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Akasha Kadore
Posted - 2006.07.28 22:01:00 - [151]

Edited by: INNOMINATE NIGHTMARE on 28/07/2006 19:33:51

None of this made sense to me but I was determined to do what Backdoor Bandit does on most weekends:

I would dig deep and get to the bottom of it.

I just wet myself, you sir have a way with words keep it up (just like Backdoor bandit does).

GK inc.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2006.07.28 22:14:00 - [152]

CCP should hire You to write some ingame event texts :)

Jason Marshall
Mad Bombers
Guns and Alcohol
Posted - 2006.07.28 22:27:00 - [153]

Edited by: Jason Marshall on 28/07/2006 22:28:21
This sir, is so well written and enjoyable, i managed to get away with reading it in my english classLaughing Good Job cant wait for more!

Dare i request a little bit of glue?

Snub Disphenoid
Posted - 2006.07.28 23:00:00 - [154]

None of this made sense to me but I was determined to do what Backdoor Bandit does on most weekends:

I would dig deep and get to the bottom of it.

Sending you a mil just for that, best laugh I had all day Very Happy

Posted - 2006.07.28 23:57:00 - [155]

Seems like I am the one thousandth person to say this but

Great Thread!!!

Keep up the good the work


Posted - 2006.07.29 00:54:00 - [156]

Great read, I┤m hooked.

Deitre Cibrus
Turntable Dubbers
Posted - 2006.07.29 01:21:00 - [157]

I petition, that, the Dev's should give him a Navy Issue Shuttle to help him in his adventures, not to mention, this thread is awesome read while at work. Helps me pass the hours Very Happy.

Sharlot Thomas
Royal Guard Consolidated
Posted - 2006.07.29 01:39:00 - [158]

Your eloquent and descriptive ways are impressive as you grace the galaxy with tails of intrigue.
Please do keep us informed of your endeavors and it would seem just from the generous donations posted that you have already began to amass your fortune with wit and jovial acuteness rather than mundane platitudes of mining.

In times of old it has been said that the traveling bards where welcomed at most kingdom for which they ventured to.

I am amused and pleased to see such unity from those that have anointed you with encouragement along with fair wishes for this journey you have embarked on.

I therefore shall place unto our alliance the request to have you set to positive standing should you venture to our small but humble area of space.

Fly Safe & Have Funů


Sharlot M. Thomas
Founder & CEO
Royal Guard Consolidated
Deputy Prime Minister to Ekliptika

Ben Derindar
Dirty Deeds Corp.
Posted - 2006.07.29 02:31:00 - [159]

This thread just made my day - glad to have found it!

IN, good luck to you in your continuing adventures. Very Happy


Posted - 2006.07.29 02:36:00 - [160]

Edited by: duckmonster on 29/07/2006 02:37:59
Great story.

Go the newbs!

Also Since Im tied up in a war with the evil D2, I shall now take note of the secret weapon to demoralise them....

Insult Emelio!!!!! bwahahahaha. LaughingLaughing

edit /signed on the navy issue shuttle suggestion.

Or a polaris frig Shocked

Red Six
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2006.07.29 03:42:00 - [161]

Best smack ever...

League of Gentlemen
Posted - 2006.07.29 04:04:00 - [162]

Originally by: Deitre Cibrus
I petition, that, the Dev's should give him a Navy Issue Shuttle to help him in his adventures, not to mention, this thread is awesome read while at work. Helps me pass the hours Very Happy.

AS I and probaly a LOT of others have just ROFLMAO at a VERy well written read, yes... NAVY shuttle, 1/3 sig and 1/3 faster....

The Scope
Posted - 2006.07.29 05:32:00 - [163]

This is the best thread i've read in years! and im serious!

PLEASE, please, please, keep it up! and if you do stop writing these some day, please at least tell your story via voice (TS, or vent) and let others write for you.

and thx for the blog.

Black Sea Industries
Posted - 2006.07.29 05:50:00 - [164]

/signed for the navy shuttle. Perhaps a gurista one, given that he's in venal Very Happy

Awesome read too btw

Terra Rosa Militia
SpaceMonkey's Alliance
Posted - 2006.07.29 06:14:00 - [165]

Very funny indeed. Wish I had thought of it myself. Laughing

Black Omega Security
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2006.07.29 06:36:00 - [166]

hahaha keep it up Surprised

Posted - 2006.07.29 06:38:00 - [167]

This really is VERY funny stuff and like everyone else you got me hooked Wink

Posted - 2006.07.29 07:52:00 - [168]

My suspicions were confirmed. The "Arrow Project" had killed me twice. I was uncontrollably enraged by this heinous revelation and immediately googled them to find out who they really were:

I just fell out of my chair. Sad will be the day that these updates are put on hold.

Chalk another junky onto your list of fans.

Nothing Personal Inc
White Noise.
Posted - 2006.07.29 08:49:00 - [169]

Great stuff mang. Laughing

Kella Mal
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2006.07.29 13:15:00 - [170]

The ones after Day Three aren't as good as the other ones, IMO. It's not just the links, I prefer the style of writing you used at first. Confused

Turiel Demon
Celtic industries
Posted - 2006.07.29 15:01:00 - [171]

Appoligies from the inhabitants of FDZ4-A for any discomfort you may have experienced in teh surrounding area, I'll attempt to see to it that you come to no harm if you fly in or around it in future.

Good luck on your adventures... KOS may have some little jobs for you yet, though slightly less suicidal than 6600 jumps...

Posted - 2006.07.29 19:07:00 - [172]

The next update to my journey will be up later today. Before posting it, I thought I should take some time to reply to some of the comments/questions made so far by my new friends here:

Replies Part 1

Originally by: Devilish Ledoux
You probably shouldn't have told the entire galaxy where you're hiding. Welcome to the "Hunted" subclass, little friend.

My very first threat! Thank you Devilish, I look forward to the chase. Being mercilessly gunned down is all part of the thrill of the game.

Originally by: MrTripps
Kinda like Forrest Gump in space?

LOL, This is surprisingly quite an accurate description of I how I feel out here. I should really get some skill books soon to boost the IQ a bit.

Originally by: Tammarr
I think its time to visit an agent of mine and ask him some question of a sensitive nature regarding Innominate nightmare.

Very intimidating...... Did you get the answer to this sensitive question? I'm eagerly hanging on a knife edge here to find out.....

Originally by: Terrak2
But what if it was a ruse and he wanted your body? Never under-estimate the chances of random homosexual encounters.

I found this very funny. It was something I had completely overlooked. Maybe a discreet evemail to Jackamo to clarify what his intentions were is in order....

Originally by: Arkanor
I got into EC-P8R with a shuttle, first try.

Granted I didn't *have* the shuttle as I left the gatecamp, but I *made* it

I'm glad you got through too. I think we are both living proof that it isn't that difficult if you are determined.

I would say to any n00bs out there like myself who want to try it, just use the map wisely and go for it. If you don't get through then pick another 0.0 entry point and try that one. Just make sure you do it in a cheap ship....

Originally by: Teccmo
My first trip into 0.0 was uneventful cause we moved as a corp into an alliance. I still remember actually being nervous to point of almost shaking

I know how you felt. It was genuinely scary breaking into the underworld!

Originally by: Backdoor Bandit
Excellent work. The MGRL endorse this thread.

I have made a few cheeky references to BB and the MGRL in my posts and would like to thank Backdoor Bandit and his noble organisation for supporting my travels.

Originally by: Xthril Ranger
Velcome to venal. I suggest you try the local gurista agents if you do want to make isk out here.

Thank you, Xthril. This was very useful information.

Originally by: Reacian

1 Condor class frigate
1 1mn MicroWarpdrive I
1 Nano Internal Structure I
1 Civilian Shield Booster
1 Civilian Armor Repairer

2800m/s and the ability to slip out of an odd tight spot or two.

This was incredibly helpful information. I do not have the skills for a Microwarpdrive yet but I investigated this setup and it seems like a great (and relatively cheap) way to fly around dangerous space. I will certainly be taking your advice and using this configuration when I am able to.

Originally by: Volkon
PF- and P-VYVL are Carebear grounds for the nourthen allience, or once was when i was in PA

Times have changed. The area is now run by Emilio Estevez and a Christian Fundamentalist organisation.

(part 2 to follow....)

Nez Perces
Metatron Inc.
Posted - 2006.07.29 19:41:00 - [173]

Very nice read.. thoroughly enjoying the telling of your adventures... and can't wait for more Smile

Azuriel Talloth
M. Corp
Posted - 2006.07.29 19:58:00 - [174]

This thread delivers Cool

I would donate some ISK to your cause, but it'd kind of ruin the point of your experiment.

I hope by now you've realised that 0.0 is safer than low-sec space.

Mike Atropos
Posted - 2006.07.29 20:04:00 - [175]

This thread wins Eve.

Awesome work. Keep the updates flowing!

Malignant Enterprises
Posted - 2006.07.29 20:37:00 - [176]

I've been eagerly checking the blog every 2 minutes in the hope of another installment of the adventures of INNOMINATE NIGHTMARE. Keep up the good work. It's absolutely awesome and insanely funny. You should come to Providence and the south of the map on your travels at some point.

Legion of The Damned.
Posted - 2006.07.29 20:48:00 - [177]

/me starts to get withdrawl symptoms...

Class stuff mate, haven't laughed so hard in absolutley ages.

If this were an e-peen, it would be bigger than mine ... Embarassed

Keep up the good work xD and Fly as safe as you can ☺7

Juris Galactus
The Scope
Posted - 2006.07.29 21:01:00 - [178]

Edited by: Juris Galactus on 29/07/2006 21:02:04
Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.Great read! Best post ever. I hope you keep up your exciting trip through the Branch region of intergalactic space.

Wait a minute...that's our area of control...


We're going to hunt you down, you no-good interloper!

The Mute
Einherjar Rising
Cry Havoc.
Posted - 2006.07.29 21:37:00 - [179]

INNOMINATE NIGHTMARE you ae a great entertainer. Head on over to UNITY station in Providence sometime, we could have a couple drinks and talk smack about Emilio Estavez Movies.

New Soi
Posted - 2006.07.29 22:40:00 - [180]

Since when am I a christian fundamentalist Shocked Laughing

I just tried to have a peaceful meeting with you, but other corp mates were before me Sad

Please go on, oh and visit more often Smile

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