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Sergeant Spot
Galactic Geographic BookMark Surveying Inc.
Posted - 2006.07.19 18:17:00 - [31]

THE primary intended purpose of Corp Hangars is to allow members to share and manage assets better, both personal and group.

The purpose of Corp Hangars is NOT as a container for use of CEO property alone (unless this is clearly stated to all members, and even then, it would usually only be one hangar....)

The Collective
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2006.07.19 23:37:00 - [32]

I think if you tell any corp member that everything they put into corp hangars, all taxes collected from NPCing and Mission Running goes to the CEO's personal wallet, they would be completely retarted to stay in that corp. No one in their right mind would stay in a corp if they believed that. It is always assumed that corp funds and assets are used to better the corp as an entity. When the corp as an entity thrives, their members thrive too. A CEO should not assume that it's his own personal piggy bank.

Lufio II
Marangrio Space Services Inc.
Posted - 2006.07.20 10:25:00 - [33]

Depends solely on the personality of the CEO. A CEO that sees the corp as his piggy bank and the people in the corp as tools to increase his piggy bank isn't that bad, considering that the CEO will use the people under his command to increase the amount in his piggy bank, and to do that efficiently those people will need equipment, which is paid by the corp (or the CEO in that sample).

I'm tempted to say that this is sort of the "Default Mode" for an EVE corporation, unless other rules have been established within the corp (usually are, but outsiders tend to not know them).

Originally by: Kozak
A CEO should not assume that it's his own personal piggy bank.

Seeing the above "Default Mode" for corps I would come to a statement that probably will be of more use for common players: A corp member should assume that a corp is the CEOs (and directors) piggy bank, unless corporation rules explicitly state otherwise (most will do, ideally along with measures making sure those rules are applied). This approach will get you further in this cut throat universe that EVE is.

Federal Navy Academy
Posted - 2006.07.20 10:31:00 - [34]

S! Del. Didn't know you were in game. Too bad it had to be in this thread.

Insidious Existence
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2006.07.22 15:06:00 - [35]

S! Jeep, yea a few of us here, no worries on the thread m8, it bought back a few laughable memories for me to Surprised

Mar vel
Agony Unleashed
Agony Empire
Posted - 2006.07.22 17:20:00 - [36]

At the end of the day, as CEO it's his decision, and that's the end of it. One exception to that is if he profited from what was supposed to be jointly held property - referencing in particular the 2 carriers that left ITSC with him. If the entire corp had gone to extraordinary lengths to mine / buy corp items that one person would not be able to acquire othersie, and there was an understanding that those items were not individual items, but corporate assets, then that would be grounds for a serious grievance.

In terms of Shares and the Corporate name, leave. Pretty simple solution. If you are that attached to your corp name, you will be at a distinct disadvantage under any circumstances that are less than ideal. It's the people that matter.

There were many corps that did not agree with the SPR Exec Council decision - but I would not be the one to advocate such a dissention. We swim together and sink together - and that's the nature of an alliance. If Yatar was not in agreement, he could have easily just disbanded the corp and quit the alliance. The political stuff is just a quiet FU - this is personal between the parties.

Politics aside, Yat - would fly with you any time. You are a highly skilled pilot whom I have found to be both insightful and pragmatic, and at a personal level a pretty funny guy. We wish you the best in your new adventures.

Mar vel
(former Atrox and SPR Fleet Commander)

Federal Navy Academy
Posted - 2006.07.23 11:45:00 - [37]

Edited by: jeepfreek on 23/07/2006 11:45:34
At the end of the day- he was not the CEO. He had not relinquished his rights for some time even after saying he was stepping down. We had voted a new CEO in- at his request- and still had not relinquished his rights. And the corp POS he swiped- was just that- it belonged to the CORP. He did not want anyone mining with him as it hindered him and he made it plainfully obvious.

As far as his piloting skills go- I don't disagree. He is a good pilot. However, I don't remember the last time that Yat flew with us as a group to be honest.

Thats ok. He is just looking for someone to take him in that has a Crokite field so he can setup shop and do his own thing like he did with us. He doesn't care who he joins- its obvious. Last I seen he joined IRON and you would not believe how he talked about IRON before. Now he's one of them. Well hope he's happy.

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