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Vennilia Brutii
Maelstrom Crew
Posted - 2006.07.30 15:14:00 - [211]

Viper Comnnand, you just don't get it do you? ... :P
He is doing this BECAUSE HE'S HAVING FUN! He doesn't CARE that he is going to get pod killed, hell he even went LOOKING to get pod killed! You really think it worries him that he's doing things a little different to other players out there. Players doing the same thing as eeeeveryone else in EVE?
And in case you haven't noticed, he's in the noobie corp still, so I'm sure if he has any urgent or baffling situations, he can ask about them in there. And the rookie help chat is only a couple of clicks away. If you don't have anything encouraging to say or any threats to make about pod killing him, then on the top left of your browser there should be a 'Back" button...

As for Mr. INNOMINATE NIGHTMARE, you have my greatest support. Keep up the good work, maybe as well as the EON mag, CCP will give you a job writing the chronicles! That'd be awesome! :D

Anyway, keep up the good work, mate! Looking forward to the next installment ;)

Somebody STICKY this sucker!

Caleb Paine
State War Academy
Posted - 2006.07.30 15:16:00 - [212]

I'm quite sure he's not a newbie heh

Posted - 2006.07.30 15:20:00 - [213]

Awesome laugh, will keep checking :o

Old Galactic Earth Regiment
Fang Alliance
Posted - 2006.07.30 20:44:00 - [214]

Edited by: VidiVeniVici on 30/07/2006 20:44:28
Bump for an awesome thread

Captin Biltmore
Imperial Shipment
Posted - 2006.07.30 21:21:00 - [215]

First off...sticky this...secondly *bump*.

Finally INNOMINATE NIGHTMARE, you know you'll never be able to live in empire again... 0.0 taints your soul.

Oh, and contact me in game via eve-mail sometime...

Kumo T'sun
PIE Inc.
Posted - 2006.07.30 22:21:00 - [216]

I'm loving it, keep it up! Will be interesting to see how your faring 2 months down the line.

Empire Assault Corp
Dead Terrorists
Posted - 2006.07.30 22:51:00 - [217]

Super stuff mate - bloody marvellous.

Sticky for this for the love of god!

Valek Noor
Eternal Phoenix Rises
Dark Phoenix Rising.
Posted - 2006.07.30 22:57:00 - [218]

quite simply the best read i had in these forums in ages, please keep it up mate i am looking forward to reading more of your adventures.

Destructive Influence
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2006.07.31 00:18:00 - [219]

Originally by: Caleb Paine
I'm quite sure he's not a newbie heh

thinking exactly the same

Four Horsemen
Posted - 2006.07.31 00:28:00 - [220]

yarr you must walk the bump boardsYARRRR!!

Vogon Deconstruction Fleet
Posted - 2006.07.31 00:46:00 - [221]

Times have changed. The area is now run by Emilio Estevez and a Christian Fundamentalist organisation.

ROFLMAO. I agree with all the other folks here, you sir are an excellent story teller and your humor is exceptional, thank you for the laughs. =)

Viper Comnnand
Posted - 2006.07.31 00:47:00 - [222]

First of all there Vennilia and Ryysa, before you go and get your e***** in a twist, with "don't tell him what to do he is having fun" all of what i recommended (and they were reccomendations) were to increase his Eve fun.

If you ask or look into 90% of the nub population, or those departing Eve, the fact is, is they want bigger, better, and more $$. How many noobs do you see out there saying "man i wish i had a cruiser, or man i wish i had a battleship" and then the follow up with "well. . . i don't have the money to buy it or insure it. . "ect.

The best way for them to accomplish those goals were within the peramiters i set out. So before you go bashing, maby you should think of others instead of your own fun. Because thats what this really is, after all your getting a laugh and a good read out of it, and he is the one that could quite possibly be stuck in the same position he is now, a year or two down the road. (not likely but you get my point).

The fact is, its Eve "is" a soloeable game, yes, but doing it alone is long, tedius, and takes a considerable amount of time and skill. What I recommended isn't the only way, its just the "easier" way.

So before the whole "Viper Comnnand You just don't get it" bs, which thats exactly what it is, maby you should take a step back, and think about what is in the best interests of others, and not just a few laughs and chuckles for yourself?

Sevarus James
Meridian Dynamics
Posted - 2006.07.31 01:22:00 - [223]

Originally by: Viper Comnnand
rabble rabble blah blah

Rolling Eyes

Soo, Viper still don't get it. There ain't no accounting for some folks....I guess that's why they say "it takes all kinds".

He is having fun. He is creating a saga, and a damn funny one too. He is now 'accepted' via his stories by various alliances, as well as docking rights and access to things most noobs NEVER get. Better than my first four months in game.

The fact that someone has to point this out to sad...of course 'forum troll' doth come to mind as well.Rolling Eyes

Viper Comnnand
Posted - 2006.07.31 01:31:00 - [224]

Oh I am sorry Sevarus, I forgot there for a second that you know everything, lmao

Your right he is one noob (whether he is truely a noob, I'm not totally sure) that has gotten lucky, and because of a publicity stunt has managed to sneak through the fine crack in the wall of venturing through space alone, and with relative ease. . . .

But one person does not make for the population, if anything he will model some of the worlds rich and famous, become a drug addict, and die, I don't know, but the fact is, idling a guy that happend to get lucky (whether this is the case, is also debatable) and thinking "gee, i think i'll do that," just makes me laugh, because hell, thats one more for the killboard.

Infact if anything, I applaud him so that he may infact bring others to take the same risk and venture out into the deep dark 0.0 space where I, and many like me will find a certain entertainment in killing them as they beg for ransom or scream about having just bought the ship.

If anything he does me one favor, a decent read and a easy kill, but of all things he instills a certain insecurity, and makes it seem as if 0.0 is a place for the "littleman."

And while you may think the increases the Eve populace, many people thinking, "yea, EVE sounds like a RP's paradise" the fact is, he could quite possibly lead to the a loss of many.

I can't count on my hands the number of noobs that I myself have killed or others that can only take so much abuse as they lose the ship they just spent 5 hours, or 5 months minning for. . . .

If anything you all instill a certain sense of charity and propriety that for a time will be looked at as a kind deed, but when the guy realises he has no money, no ships, and no more "hand outs" he will do one of two things, quit, do what i told him to do, or buy isk. . . .

So help him, give him all the money you have, and let darwanism take its path. . .

Posted - 2006.07.31 01:35:00 - [225]

Edited by: squidgee on 31/07/2006 01:47:15
To create a brand new character (INNOMINATE NIGHTMARE), fund him with a starting balance of 1 million isk and send him immediately to a random place deep in 0.0 space.

Welcome to Goonfleet! Laughing Seriously though, this quote sums up my entire EVE experience.

Great story so far, I'm really liking it. It's really neat to see how the rest of EVE perceives 0.0 (whether or not you're actually a total noob) given that I have spent very little time in Empire. Also you're writing is fantastic.

Posted - 2006.07.31 01:38:00 - [226]

Edited by: Qayos on 31/07/2006 01:38:47
Viper, seriously... go away. If you don't like this thread and don't find it entertaining, then don't read it. Quit trying to take fun away from the rest of us. Just turn off your computer and go do something else, I don't care. Either way STFU.

INNOMINATE NIGHTMARE - awesome reads, keep em commin! :)

Viper Comnnand
Posted - 2006.07.31 01:40:00 - [227]

Edited by: Viper Comnnand on 31/07/2006 01:46:04
lol, funny Q

oh but on a second note, im in your corp dumbass, so if you have anything to say to me you can say it there or in a private convo. . . .

Leo Josemi
Phoenix Consortium
Aegis Militia
Posted - 2006.07.31 01:52:00 - [228]

Taking bets now on how long it will be before OP has 1 bil isk from other players for great writing style, etc.

Also taking bets on how long after that before it's revealed that the OP is Istvaan Shogaatsu's alt and you've been had....again.Laughing

P.S. I'm just kidding...........maybeShocked

P.P.S Taking bets on how many posts before Istvaan replies to this thread now that his name is in it.Smile

Posted - 2006.07.31 01:57:00 - [229]

Originally by: Viper Comnnand
Edited by: Viper Comnnand on 31/07/2006 01:46:04
lol, funny Q

oh but on a second note, im in your corp dumbass, so if you have anything to say to me you can say it there or in a private convo. . . .

wow this guys kinda mad at the world or something
anyways for those of you that are wanting to be friends of vipers heres some of his latest needs all i can do is LAFF
seems like a nice enough ceo

This thread rocks keep up the great reads looking towards the next great read. Bet your having a bit of fun yourself.

Sevarus James
Meridian Dynamics
Posted - 2006.07.31 02:00:00 - [230]

Originally by: Viper Comnnand
blah blah rabble

Yep. troll...and attempting to hijack the thread with the high minded platitudes of someone who doesn't get the fun, humor and outlandish nature of the OP's original story.

I normally don't say this, but a grande' sized cup of STFU would be appropriate, and to the OP...rock on, you've made the last few days coming to the general forums (and now the blog) a breath of fresh air....and nearly snorted coffee a couple of times. Very Happy

Viper Comnnand
Posted - 2006.07.31 02:01:00 - [231]

Hey whats this? someone causing problems or trying to pass a compliment, i can't tell. . .

Whats with BoB and having so much time to dig up stuff from the past on people,

Whats that . . .GS and me? lol, who next?

Viper Comnnand
Posted - 2006.07.31 02:03:00 - [232]

and as for Sev. . .sniffing coffe eh, whats that another 30-50 year old man trying to bash someone in a game because he can't do it in real life?

*applauds sevs insecurity*

Posted - 2006.07.31 02:05:00 - [233]

Edited by: voodoo on 31/07/2006 02:07:51
Originally by: Viper Comnnand
Hey whats this? someone causing problems or trying to pass a compliment, i can't tell. . .

Whats with BoB and having so much time to dig up stuff from the past on people,

Whats that . . .GS and me? lol, who next?

it was a total compliment you seem like a perfectly reasonable sane individual.

It didnt take a whole lot of time to check your latest posts. I just wanted to see exactly how much I really liked you.
I must say I find you quite friendly.

Viper Comnnand
Posted - 2006.07.31 02:11:00 - [234]

oh well thats nice, i was waiting to have to argue with someone else.

I apprecaite your compliment and thank you =). I hope that in the future i may be able to return the favor!

Posted - 2006.07.31 02:13:00 - [235]

Edited by: INNOMINATE NIGHTMARE on 23/08/2006 16:44:45
Holy Mafia

The ore I was staring at was a poor man's Mercoxit and General Gunel and I both knew it. It was only our mutual embarrassment that kept us from admitting the fact.

However, the General then tantalisingly infomed me that apparently this "Faux Mercoxit" could be refined into large quantities of the very valuable mineral Zydrine, which could then be sold for a fortune.

Perhaps there was a shimmering pot of gold at the end of this rainbow after all. It would appear that another path to riches had willingly opened itself to me and I intended to use this information to my advantage.

At this point I noticed that my Evemail button was flashing and I curiously opened it to see who had contacted me. I was overcome by a strange and ominous feeling of impending danger. Who could it be?

I opened my mail and almost fell to the floor in shock. I had apparently been contacted by what seemed to be his royal holiness himself. One of the head honchos of the Christians had personally sent me an evemail, curiously entitled "Aloha Traveller".

Perhaps he was on a sacred religious retreat to Hawaii IV - Moon IX - Shamefully Bright Beach Shirt Assembly Plant

This is what it said:


Well, when I read this, I heard "small gift" in the same way that a junior member of the mafia hears "small gift" while at the same time being told to go and decapitate someone. This was certainly no small gift.

Pope Maltrox had outrageously deposited a bribe of ten million isk into my account. Clearly this was a futile attempt to force my hand.

I knew that true Christians would never use church funds for bribery purposes and it was abundantly obvious to me that he was passing me a brown paper envelope stuffed with wads of cash to stop me exposing his subversive religious organisation. I therefore decided that swift and prompt action was required.

I saw two alternatives open to me:

1) Send this blood money back to the fundamentalist zealots from whom it came.

2) Keep it and use it to buy a small munitions dump, to use against these ravaging bible-thumpers.

I considered these options for some time but didn't really like either. I wasn't quite ready to start an almighty holy war. It was then that I hit upon a third intriguing option:

3) Put the funds aside and vow to use this tainted money in a spontaneous charitable act at some point in future.

I liked it. It meant that the money would go to good causes and would help benefit others. Perhaps they would be players like me, who had also been warmed by kind acts.

It was settled: At some point in the near future, a random n00b in need would receive a crinkled brown paper envelope, stuffed with lashings of moolah. I was pleased with this decision.

So I decided that a strategically "firm but fair" reply was in order and I fired off an evemail to his "holiness":


Having done this, I now called up the market and began to scour the local bazaars for a worthy vessel to set sail in. I had trained Caldari Frigate up to Level 3 and was now able to fly any ship in that class.

It was time to get out of this cramped but cosy shuttle and to begin my ascent to the stars.

(to be continued........)

Posted - 2006.07.31 02:14:00 - [236]

Edited by: voodoo on 31/07/2006 02:19:34
Excellent read ty I eagerly await the next edition of your travels.

Phrixus Zephyr
MEK Enterprises
Posted - 2006.07.31 02:36:00 - [237]

Originally by: Viper Comnnand


Viper Comnnand
Posted - 2006.07.31 02:51:00 - [238]

Hey ther Zephyre, go and shove that where the sun don't shine. . .


En Garde
Posted - 2006.07.31 04:03:00 - [239]

Keep it up mate, I cant wait to read your latest experiance

Best thing to read when I first get home from a hard day at work.

If I see you in local, Ill give you a friendly wave. Very Happy

Posted - 2006.07.31 04:06:00 - [240]

outstanding read great job staying on track dont take the isk from the bible bashers. Or jesus will come to eve and stop your adventure.Shocked loool thx m8

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