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LuNaRiAn SeRpEnT
Posted - 2006.06.28 14:11:00 - [1]

After reading the player guide, exploring, and asking around in game, there are a few things that I have been unable to figure out.

Corp tax rate.
I have not been able to get a clear answer on the member activities that are taxed.

I did notice that the corp takes tax from bounty rewards, but not all of them. Does the reward have to be a certain amount before taxes are taken?


In complexes sometimes I am unable to find the key to move on to the next area. I am fairly sure that I am the only one who was in the complex due to the amount of rats that were lurking around. Are the key's or passes or whatever they may be supposed to be there every time, or do they only appear every so often?

Also how long do these key's or passes exsist after you actually get them? I had Sade's Pass and I was ripping through the complex, but I had to sleep so I could crawl into work the next morning. Logged in after work and the pass was gone. I cleared the first part of the complex again, and could not find the pass this time.

Could somone please explain how that works??

Thanks in advance.

Marine HK4861
State Protectorate
Posted - 2006.06.28 14:18:00 - [2]

Corp tax: all npc rat bounties and mission rewards (not time bonii) over 35K are taxed.

In complexes the pass is either in a specific can (named something like 'overseer's stash') or on a specific enemy (usually called something like 'gatekeeper').
Passes respawn a lot less frequently than the other enemies, so you can clear the entire room only to find the enemy carrying the pass hasn't respawned yet.

Passes are one use only and any gate activated with them only stay useable for about 30 seconds.

Synapse Archae
Posted - 2006.06.28 14:42:00 - [3]

In some complexes (like lvl 4 serpentis ones) the pass takes 3 hours to respawn. Though why anyone would want it is beyond me. BCs are the biggest that can get in there, and it takes 5 of them to kill that BS on the 2nd level, and usually someone dies in that process. Not worth it for 2.5 mil.

LuNaRiAn SeRpEnT
Posted - 2006.06.28 14:45:00 - [4]


I have a small descrepency from experience. I got a pass, moved on to the next part and my cargo got full, so I docked, unloaded and came back and was able to go through the gate that required the past. It had to have been at least a half hour.

And just to make sure I am clear. Even if I go into a complex that looks like it has not been touched it is possible for the key to not be there because it takes longer to respawn? Does anyone have a time frame for which it should respawn?

And, What are the other things that are taxed in a corp?

Honest Abe
Idiot Arbitrage Inc
Posted - 2006.06.28 14:58:00 - [5]

Originally by: LuNaRiAn SeRpEnT

And, What are the other things that are taxed in a corp?

Only rat bounties > 35k and mission rewards (not time bonuses)


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