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Invicitii xchiir
Posted - 2003.10.04 11:05:00 - [1]

Edited by: Invicitii xchiir on 04/10/2003 11:07:34
The trust feature on my ingame web-site causes random CTD's. It seems to be fine if you have already trusted the site, but if it isn't tusted and you visit it, it sometimes causes ctd's - at other times it just shows a 'trust needed' message. This random ctd action has been experienced by other corp members whilst testing the site.

The site is and the source code for the site is this:



if ($_SERVER['HTTP_EVE_TRUSTED'] == 'no' ){
header('eve.trustMe: trust me, so that I can help you.');
print '<html><body>';
print '<h1>Trust Required</h1>';
print 'Cronus Corp needs to be trusted in order to provide you with the best experience possible.';

include "protected/connect.php";

echo "<html>";
echo "<head>";
echo "<title>Cronus Corporation</title>";
echo "</head>";
echo "<body>";
echo "<IMG SRC=\"images/TopBar.jpg\" height=\"45\" width=\"465\">";
echo "<br><br>";

if ($_SERVER["HTTP_EVE_CORPNAME"] == "Cronus Corp"){

$date = date("d");
$currentmonth = date("F");
settype($date, "integer");

$result = @mysql_query("SELECT d$date, a$date, month FROM clan_calendar WHERE month ='$currentmonth'");
if (!$result) {
echo("<p>Error performing query: " . mysql_error() . "</p>");
while ( $row = mysql_fetch_array($result) ) {
$info = $row["d$date"];
$moreinfo = $row["a$date"];

echo "<b>Corp Calendar</b><hr>";
if ($info == ""){
echo "Hello " . $_SERVER['HTTP_EVE_CHARNAME'] . ", there are no corp events planned for today. <br>";
echo "If your squad leader does not have a mission to complete, you should use this time to build up your personal wealth, or your agent level. <br><hr>";
echo "Hello " . $_SERVER['HTTP_EVE_CHARNAME'] . ", a " .$info. " has been planned. " .$moreinfo. " <br><br><hr>";

echo "<p><b>Welcome to the homepage of CRONUS Corporation.</b></p> ";
echo "<p>CRONUS is corp dedicated above all else to the domination of the universe. That is our ultimate goal, and the direction to that goal is determined by the 5 divisions that make up CRONUS. Each is pivotal to the success of the corp, and none work alone, for CRONUS is a family that looks after its own. Our allegiances are to the corp, the division and god in that order.</p> ";
echo "<p>CRONUS has a strong culture of loyalty and dedication. Everyone helps each other as much as possible and everyone works to help the corp as a whole.</p> ";
echo "<p>No-one is above or more important than another player in corp. However we do have a command structure. The point is that you do not work for the benefit of directors, but for the greater good of the corp.</p> ";
echo "<p>CRONUS corp is a meritocracy; the more you put into corp the more you get out of it.</p> ";
echo "<p>It is also a requirement that you play as hard as you work!</p> ";
echo "<br><br><br><br><br><br><br>";

echo "<span style=\"text-decoration: underline; color: blue;\"> ";
echo "<a href=\"mb.php\">home</a></span> ";
echo "<a href=\"mb/policies.html\">policies</a> ";
echo "<a href=\"mb/structure.html\">structure</a> ";
echo "<a href=\"mb/organisation.html\">organisation</a> ";
echo "<a href=\"mb/products.html\">products</a> ";
echo "<a href=\"mb/contactinfo.html\">contact info</a> ";
echo "<a href=\"mb/recruitmentFAQs.html\">recruitment FAQ's</a><br><br> ";

if ($_SERVER["HTTP_EVE_CORPNAME"] == "Cronus Corp"){
echo"<a href=\"mb/info.php\">info</a> ";
echo"<a href=\"mb/tools.php\">tools</a> ";
echo"<a href=\"mb/experience.php\">experience</a> ";
echo"<a href=\"mb/roster.php\">roster</a> ";
echo"<a href=\"mb/offices.php\">offices</a> ";
echo"<a href=\"mb/events.php\">events</a> ";
echo"<a href=\"mb/alliances.php\">alliances</a> ";
echo"<a href=\"mb/kos.php\">K.O.S. list</a>";

echo "</body>";
echo "</html>";

(have included it as I really cannot see any problem with it.. tho I have been staring at it for days, so it prolly is summut really stupid. Any help would really be appreciated)

BH Trimaster

Posted - 2003.10.08 14:25:00 - [2]

First a workaround for the random trust failure bug (which also happens to be a random bm failure bug too):

workaround instructions:
1) kill eve client
2) navigate to the cache\browser directory in the eve folder
3) there should be a text file called "trustedSites.txt", if it isn't there create a new one
4) add the url of the trusted site minus the page file. ie
5) save and exit
6) start eve client
7) navigate to trusted site, you won't crash
8) do not use the bookmark or trust adding features of your browser as they will crash it
9) until its fixed this method must be used religously

BH Trimaster

Posted - 2003.10.08 14:37:00 - [3]

recently I've learned some information that explains why the header() directive in php isn't working as it should, ie causing the trust popup to appear.

you need to add 2 statements to your php files.

place ob_start at the start of your php code, make sure there is html output occuring before it.
also make sure there is html output occuring before any headers you send.
and make sure there is no html output after the ob_end_flush(); which should be placed at the end of your php file.

also, since I'm sharing all of this with you, you might as learn that eve browser supports session variables and also user cookies. I must thank the devs for this foresight, they rock you know.

if you want to use session vars (server side cookies) place the next 2 lines right after ob_start();

from then on you can set $_SESSION['anything_here']="any_value" and that variable and value will persist on it's as long as the user doesn't close the eve browser. you can assign to it over and over and you can test it's contents at will, just like any normal variable.

if you prefer cookies, then you might to use those, but i don't have much experience with them and their usefulness in the internet community is quickly vanishing, so i want bother with it anyways.

So, i hope you enjoy the above information.

btw, on your image, can you load the image when not specifying the resized portions of the image, ie will it generate full size? if so, might be that eve might not support resizing it.
could also be a path problem.


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