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Posted - 2006.06.13 08:47:00 - [1]

Hello all,

What is the following races best at from a PvP aspect.
1. Gallente Race
2. Caldari Race
3. Minmatar Race

E.g. Caldari might be missile boats, slow ships, best ships (raven) are long range, slow ships.

I don't know if the above's true but it's just an example of a responce I'm looking for.

I don't want to end up picking a race that's difficult to PvP with, especially if I pick the wrong options for that race at character creation. E.g. I pick missile style race when their best at close range gunnery.

I don't have a favourite style of combat and so, I want to know whta each race is best at. (I don't like Amarr).


wierchas noobhunter
Posted - 2006.06.13 08:58:00 - [2]

um none
or jove

eXin Alliance
Posted - 2006.06.13 09:02:00 - [3]

The Race you choose does not affect the ships or weapons you can fly all races can train all skill.

For ideas on what ships are best at what go read the ships & Setups thread.

Posted - 2006.06.13 09:31:00 - [4]

I understand that but I would still like to know what each race specialises in :)

Rina Shanu
Imperial Polar Ventures
Posted - 2006.06.13 09:39:00 - [5]

* caldari: missiles and EW (ecms)
* minmatar: projectiles(autocanonons) and target painting // with some missiles...
* gallente: hybrids, mostly blasters; and drones
* amarr: lasers

my post just did not add anything did it ?


Buraken v2
Spontaneous Defenestration
Posted - 2006.06.13 09:50:00 - [6]

There is no best in eve, welcome to EVE-ONLINE.

Posted - 2006.06.13 12:39:00 - [7]

Ok, how about attributes.

I will be buying Gallente ship skills no matter which race I go. I want to bring out the best in Gallente ships with my skills and attributes.

I've had people saying the 9 3 9 9 9 of Caldari Achura are the best, however I've also been told

8 Intel, 6 Pre, 6 Char, 8 Will, and 11 Mem is best for PVP in a Gallentre ship.

Anyone have an opinions. I get very stressed when starting characters in an MMO becuase I want it to be as prefect as possible for the thing I want to do, aka I'm not gimped.

Posted - 2006.06.13 13:49:00 - [8]

Bump to the first page.

Posted - 2006.06.13 13:59:00 - [9]

Perception is a bit lowish. Try to even out anything beside charimsa.

Flora inc.
Posted - 2006.06.13 14:42:00 - [10]

There is no best in EVE (and if there is at one time, it will change as nerfs and buffs are made).

Caldari are wicked atm, and the easiest race to play. They are effective at all ranges.

Amarrians are tankers for the most part.

Gallente are heavy on drones and extremely close range warfare.

Minmatar are kind of a mix. They can tank and do damage, but they aren't the best at either.

There's a very simple

Posted - 2006.06.13 15:20:00 - [11]

I think either way I will be going with Gallente ships. However, right now I'm stuck between even stats with low Char and an Ugly as hell guy, or go as a Gallente with a cool looking character but crap Perc.

Keep the opinions coming, I've got 10 hours to blow :P

I think the main question is: Do I go for a crap looking character with decent stats or half decent stats and a good looking character. I suppose its all down to how important Perc is.

Kresh Vladir
Black Omega Security
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2006.06.13 18:01:00 - [12]

Edited by: Kresh Vladir on 13/06/2006 18:05:21
amarr = teh win

if your goin gallente

get as much perc and mem as possible

perc will help as prime attribute for gunnery/spaceship cmd and secondary in drones

and mem is primary for drones

Posted - 2006.06.13 20:13:00 - [13]

The new Caldari race's specs look great, but I'm nto the biggest fan of the more oriental look of the character as its not something I usually make my character look like, and they all look the same, no matter where you put the boxes on the face setup.

Can anyone advise the next best option to the new Caldari race? Whats the Min Brutor like? or the Gallente Intaki?

Bulletproof Cupid
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2006.06.13 22:19:00 - [14]

choose caldari like me, you get the best looks AND the best PVP skills ShockedLaughing


Northstar Cabal
Important Internet Spaceship League
Posted - 2006.06.14 00:02:00 - [15]


Posted - 2006.06.14 00:41:00 - [16]

The best race for pvp is the one you dont pick Wink

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2006.06.14 01:05:00 - [17]

Night Elf of course

Keeng Berksa
Posted - 2006.06.14 01:19:00 - [18]

Edited by: Keeng Berksa on 14/06/2006 01:19:35
I would say minmatar ships are the best ATM, with gallente a close second. Gallente ships have been overpowered since the introduction of RMR, and minmatar ships are in the light now because their guns require no cap and they are fast, as well as having the option to shield OR armor tank. Vagabond going 2K/S and requiring almost no cap FTW.

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2006.06.14 10:44:00 - [19]

Edited by: Kharriga on 14/06/2006 10:48:41
Edited by: Kharriga on 14/06/2006 10:48:00
im new to eve ( 3 months ), tho i PVP alot :P
and i suspect you are also new so...

From what i noticed here :

All races can train all skills..
All races can do all ships..
All races can fit all modules..

You can start 4 diferent characters and have them be exactly the same after 6 months for example.

Whatever race you are, whatever ship you drive and whatever fitting on that ship you put you might end up destroying 10 opponets that all had ship that costs more, had fitting that costs more and had more skillpoints, and then lose to someone that had less skills, worse ship and worse fitting..

In this game situation you are in governs the course of battle.You can never ever have a ship that will beat anyone out there.Sure you can have 5 people ganking one person and they will win 10 out of 10 but thats only normal init ^^

Unlike wow or other games, here you govern youre own character and expand him into what you want.He drives ships you want and fits them as you want.And you can never be unbeatable.

Unlike many other MMORPGs here there is no imba race/equipment and the like.( well maby some equipment but i severely doubt anyone takes 5 bilion worth of modules into pvp for example )

4 fregates can completely destroy an unprepared battleship..
Thats 4x 200K ships versus 100+mil ship..

Its all about the situation.

Welcome to EVE :)

( beeing new and all i hope i didnt fail at explaining eve :P )

Aodha Khan
Posted - 2006.06.14 11:11:00 - [20]

Race deoesn't really mean anything. Chose a character race you like the look of. All races can fly all ships.

Jerick Ludhowe
Southern Cross Empire
Flying Dangerous
Posted - 2006.06.14 11:17:00 - [21]

Originally by: BlueScience
The best race for pvp is the one you dont pick Wink

Rawfull, so true.

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2006.06.14 11:36:00 - [22]

Assuming by race you are referring to a race's ships...

Taking a brief look at the popular Frigates in my view:
Caldari: Merlin is a good shield tanker, or ever popular EM/tackler frig. Griffon is the same thing, minus the tank.

Minmatar: Rifter is a great balance of speed, damage, and has a passable tank. Breacher has been used as a missile lobbing/EW platform.

Amarr: Punisher has great armor, and resists, can switch its range on demand with crystals, not very fast but a very sturdy and damaging ship design.

Those 3 were the races you wanted to know about since i believe you said youd be training gallente up fully no matter what.

Lets move on to my view of cruisers...:
Caldari: Moa can be used as an odd blasterboat, or a sniper, either far or orbitting at 15k while scrambling. Has a tank that doesnt last very long
But can deal with nice amounts of punishment in that time. Also used as a EW/damage boat combination. Caracal fulfills a myriad of roles, but its overall speed and not so great Capacitor prevent it from truly being a great pvp solo ship, wonderful ratting ship. Blackbird has enough EW to jam anything it pleases, but so little offense that its wise to have a teammate backing you up. You can fit a 1600mm plate on it, or large extenders to make it last longer in a fight.

Minmatar: God smiled on minmatar cruisers... First up the rupture, probably the best solo cruiser ive ever flown. Takes heavy punishment, deals great damage (not quite as much as a thorax, but still great. And since it can tank better than ol t'rax, it can kill it as well). Average speed. Good for ratting or pvp. Stabber is wonderful at avoiding damage alltogether since it is the speediest of tech 1 cruisers in game, good damage as well. Not so great of a tank. Bellicose is what i consider a heavy tackler/smalltime EW boat. it can tackle a target, simultaniously it can take punishment while dishing out fair damage with artillery.

Amarr: I have no clue, never flown amarr cruisers. But i hear the maller is good at tanking (though they always seem to die fast when i shoot them).

Skipping BC's and jumping straight to impression:

Caldari: Caldari can fill a ton of roles, its upside is huge damage potential, and being able to select its damage types. Tanks like hell too, or can switch out its tank for a ton of EW. Downfall is its speed (it might as well not be moving), and the slight delay in damage as the missiles take the time to reach their target. Scorpion Is an EW king, able to jam entire minifleets solo. Can also lend decent support damage with cruise missiles...oh hell ive even seen it used in solo pirating to cripple a ship to the point of being helpless and defenseless. It really doesnt have a very flexible powergrid, but with 8 midslots...who cares?

Minmatar: Tempest Can be used as a strong sniper or a great close up brawler. My most favored battleship. You can select your damage types, and shield or armor tank quite effectively, very customizeable ship. As you train up the gun skills for it, you get a nice steady increase of damage, but early on you will suffer from "Minmatar whining syndrome" which is when you think minmatar are weak due to not training your skills to level 4 and 5. Happens quite often. Typhoon is a floating toilet paper dispenser that can tank like no tommorow. Its also got a nicely sized dronebay and a very odd slot layout that will make you want to construct a battleship that merely sits on other battleships until they die.

Amarr: No clue, i hear theyre good? Too gold for me.

Ghostshadow III
Posted - 2006.06.14 12:48:00 - [23]


Advocated Destruction
Posted - 2006.06.14 14:37:00 - [24]

Best race = Dark Elf
Best Class = Wizard

Max out intelligence right away and buy MR equipment. You will be good to go.

plz nerf death touch


<Sanctus Lumen>

Rionnag Alba
Posted - 2006.06.14 15:08:00 - [25]

guy who made that 1 post but left out amarr ships

the maller sucks i freaking hate it its got a nice tank but dmg output and speed is horrible omen is pretty nice w/ t2 gear

apoc is pretty useless in pvp unless u want to jump a giant tank in to take damage in small ops

geddon w/ t2 tach/mega pulses just wtf bbqs everything

Disco dancer
Posted - 2006.06.14 17:02:00 - [26]

Originally by: Worry
Best race = Dark Elf
Best Class = Wizard

Max out intelligence right away and buy MR equipment. You will be good to go.

plz nerf death touch


<Sanctus Lumen>

Sounds like ol'EQ red servers Evil or Very Mad

Advocated Destruction
Posted - 2006.06.15 19:11:00 - [27]

Sounds like ol'EQ red servers Evil or Very Mad

<3 Sullon Zek

I had a good time with EQ PvP

Cesar Costa
Posted - 2006.12.23 11:33:00 - [28]

Just pick a Warlock and go on demonology build.

You should be invencible then...


Bounty Bar
Posted - 2006.12.23 11:44:00 - [29]

There is no best race in EVE, all 4 shine in their own right.

That said Amarr are just too situational to ever be considered really useful. Medium range guns in a game focused around short and long range combat, 75% of the game armor tanks and thus laughs at your EM damage. Everyone else can run tanks and deal damage, Amarr can only do 1 at a time.

And don't let people fool you with the "Amarr are the best tankers" comment, because they're not. Scorpion has the same peak cap recharge as an Armageddon, Caracal the same as an Omen etc. etc. - And Caldari weapons use no cap to fire.. Mad

In short whatever you pick, don't pick Amarr. They ****ing suck.

Jane Vladmir
Eu Allstars.
Posted - 2006.12.23 11:54:00 - [30]

1. Perception
2. Willpower
3. Profit!

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