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Scott Xavier
Posted - 2006.06.19 08:29:00 - [1]

Hi guys, Hope you can help me.

I have recently installed Eve and am half way through my trial version. I would love to continue to play after the initial trial version but the game is continuously crashing.

I have a .lbw file and .dmp file as well as a DxDiag report ready but dont know who to send it to. I dont merely want to report a bug, as they do not reply...i want this fixed so i can play.

I have checked my Video Card, it is not overheating. I have used a Radeon 9550 and am now using a brand new Nvidia 6600GT.

I have done a memory test to check if that is the problem..its all good.

I have played with my sound acceleration...with no luck, game continues to crash.

So now im stuck...anyone got any ideas? Is there someone i can email these reports to that will respond with a possible soultion?

Vir Hellnamin
Electus Matari
Posted - 2006.06.19 09:06:00 - [2]

Edited by: Vir Hellnamin on 19/06/2006 09:08:45

I haven't really looked into this crashing for a while, since somehow I got my EVE-client config rather stabile. There's the Known Issues channel in forums, which has the sticky thread about boosting FPS (but also it knownly helps with stability). Also the thread about cleaning cache folder might help.

Also, a known "trick" is simply to back-up the prefs.ini and settings -directory from under cache directory, and re-install everything (after uninstalling + deleting excess files by hand). Check the cache thread to what files to backup.

About whom to contact... maybe the Ask A Question in www-page, under EVE Support might be the place (or if there's a good right category in-game for petition - most likely not).

Max Godsnottlingson
Max G Storage and Logistics
Posted - 2006.06.19 10:21:00 - [3]

Hi Scott.
What system are you playing Eve on? One thing about Eve is it does seem to make your processor work hard. I had a lot of crashing problems, shut-down and lock-ups because I run it on a laptop. My problem was that my CPU was overheating, especially at this time of the year (Summer) when the ambiant air temp is higher.
Now, all I have is a little table top fan pointing directly at the lappy and bingo fixed!
So as a suggestion, have a look at how hot your whole system is running at

Scott Xavier
Posted - 2006.06.19 12:05:00 - [4]

Thanks for your reply Hellnamin. As for backing up the prefs and setting and reinstall, my problem has been from day one of me playing. I would think a reinstall would not address the problem. I will boost the FPS and see what happens.

My System:
Pent 4
3.01 GHz
2.00 GB of RAM
XP Profesional SP2
Nvidia 6600 GT

As for ambient air temperature...I am in Australia (winter at the moment) with and avg temp of 13 degrees celcius during the day...and i play at night.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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