild hardeners, yes, the Actives will always win out in sheer numbers.


The Passive ones always work, no matter how much cap you have, they never turn off. Useing passives means you dont' have the need to devote any high slots to NOS's, so you can devote 2 more slots to guns.

You never forget to turn Passives on.

For some people, the ease of use of passives is what they go for.

But in the long run, someone with active hardeners will always have a better tank then someone with passives if they have the same skills.

Arian Snow
Queens of the Stone Age
Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2006.08.02 20:52:00 - [7]

Yeah the only ships that benefit from passive shield resist modules are frigates which cannot support the active ones, period!
My Jaguar uses passive modules, so not all is lost training for them.

Posted - 2006.08.02 21:17:00 - [8]

The descriptions on the skills are misleading. The armor ones are the same way too.

From reading the skills, youd assume that if I take a vanilla 32.5% passive explosive hardener, and slap it on a ship that has 10% base explosive resists, id have a total of 67.5% resistance if I had lvl 5 of the armor explosive resistance skill (10 + 32.5 + 25). But in practice thats not how it works (trust me I tested it on a domi with 10% base explosive resist).

Darth Matt
Ashen Lion Mining and Production Consortium
Posted - 2006.08.03 13:48:00 - [9]

thanks for your help,
I guess I can see it usefull in situations like getting hit by a NOS Domi...(which has happened to me) who takes all you cap nearly instantly, the passives could keep your tanks up as you reload your FOF cruise missiles since he's jamming you.

if he doesnt jam, say hello to t2 torps my friend- since youre flying a giant turd.

Thanks again, still a little confusing, but I found some shield formulas on other threads, and will try to work them out on my own.

heres the feroxes base numbers, now if I hit Battlecruiser 5 in a month, its special ability is 5% resists in all shield resists. I'll assume these are like the other resists that were discussed in this thread as well.

0 % shield em damage resistance
60 %shield explosive damage resistance
40 %shield kinetic damage resistance
20 %shield thermal damage resistance

with T2 passive hardeners at 37% and level 5 in the compensation skills (+25% resists), +25% resists on the remainder from ship skill etc...)

I could really get silly and put a named damage control system on a low, but I wont :) - once I have the number I will post it here and see if you guys think I am nuts. The main goal for this is to keep tanked when hit by a stack of energy that is becoming very popular in some low sec areas I frequent.

thanks again!

First CityWide Change Bank
Posted - 2006.08.03 14:56:00 - [10]

You guys are like 1/5 correct in this thread as to how it works.

Listen to Sarmaul.

Posted - 2006.08.03 15:34:00 - [11]

I said the same thing SarMaul said (that the descriptions are misleading). I just elaborated a bit more on it. Thanks for reading though.


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