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Stella Centauri
Posted - 2006.07.28 05:25:00 - [91]

You sir, are a true star.
I'll send you some isk for your upcoming clones and ibises

Majesta Empire
Posted - 2006.07.28 05:42:00 - [92]

Wonderful thread! Most creative Iv'e seen in a long time.

Ore Monkey
Posted - 2006.07.28 05:54:00 - [93]

Three cheers for a wonderful story of adventure, danger, and intrigue in the lawless depths of 0.0!

Keep it up!

Ann Mari
Imperial Shipment
Posted - 2006.07.28 05:58:00 - [94]

Fantastic read!
I'm hitting F5 too often in this thread hoping that you expanded the story. And I don't want to comment too often, because I'm scared I'll clutter up the thread and miss one of your posts!!!

I'd like to make a suggestion though...
Either you or the guys from Eve Tribune... Get together, and post your story there so we we can read it without the interruptions. I'm sure you appreciate the well wishes as much as we enjoy wishing you well, but it does clutter the read a bit!

But definitaly get this published on Eve Tribune please!!!!

Posted - 2006.07.28 06:21:00 - [95]

I love it! You make me laugh!

I demand more! *bangs his mouse on the desk*

Big BillyBob
Posted - 2006.07.28 06:23:00 - [96]

You know it would help to post with your main, stupid brain...

Haldane IV
Einstein's Dreams
Posted - 2006.07.28 07:33:00 - [97]

Just as I was about to depart, Lemmy very unexpectedly decided to offer me a job:

"I will pay you a million isk if you go get me some armour repairers" - he said.

Ahh, that brings back memories of how I got into 0.0 myself. I remember I was a few months into eve and was asking in the Help channel whether there was anything left to discover in Eve, and concluded either everything had already been found or that there was a grand conspiracy amongst the guys in 0.0 to keep all the goodies for themselves. A guy called Demian Sky who was living in Period Basis saw this and put me right, we got talking and he enquired whether I would like to bring some skill books out to him if I fancied an adventure. I told my then CEO who rather uncharitably suggested this might be some sicko wanting me to fly 100 jumps to him so he could pod me, but nothing ventured etc. I set off from Agil in a T1 frigate anyway. Demian stayed up half his night (we were different time zones) checking the map and generally holding my hand as I travelled down the pipe in my T1 frigate on auto-pilot. There were less people in eve at the time and I got to what was then CFS space and docked at “Bigs Fantabulous Humporium”. Good as his word, Demian paid me handsomely for the skill books and also gave me loads of other stuff that was, for me then, untold riches including a DCM2 that I could not use but still have, and some Morphite that I later on used to make my first T2 ship (an enyo I think), and a set of instas through the pipe. Over the next few weeks I struck up an arrangement with Demian and his Corp bringing stuff out from Empire in an iteron, for which I got paid very well, and giving me nocxium to take back to sell in Empire to split the proceeds 50/50. As a result I made much more money that I could earn in Empire at that time, and blew the money on implants which speeded up my initial training time. Demian found other things for me to do, and when after hours looking I found a couple of lab slots, he loaned me the money for a decent BPO to research to make ships from. I gave him those slots when the rent became too high for me. He told me what skills to train to use a Dominix to solo mine in Period Basis, and I was just about to join his Corp when CFS fell. He seems to have left the game a few weeks after that and I fell in with my present Corp. Eve is the first and only MMO I have played, and Demian made it much more enjoyable for me in the early days.

Nanobotter Mk2
Posted - 2006.07.28 07:53:00 - [98]

Uhm this isnt gonna last long unless you plan to supply your character with an alt. Good luck though trick is to have fun this is a game after all :)

Cheyenne Shadowborn
Noob Much Inc.
Posted - 2006.07.28 09:34:00 - [99]


To create a brand new character (INNOMINATE NIGHTMARE), fund him with a

Sounds interesting. Oh, and sorry your caps key was stuck when creating that char. That must suck. Cool

Posted - 2006.07.28 10:28:00 - [100]

Edited by: INNOMINATE NIGHTMARE on 23/08/2006 17:14:52
The Assault

I logged in and out of my account a few times during the day, to see if I had been ruthlessly podded.

Astonishingly, I had been left completely alone by all who had passed through the system that my ship was in. I was amazed and understandably confused by this outcome.


Had I discovered a great hiding place? Or perhaps a suggestion by a previous poster on these forums was true:

Maybe I was in prime "Care-Bear territory".

Either way, I liked this system and made a note of it as being a very safe place. I safely stored my note for future reference.

I logged in again the next day, after a good sleep, and was stunned to see that, once more, I had not been podded. My ship was perfectly safe in this random system. Amazing.

I decided that it was time to "go home" to my base, and called up my map to plot a course. According to the charts, I was a massive 16 jumps from home sweet home and would have to daringly travel through the D2 Branch-region territory all the way back to my humble abode.

I suspected that having assaulted their heavily guarded castle the previous night and having been chased by one of their lackies, I had probably now caused them to raise the alarm.

I imagined that there would be a multitude of search parties, scouring this quadrant of the galaxy, intent on roasting me on an intergalactic bonfire. I felt like a hunted man.....

I begrudingly said farewell to my new safespot:


As I was about to embark on my 16 jump trip home, something abruptly dawned on me. I was reminded of my cat and mouse chase with the evil and heartless Zlake and how I had tried to bluff him by saying:

"OK, you can come out and pod me. I have to go 22 jumps to get back home anyway so you can save me the trip, you'll be helping me out"

What I was enlightened by at that moment was that what I had said was actually true! My clone had cost 1024 isk and I was in a basic shuttle. Why did I need to travel 16 jumps to get home? There was a clear alternative open to me:

I could instantly teleport home if I could just find someone to pod me! I was incredibly pleased with this revelation and immediately set about making my great plan happen.

I hurriedly opened my map and filtered the search feature by "pilots active in space in the last 30 minutes". I was instantly attracted to a location that had a large number of active pilots. The perfect system was K-8SQS. It was then that I decided on what I was going to do to implement my master-plan:

I was to launch an unexpected Kamikaze mission deep into K-8SQS and upon arrival I would "smack-talk" in local until I was brutally podded by an irate resident who would (unbeknownst to him) actually be helping me out.......

A sense of unadulterated excitement swamped me and I plotted my course to the system, which was just 2 quick jumps away. I was looking forward to venting my frustrations on whoever lived there (especially if they were members of the cult of Emilio).......

Less than two minutes later, I forcefully burst into K-8SQS and viciously charged towards the station in my tiny ship.

There were seven pilots here and all I needed to do was to get just one of them to pod me!

Here's how I announced my arrival:


(to be continued......)

Queens of the Stone Age
Black Legion.
Posted - 2006.07.28 10:31:00 - [101]

Edited by: Aramendel on 28/07/2006 10:31:19
Originally by: Nanobotter Mk2
Uhm this isnt gonna last long unless you plan to supply your character with an alt. Good luck though trick is to have fun this is a game after all :)

Well, actually, with a neutral station (like the one where he made his clone), a miner & mining frig BP and good old fashioned ninjamining he should be able to sustain himself quite nicely.

Posted - 2006.07.28 10:35:00 - [102]

A trully great read. You're the kind of player EVE needs more of. Smile

And the right way to announce yourself in local is:

The immortal greeting of Lord Zap from M0o (a looong time ago):


*yes it's going to be censured*

Keep up the good work.

Estel Arador
Posted - 2006.07.28 10:55:00 - [103]

awesome read :)

University of Caille
Posted - 2006.07.28 10:59:00 - [104]

Edited by: Lisbo on 28/07/2006 11:00:28
ok two hints to help you understand something about 0.0:

1. if you are logged out and have no aggression timer, your ship disappears...= you are perfectly safe, noone can kill/pod you

2. make instabookmarks flying through 0.0 (gate to gate) and you cant be touched in a shuttle (only if they are prepared to it, a camp or superfast locking inty nearby the incoming gate)

Bye and good luck

Elminsters Hat
The Arrow Project
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2006.07.28 11:00:00 - [105]

Haha, this is awesome. I want to pod you too :(

Max Kentarii
Nordic Endeavour
Posted - 2006.07.28 11:02:00 - [106]

Best topic I've read so far on these forums.
Looking forward to the next chapter in this story.

Gilbert Drillerson
Knights of the Rising Phoenix
Posted - 2006.07.28 11:02:00 - [107]


keep it coming :)


New Soi
Posted - 2006.07.28 11:10:00 - [108]

Great topic, thumbs up Smile

To Nightmare: btw, Rathama isn't such an evil person as you described him... he's very nice Wink
Oh, you make me want to look you up, just for fun, have a nice chitchat ^^

Bourbon Bob
Ninja Raiders
Posted - 2006.07.28 11:14:00 - [109]

Awwww, someone from D2 give the guy docking rights Very Happy

Ilea Celentay
Posted - 2006.07.28 11:20:00 - [110]

Now I have been enjoying your writing and stroy somewhat, but I feel that some of the strange comments you come up with are a little odd.

I spose I am only critazising your apparent - though likely pretend 'stupidity' towards some aspects of Eve... Erm, you write well in character, but IMO, some references are a little wrong.

Also, as some people have pointed out some of the basics of Eve you must aquate yourself with before you really will flurish out in 0.0...

Things like docking while on your pod, will provide you with a ship that is at least capable of doing something. Stations owned by alliance are total out of the question.

I'm not sure if you aim to make this a more amusing story, or a story where you could soon become more than you are now.

I hope that what I have said makes sence, though I am sure it wont insult you, I spose I am asking where are you going with this stroy... Though I am sure time will tell, there is alot that you will need to learn if you ever will get out from that shuttle.

Kella Mal
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2006.07.28 11:23:00 - [111]

It'd be good if you posted this in an EVE roleplay forum - or even blog it. Jolly good to read. You might want to put it all in your main post too so you can read it without interruptions though, scanning through the thread for the different parts of it was quite annoying. Surprised

CCP Eris Discordia

Posted - 2006.07.28 11:26:00 - [112]

Here's how I announced my arrival:
Linkage 3
(to be continued......)


Keep up the stories Very Happy

Ivan Kirilenkov

Interstellar Services Department
Posted - 2006.07.28 11:33:00 - [113]

While editing your IMG-tags into URL-tags I've taken the time to read the story aswell. What at first seemed like a tedious task was actually very fun. This is classy stuff, keep it up, but please use the URL-tag instead of posting images as the latter isn't allowed :) Good work

Rexthor Hammerfists
Vanishing Point.
The Initiative.
Posted - 2006.07.28 11:35:00 - [114]

enjoyd your story quiete alot,
keep em coming ;)

Xipe Totec
Posted - 2006.07.28 11:41:00 - [115]

LOOOVE your story, please continue, cant wait for the next installment ....

CHeers Xipe Totec

Shinji Kun
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
Dusk and Dawn
Posted - 2006.07.28 11:46:00 - [116]

I love your stories... keep on writing... absolutely great

Mal Hondo
Posted - 2006.07.28 11:48:00 - [117]

Awesome stuff - Get a proper blog going! And stick this in E-ON dammit Very Happy

Love is Hate
Posted - 2006.07.28 11:57:00 - [118]

even a few paragraphs in e-on would be great, very entertaining read

Nelix Trist
Posted - 2006.07.28 12:22:00 - [119]

Excerlent stuff.

May I ask, if you ever fell like you need a compainion for your travels, please let me be one of your worthy hopefulls.

Thank you very much for this. Very Happy

Butter Dog
The Monocled Elite
Posted - 2006.07.28 12:31:00 - [120]

Great stuff.

I've sent you some ISK for an entertaining read Wink

btw, people in noob corps can dock at ISS outposts.

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