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Billy Sastard
Life. Universe. Everything.
Posted - 2006.06.29 00:05:00 - [1]

I made a guide for creating instant bookmarks, please let me know what you think:

BM Guide

I created it to be viewed in the IGB, so in a normal browser it will be ugly.

Posted - 2006.06.29 00:18:00 - [2]

Nice. But I would suggest 12km. Also, manual navigation can put them out past it a bit. I warp to the gate, and hit the max speed button. It will keep the course, and move around objects and keep the same course.. go 12km and bm that. That will put you right on the gate when you want to warp insta.

Posted - 2006.06.29 00:22:00 - [3]

you must not have read the whole thing, I specify 12km ;P

Billy Sastard
Life. Universe. Everything.
Posted - 2006.06.29 00:23:00 - [4]

BAH! damn alts :D

Phoenix Industries
Sylph Alliance
Posted - 2006.06.29 06:05:00 - [5]

Nice guide. As for the safe spots, I usually try to fly from say Planet A to Planet B and make a bookmark 1 between the two. Then fly from Planet C to Planet D making a bookmark 2 between those two. Than fly from Bookmark 1 to Bookmark 2 and set your safe spot there. That way you won't be inline between standard warp paths.

Posted - 2006.06.29 06:27:00 - [6]

Yes the guide is really nicely done.

The safe spot part is rather sketchy especially compared to the beautiful job you did on the instas. A little more fleshing out of things maybe would be good, if you want safe spots to be covered at the same great level instead of being just a PS. Obviously the guide is for beginners, I think its nice to give them a little more information on the "why" of things. For example, you say dont warp to moons, there might be POSes...good!....but the beginners probably actually dont know what a POS is and certainly dont know that the reason you dont want to go there is that the POS is probably set to fire on all intruders and will kill if we elaborate a little bit here, they learn some more and the information will certainly register better. Similarly, there is more to say about safe spots, as the last poster for example has added. Starting with the fact that more than one of them might be a good idea in a system you use a lot.

The other part of the "why" of things would maybe be to say a thing or two about how pirates use scanners, so the reader can understand what he is trying to protect himself from in making his safe spot.

Anyway - a really class job, nice work.


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