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Posted - 2006.07.02 13:31:00 - [151]

Good stuff :)

Grim Vandal
Burn Proof
Posted - 2006.07.02 15:50:00 - [152]

Originally by: booh
Edited by: booh on 02/07/2006 07:22:52
Originally by: Halkin

How can a covert be a covert if it can be found, I can see multiple inties warping in on cloaked ship spots running around like idiots. As funny as this would be to watch I dont think it should happen, reasons why are elsewhere in this thread.

Have you ever tried this? It's not as easy as it sounds and the cloacked ship has very good chances to survive, specialy if it can warp while cloaked.
You must distinguish between ships with Covert Ops Cloacking Device and those with Prototype Cloaking or Improved Cloaking devices. Then it all makes sense imo. Because there is no way you can catch a cloaked ship with COCD if the pilot is not AFK.

Well, BS which cloack deserve to die Cool

these lines deserve to be read again


its no about covert ops but any other ship Wink

to find cloaked ships is prolly the most curcial change in all of this

Deakin Frost
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2006.07.02 16:57:00 - [153]

As soon something shows up on overview, that gives you enough time to get out, since the incoming ships show up while still in warp and have to go into a state change before their UI gets responsive.

Also, unless you're warp beaconing, there's no reason why you shouldn't be aligned to warp out when in a safespot.

Posted - 2006.07.09 04:12:00 - [154]

Edited by: Kaseki on 09/07/2006 04:44:30

WOWIEE! Amazing possibilities!

I'm a covy-ops pilot myself! But this could breathe new life into Friggies like the Merlin and Maulus! Not to mention if they upgrade DD sensors so they can actually hunt! Game on! I love hide-and-go-seek!

Finally SIG vs. SENSOR scanning!

Will ECM/ECCM affect this equation? (Easy detection less localization?) Additional sensor modules?

Sensor linking? (Scanning works better with buddies!)

SENSOR DRONES to aid scanning?

SIG dampening modules? Deployable sig-decoys?

Will cloaked ships have reduced scanning ability? Ships moving fast while cloaked, and certainly warping should leave a "Wake" and be easier to spot! Will cloaked ships be able to hunt each other?

Will COVY OPS ship finally get a reduced SIG and bonus based on level? (Why does my "stealthy" HELIOS have a HIGHER sig than a normal FRIG!?!?)


Stay tuned!

Anthrax Foundation
Posted - 2006.07.09 15:12:00 - [155]

Big hooray for easier finding of targets with probes and special scan equipment. Savespots are overpowered. Now the agro timer is gonna rock, damn loggers...

But the normal scanner isnt changing right? Because i like the fact that i can find a target before dropping out of warp..and they cant Twisted Evil. That shouldnt change imo, skills shouldnt take over expirience.

Tow Truck
Posted - 2006.07.09 17:19:00 - [156]

You folks really need to hurry with this stuff, if only getting it onto SiSi as fast as possible as sign of good means. You wouldn't want to witness the tantrum I threw after trying to find offgrid stashes visible on system scanner but probes giving me a hard time.

Also, new system scanning needs to be able to scan for cargo/secure cans.

Posted - 2006.07.09 18:21:00 - [157]

I don´t know if it has been said yet, but as much as this:
One of these groups is just “Ships” - selecting that group scans for all ship types in the game, ...

is useful, there´s still a need to be able to scann for specific types of ships imo.
Otherwise using scanprobes in empire wars/hub systems will be a pain at best with 500+ results per scan.

Deakin Frost
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2006.07.09 19:29:00 - [158]

Sorting by ship type...

EVE University
Ivy League
Posted - 2006.07.16 13:26:00 - [159]

A little late perhaps, but just a plea: please consider limited functionality stealth probes.

Scan probes catch abandoned ships, the afk, those whom log out with an aggression timer and the inexperienced. Any competent gang has someone continuously checking the scanner for probes if they’re sitting at a “safespot”, ready to move to another safespot the instant one appears.

The problem is that the amount of effort to find someone is disproportionate to how easy it is to nullify the hard work of a covert ops pilot by just remembering to hit a button every 30 seconds or so.

Let me offer an example.

A hostile force had jumped multiple carriers into our home system. Preferring a guerrilla style war rather than deploying a pos for the carriers to hide within its shields, they opted to sit cloaked a deep space safespots. The carriers would only uncloak to assign fighters for the short while the guerrilla force needed that extra fire power, as soon as their job was done, the gank over, they’d recall them and cloak again.

After fighters appeared I would have to warp to one of my own deep safepots to deploy a deep space probe (to ensure that their covert ops wouldn’t detect that I was actively hunting for the carriers). Id only have the time it took them to gank someone to get several readings and make use of some lateral thinking* to get into the general region where the carriers were. If I was unlucky it might take a couple of ganks. Next Id have to wait for subsequent occasions when a carrier was uncloaked, making use of the scanner, mid warp bookmarks and my constellation of deep safe spots to slowly manoeuvring myself in 3d space, closing down the distance from between us from 14Au to less than 50M km.

Finally after a days of patient stalking I was ready, once the carriers were uncloaked to gank someone Id play my hand and drop 3 3au probes together and pray that they would be to preoccupied this time to notice.

On the several times I got within 50M of a carriers deep safespots, the closest I got to one was seeing its fighters warp out after the carrier as it fled to another safespot, for all they had to do was to remember to hit the scan button every 30 seconds or so and as soon as they spotted a probe warp to another deep space safespot. Days of patient stalking, guile and cunning countered by just tapping a button every once and a while.

So please can I have some TechII stealth probes, even if they’re limited and awkward to use? All the better, I enjoy the mental challenge of my role.

* = all the information is available if you look for it, you just need to think about how to visualise it to make use of it.

Posted - 2006.07.29 14:17:00 - [160]

Edited by: Kaseki on 29/07/2006 14:20:43

Maybe late, but I hope TomB sees this...

High slot module required to SCAN for CLOAKED ship...

Fidelity is negotiable.

Universalis Imperium
Posted - 2006.08.03 10:43:00 - [161]

Originally by: TomB
  • Probes can not be deployed within scan radius of another probe owned by the same person

  • Hmmm, just a have a "nearly" unlimited range probe launched in a have to wait for the damn thing to time out before you launch something with more accuracy???? That is gonna suckle, unless the "inaccuracy" is a lot different than it is now...I could see limiting probes of identical types, but not differing accuracy.

    Does range from the scan probe have any bearing on strength of signal? So, if I launch a probe and the target is only 10au away, shouldn't the probe be better at detecting (more accurate and better signal strength) it than if it were 200au away?

    Destructive Influence
    Band of Brothers
    Posted - 2006.08.03 11:54:00 - [162]

    Originally by: Laendra
    Originally by: TomB
  • Probes can not be deployed within scan radius of another probe owned by the same person

  • Hmmm, just a have a "nearly" unlimited range probe launched in a have to wait for the damn thing to time out before you launch something with more accuracy????

    smartbombs ;)

    Posted - 2006.11.26 14:47:00 - [163]

    Anyone know if I'm going to need Astro 5 to use all the new probes or if I should just train something else?

    Hedron Industries
    Red Dwarf Racketeering Division
    Posted - 2006.11.26 15:12:00 - [164]

    Originally by: Beastiality
    Anyone know if I'm going to need Astro 5 to use all the new probes or if I should just train something else?


    But I'll still answer your question. Yes all the new probes of the Exploration system in EVE requires Astrometrics Level 5.
    All the old probes keep their current skill requirement.

    Vale Heavy Industries
    Molotov Coalition
    Posted - 2006.11.27 22:31:00 - [165]

    i dont believe anyone has got this to work yet to cloaked ships will still annoy the living hell out of us

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