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Invicitii xchiir
Posted - 2003.10.01 21:08:00 - [1]

I have a link to a jpg image on my ingame web-site. The image is resized:

echo "<img src=\"images/TopBar.jpg\" height=45 width=465>";

(php code) so in html it would be:
<img src="images/TopBar.jpg" height=45 width=465>"

and I find that half the time it just shows up as a white image with some text on it, and the other half of the time it shows a 'quafe' image?!

can someone help me to get this to work?

thanks in advance :)

(oh aye, the browser needs better error handling, as a stray } in php can cause a CTD) Sad

d ArkAngel
Posted - 2003.10.01 23:19:00 - [2]

well you need "'s arroung your numbers for a start.

<img src="images/TopBar.jpg" height="45" width="465">

not sure if you need a leading ./ in the URL as well

<img src="./images/TopBar.jpg" height="45" width="465">

Invicitii xchiir
Posted - 2003.10.03 08:43:00 - [3]

yup, thanks for that,... but it still doesn't work. I get either the 'white image with text' or an image that has nothing to do with what I want. It very odd and very annoying. Sad

Posted - 2003.10.08 12:10:00 - [4]

Try deleting the cache of the browser...

This bloody game has the annoying habbit of using the wrong cached bitmaps when displaying pages...

Joint Espionage and Defence Industries
Posted - 2003.10.13 20:33:00 - [5]

What image type is it?

Note: you dont need to quote numbers (you dont even need to quote text)

Posted - 2003.10.16 09:07:00 - [6]

having absolute links seems to help the problem...

so instead of "/images/33.jpg" you woud put ""

some what annoying but it fixed majority of these image substitutes...


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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