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Stronghold corp
Posted - 2003.10.01 02:28:00 - [1]

I have decided to mark all my story posts with the marker "Story: "

And now on with my latest story

Stronghold corp
Posted - 2003.10.01 02:29:00 - [2]

The names Raynor, Jim Raynor and Im a private D*ck.
Whats that you say? You are offended by my choice of wording?
You would rather I say Gumshoe, or PI, or even Detective for hire?

If you came here expecting to read a warm fuzzy sappy story, Take this book back and get a refund.
There arenít any happy endings here!
If you want the truth then you will get all of it!

Ok enough of this sad sack crap, Letís get to the story.

The last time the neighborhood saw prosperity, They hadnít even invented the warp-drive yet, it was that long ago.
It knew it was dying a slow torturous death, but could do nothing to prevent it.

The buildingís were covered with a dark grime from years of neglect and pollution. The streets were filled with older vehicles, over half of them either broken down or stripped of their important parts.
At least one in every three streetlights were burned out or broken.
Garbage overflowed in the alleys and every day was Christmas for the rats who inhabited them.
In the doorways the drunks bundled up in their filthy blankets sipping the cheapest Rotgut wine they could buy, While the Hookers plied their wares on tired worn out legs, Afraid to rest even for five minutes in case their pimps showed up and saw they werenít working.
And if drugís or weapons were your business, Just see the guy on the corner.
And let me tell you there was a guy on EVERY Corner.
The police never came here unless they came in large numbers and even then they didnít stay long and always came in riot gear.
Not the place you would wanna take your new girl on a date nor your mother to dinner lest you wanted to get shot and them violated.

As I was saying it was a virtual paradise.

But hey the rents were cheap and they were what I could afford and the ceiling in my office hardly ever leaked so this is where I ran my business.

Besides everyone here minded their own damn business and thatís what I liked the best about it.

Like I said I was a private D*ck and I was for hire.
My specialties were following cheating spouses, finding lost people, and collecting late rents or payments.
Actually collecting the money was always my favorite as it kept me in top fighting form.

Never know when the person you were trying to get late payments off of might decide to fight you or pull a weapon.
And if they did pull a weapon hey I considered it a tip after I beat them to a pulp, Weapons sell pretty good around here these dayís.

Anyways, One night I was sitting in my old cracked leather chair, trying to think of a way to drum up new business when the old frosted glass door to my office opened and she walked into my life.

Long blonde hair, gorgeous nylon encased legs, short red dress, Black fur coat and her eyes, Why I could lose my soul in those eyes.
Not to mention she had a fantastic A$$ and great b00bs to boot.

Mr. Raynor? She quivered her lips trembling.
Thatís me, I answered her.

Stronghold corp
Posted - 2003.10.01 02:29:00 - [3]

I.. I.. Iwould llllike to to to hire you toÖ. Her voice trailed off.
What is it you want lady?

She proceeded to bust out bawling, Huge crocodile tears ran down her face in long black streaks as her mascara fought a battle against her tears and lost.

Now I may be a bad ass but Iíve always been a sucker for a woman in distress, so I got up and came around my desk and said, Hey Lady, Here sit down.
I tucked the stuffing back into the rip in the seat of the old chair I kept for clients and helped her sit in it.
Can I get you anything? I unbelievably heard myself uttering to her.

Yes I wouldÖ I could really use a drink.
Looking around I located a worn plastic glass on one of the shelves and blew the dust out of it.
I filled it with 2 fingers from the bottle I keep in the bottom right desk drawer for medicinal purposes and handed it to her.
She tossed it back in one fluid motion like a veteran sailor.

I handed her my handkerchief and she wiped the black streaks from her face.

I want to hire you to help me deliver a package and pick up a large sum of money from its sale.

Now this is more like it! I thought to my self.
(Delivering packages was one of my specialties as you remember!)
(Ok Ok so I didnít mention it, but it was still a specialty Ok?)

I considered myself quite the gentleman when it came to the ladies so I told her
Sure lady Im in, For half the take!
Half? She stammered.
Yes lady Half the money, Remember your getting the best Professional help that money can buy! I confidently told herÖ
(Ok so I lied a little so sue me.)

Well I guess I really donít have a choice she stammered.
I will be delivering the package to the old Naval warehouse on the wharf tomorrow night at 10:30 PM.

Only I am afraid to be alone tonight, I fear something dreadful is going to happen to me she said.

Now being the Knight in Shining armor type when it came to the ladies (Did I mention defending beautiful women was also one of my specialties)? I said, if it will make you feel any safer Lady you can stay at my place tonight if you really are that scared to be alone.

Now I know I have looks and personality to boot so I wasnít even mildly surprised when she graciously accepted my company for the night.

We arrived at my penthouse suite.
(A couple of rooms in the rear of a basement but it was a suite to me as far as I am concerned OK?)
I hurriedly swept the dirty clothes and magazines off of the couch and found a semi clean sheet and blanket (The maids week off ya know) and made the couch into a nice bed for her.
Goodnight lady, Ill see you in the morning I said as I retired into the master bedroom (Look I like to dream big, You Donít have a problem with that do you reader? No I didnít think so) where I undressed and hit the sack.

Stronghold corp
Posted - 2003.10.01 02:30:00 - [4]

I was just dozing off when I heard the floor creak at the entrance to my bedroom and snatching my 38 caliber laser pistol from under my pillow I jumped up and hit the light switch.
There she stood in the doorway wearing only the skin she was born with.
Jim, Can I sleep with you, Id feel much better with you next to me, She shyly asked.

Now who am I to deny a damsel in distress.
I replied Umm yeah sure no problem lady.
She slid into bed with me and well lets just say that niether of us got much sleep that night.

The following morning I was awakened to the smell of coffee brewing and food cooking.
What is going on I said to myself half awake as I got out of bed and went into the kitchen
There was eggs and bacon and hot coffee already on the cleared off table.
I didnít think you would mind Jim she said softly to me, Itís the least I can do for you for making me feel so safe last night.
Well I attacked that food with passion (I had to fire the cook a few months ago Really I did) and after eating sat there watching her do the dishes.

I think we should go get the package now she told me.
I quickly got dressed and we proceeded to the old train station downtown where she used a key to open a locker.
She pulled out a very small package that looked like a rolled up newspaper wrapped in brown paper and handed it to me.

We proceeded out the front door and started walking down the street when I heard a car backfire, Itís suddenness making me jump with apprehension.

Jim the lady said to me as she turned and looked at me.
Whatever happens please get that package to the meeting point tonight, PROMISE ME! Please.

Sure babe I said but why worry everythingís ok, It will be fine!

IM afraid it isnít Jim, she whispered as she slumped against me.
Thatís when I noticed the spreading fan of red appearing in the middle of her chest as if by magic.
From the location of the Fan of blood and the amount of it I knew in my heart she was a goner.
Jim get out of here now she whispered, The police will be here shortly Nothing must interfere with the delivery of that package.
I let her drop to the sidewalk realizing she was right and turning walked away quickly from the crowd that was gathering around her body. Nobody could ever accuse me of being impractical thats for sure.

10:30 PM I pulled up to the parking lot in my old jalopy and sat there with the motor running.

I had switched out my 38 for a 44Magnum Hi-Shock Hybrid pistol and felt I was ready to take on the world.

Stronghold corp
Posted - 2003.10.01 02:30:00 - [5]

A hover car pulled up in front of mine and flashed its lights three times.
I got out of my car with the rolled up package and was greeted by three Amaraan looking gentlemen.

Do you have the package? One of them said to me.
Do you have the Cash I replied right back to him.
Quick you fool show him ordered the better dressed of the three.
I looked at the open suitcase one of the other men produced from the hover cars trunk and gasped .
It was stuffed with Concord 1000 Isk notes.

I reached out to take it when I heard a sound behind me like a leaf scraping the ground and a sharp pain and then Blackness.

I awoke tied to a chair and feeling like I had gone 15 rounds with the Concord Fleet Boxing Champion.
Wow they must have really worked me over, I thought.

Tell us where the Real package is.

Why should I you will only try to kill me again so No Dice I said bravely and as a reward for my outburst received a well placed punch to the stomach from one of the gorillaís in the group.

Ok since we need the package and beating you to death will not solve our situation we seem to have a Caldari standoff donít we Mr Raynor.

If you give me the cash Iíll take you to the package I grinned through my swollen cut lips.

Ok I see we really donít have any choice do we.
The next thing you know its me and the Asian boss and one of his gorillaís all seated in the back of the hover car the suitcase full of money between the knees of the gorilla.
The Silenced business end of the gorillaís weapon was making quite a nice indentation in my side.

Would you care for some wine Mr Raynor asked the Asian leader.
Itís a bit weak for my tastes but what the hell its better then nothing, I exclaimed reaching out and taking the wine glass he was holding out to me.

I hope this trip isnt a waste om my time he said to me.
Oh Believe me its well worth your time, In fact Im sure you will be quite surprised I said to him pleasantly.

Good I am quite pleased with you cooperation.
The hover car pulled up to the Old railstation and parked on the side.
Locker 1722 I said the combination isÖ..

Thank you Mr Raynor for your cooperation.

Then turning to the gorilla he said wait five mineutes then kill him,
Now it takes a lot to get me ****ed but let me tell you I was ****ed off when I heard that.
Goodbye Mr Raynor I hope your next life turns out better then this one did for you. he said pleasantly as he closed the door of the hover car.

Hey Dumbo I said to the huge ape next to me, Since youur going to kill me anyway, do you care if I have one last glass of wine.
The gorilla grunted his approval and I filled the glass to the rim, Raised it and said To your Health Dumbo, Then I proceeded to drain it.

Stronghold corp
Posted - 2003.10.01 02:31:00 - [6]

As soon as it was drained I snapped the stem and showed Dumbo what it felt like to loose a eye and penetrate a brain with broken glass all in one motion.

His body stiffened but he died without a sound.
I took his silenced pistol and tapping lightly on the glass that separated the drivers compartment from ours, getting the driver to lower it as he twisted his head to see what Dumbo wanted, I rearranged his nose with a Silent Sabot round.
Then I sat and waited for the Asian boss to return.

10 minutes later the passenger door opened and the Asian boss started to get into the car,
I grabbed his arm and pulled him wildly off balance into the passenger compartment.

Remember me I said with a smile.
Please donít kill me Iíll pay anything you ask he begged.
Too late my Asian friend you ****ed me off.
Well can I at least have a last glass of wine he asked
Sorry I drank it all! I said as I put 4 rounds into his heart.

I was sitting at my desk counting the huge amount of cash when I heard the door open and she walked into my life again.
Only this time she wasnít alone she had brought a friend, A nice shiny dealy looking friend.

I thought you were dead babe! I stated.
No I planned that to get you to take all the risk while I reap all the reward, Now hand over the cash and the Package gesturing with her convincing friend.
Are you sure we donít have a chance baby I softly asked her.

You have to be kidding me you creep she angrily retorted back to me, I had to shower for hours to get your stench off of me.
Im sorry babe, it must be the cheap cologne I buy, I said as I shot her 8 times with the gun I had bolted on the underside of my desktop.

The red fan of blood spreading across was Real this time and she slumped to the floor.

What a shame I actually was starting to like her too.

What to do with all this cash. I hear the Curse region is really nice this time of year.

I examined the piece of blue paper thinking to myself , I wonder what a Miner2 is?

Hey like I said figuring out blueprints isnít one of my specialties Ok?

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2003.10.01 02:47:00 - [7]

Wanna write my history final?

Stronghold corp
Posted - 2003.10.01 02:50:00 - [8]

Wanna write my history final?

Lol is that a complement or a joke :)

Dead Pilots Society
Chaos Theory Alliance
Posted - 2003.10.01 02:58:00 - [9]

nice story, u like shooting people dont ya

Posted - 2003.10.01 04:02:00 - [10]

this is too long

Stronghold corp
Posted - 2003.10.01 04:37:00 - [11]

this is too long

Heh it's comments like this that make me want to quit writing stories
Oh Well..


Hodokie Seek
Old Farts Drinking Club
Posted - 2003.10.01 05:21:00 - [12]

Skelator, the stories our write are great. I like others do read and enjoy them!!!! Be safe and hope to see more!

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2003.10.01 07:04:00 - [13]

Edited by: Mirvnillith on 01/10/2003 07:04:18
Like the stories, but dislike the space. Do you have the option of putting them off-site and just providing a link (the forum's a bit narrow, space-wise, for good reading)?

Posted - 2003.10.01 09:39:00 - [14]

Really nice story, to bad my boss catched me reading it Rolling Eyes

Posted - 2003.10.01 10:48:00 - [15]

this is too long

Heh it's comments like this that make me want to quit writing stories
Oh Well..


hey don't take it personally, i just meant it's too long for me. just wanted to let you know i read some of it but couldn't handle it all. keep on writing Smile

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2003.10.01 11:24:00 - [16]

like uhmm, go to summit?

Hodokie Seek
Old Farts Drinking Club
Posted - 2003.10.01 14:01:00 - [17]

Edited by: Mirvnillith on 01/10/2003 07:04:18
Like the stories, but dislike the space. Do you have the option of putting them off-site and just providing a link (the forum's a bit narrow, space-wise, for good reading)?

Actually, I think the Eve Library portion of the forums is designed for store and such just like this.

Posted - 2003.10.01 14:39:00 - [18]

That's greaty Skelator.
Nice ending...Smile

darth solo
Celestial Apocalypse
Posted - 2003.10.01 15:26:00 - [19]

well i thought it was very cool.Cool.

a very good read my friend.

Drunken Wookies
Posted - 2003.10.01 16:43:00 - [20]

yet agiain very good read

boss cought me to that sucks

Jael Markinsen
Posted - 2003.10.02 06:52:00 - [21]

Skelator, don't even think about stopping now! you have me hooked on waiting for the next one! Another well done entry in your book!

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2003.10.02 09:22:00 - [22]

can I have ure auto graph plz :''( -amy-

Omber Zombie
Frontier Technologies
Posted - 2003.10.02 10:32:00 - [23]

Very cool, keep em coming.

Gaius Kador
PIE Inc.
Posted - 2003.10.02 11:10:00 - [24]

Very interesting and enjoyable reading :)

Keep them coming!

Jim Raynor
Bad Kitty Inc.
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2003.10.02 11:12:00 - [25]

Is this about me??

Stronghold corp
Posted - 2003.10.02 17:11:00 - [26]

Is this about me??

Yes it is Jim :)

Hope you didnt mind me writing the story of your beginning in EVE

Stronghold corp
Posted - 2003.10.02 17:14:00 - [27]

can I have ure auto graph plz :''( -amy-

Wow This is the Best compliment you could have possibly given me :)

Your da best Amy!

P.S. Love your Sig

Rizmordan Hillgotlieb
Body Count Inc.
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2003.10.03 00:17:00 - [28]

Everyday now I look at the "crime and punishment" section for a new story to read.


Violet Vixen
Posted - 2003.10.03 00:20:00 - [29]

can I have ure auto graph plz :''( -amy-

Wow This is the Best compliment you could have possibly given me :)

Your da best Amy!

P.S. Love your Sig

I have a purple sharpie you can use...Cool

Posted - 2003.10.03 10:27:00 - [30]

excelent kepp it up

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