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D One
Killer Koalas
Kingdom of Butan
Posted - 2006.07.09 11:18:00 - [31]

Edited by: D One on 09/07/2006 11:19:17
As a few others have mentioned, you'd be way better off taking 25 mil and buying a ferox. It may seem like a setback when you're saving up for that uber raven setup, but you'll earn isk so much faster that it's totaly worth it. And the best part is that your current skills are all you need to fly a ferox quite well. All ya need is a level or two in battlecruisers. There's really no point in ratting in a caracal for isk out in 0.0. It's a fun challenge, and something any cruiser lover should try. But battlecruisers are definately better when you want isk. They can even be easier to make isk in than a battleship if you take the time to raise that battlecruiser skill. Wink

IT Alliance
Posted - 2006.07.09 11:25:00 - [32]

Originally by: Silas Genovese
PDU (should be PDS) = Power Diagnostic Unit (system)
BCU/S = Ballistic Control Unit (system)

lol, I for one will forever call them PDU/BCU/RCU.
I refuse to adapt to the stupid theme change CCP made, without any reason Neutral

Veto Corp
Posted - 2006.07.09 11:45:00 - [33]

Originally by: Arthur McFredric
Edited by: Arthur McFredric on 22/06/2006 11:49:28
Edited by: Arthur McFredric on 06/06/2006 09:04:30
I`m several months old, but I feel that sticking to a cruiser until the proper skills for a BS is in place. I`ve used the caracal most of the game and come to like it very well. I`ve finally gotten some OK fitting skills and are playing around in quickfit to see what will do.

Please flame / come with suggestions to my setup?
(Sansha rats)

5 x Arbalest heavy

Med shieldbooster II
Large shield extender II
EM passive hardener
Cap recharge II
Cap recharge II


1 Hammerhead I

Very Happy

EDIT: Alternate setup added:

5 Arbalest Heavy

3 active EM hardeners
1 active Thermal hardeners
Small shieldbooster


2 Acolyte II

also with good results, as i try and stay @ my range only the EM cruise missiles really hit me.

oh dear, i expect your sick of hearing it but put a lvl or 2 in bc ffs.

Most cruisers are adequate for 0.0 ratting when fited properly but it's waaaayyy too slow, with raven skills you should be abel to fit this.

5 x XR launchers

Med booster, 3 rat specific hardeners (passsive) and a seneor booster becuse, new or not your millels will be flying further than you can lock


3 light drones, again rat specific but take warriors if your concerend about intys.

Now, the ferox.

5 X xr launchers, tractor beam + 1 free, i use noss to mess up tackelers (you never know)

3 X large extender II, 2 X hardeners II, rat specific (EM/Therm)

2 X BCUII, 2 X shield fulx coils should give you a 35/40% boost on recharge)

5 light drones (Acloytes)

You'll bring isk in much faster in a half decent bc and be less likly to be attacked. Your missel skills may mean you'll need a sb but range really isnt a problem given the rediculous recharge of the shield. Wink

The Black Ops
Posted - 2006.08.17 06:04:00 - [34]

It's not as much that the setup is wrong, much has to do with the way one attacks the npc's. I use a T1 cara and kill double-BS, tripple-support spawns in 00 with it. It takes you a while, but can be done even without sweating.

Warp to belt at distance (60km or more), fly towards the rats and finish the support ships (usually 2 to 4 frigs/cruisers). They don't do much damage, so your shields don't get hit much. The BS's will want to come closer to hit you, but they lock is slow and that gives you the time to kill the support.

Once the support is down, the BS's will be firing. If you stay at range, you're dead ;-) Solution: use the tactical scanner to see how far out the belt towards you the BS's flew to counter you. You may be at 50km from the belt and the BS's at 30km from you. This means they are 20km out of the belt. Now warp out and warp back in at 20km, so you warp on top of them.

Start locking and firing immediately and AB towards one of them. Let the AB run and orbit at 2000m around the first BS. Now you can kill it without even being hit by it because you're flying too fast for its turrets to track.

What about the other one? I empirically found out it usually closes in to help it's mate -> bad decision :-) You will only occasionally get hit by that one, always tankable.

Once you finished the first one, AB to the second one, orbit, fire, scoop loot ;-)

My technique: warp in at distance, kill support, warp out, warp on top of BS('es), orbit Nr 1, kill Nr1, rince and repeat for Nr2...

Have to say: this was against Serpentis, but I guess a similar technique should work for other rats too. Last tip: if you can't warp on top of them or AB/MWD towards them before they start shooting: get the hell out or you'll be omgwtfbbq'd.

Hugh Ruka
Exploratio et Industria Morispatia
Posted - 2006.08.17 07:08:00 - [35]

realy get a ferox ... if you insist on the caracal, fit something like this (I think sansha do em/therm, never fought them :-):

5 heavy launcher
1 invul field, em hardener, therm hardener, large t2 extender, sensor booster
2 bcu (or pds, bcu)

I don't know if sanshas shoot defenders (angels do a lot), but you should get close to your target and orbit it. this way he can't shoot down your missiles and you avoid most of his turret fire still ...

Gladius Bear
Imperial Republic Of the North
Posted - 2006.08.17 08:06:00 - [36]

5x heavy
1x sensorbooster 1x large extender, 3x racial jammer
2x bcs

warp in at 80 and have fun.

Twilight Moon
Tague Corp
Posted - 2006.08.17 08:30:00 - [37]

You're fighting Sanshas?

Take off the CPR II's and make use of the Cap Booster charges that Sanshas drop by sticking a good named Cap Booster in, and possbly a Shield Boost Amp.

Should give you more cap/sec than the rechargers do.

Shinshi Casoyako
Posted - 2006.08.17 08:35:00 - [38]

pop goes the caracal.

Sansha beastlord might be popable (the 500k dude, long time since I hunted there)
Sansha tyrant will make you pop, espceialy if he has 2 overlords with him. I could not tank them properly in a armor tanked raven. And I recon armor tanked raven is far better there than a shield tanked one.

Legio Immortalis
Abyssus Incendia
Posted - 2006.08.17 15:01:00 - [39]

Caracal is awsome cruiser..I use it to rat in 0.0 against Guristas so use T2 active kin hardner..but swap out for the main dmg type ya fighting against..

5 Assaults
3 Large Extenders T2, Hardner(s)/T2 Sensor Booster

Can tank tank all normal BS swarms..never met officer or Dread Gurista yet..sure it takes time but if ya get caught by ebil pirates well ya only lost 12 mill..well thats only a few BS swarms so no worries..

can swap out active for passive hardners but main thing is you have over 9000 shield..kill all frigs/destroyers cruisers then work on the BS' i said it aint quick but it works and it's the no more tears formula if ya get ganked cos you didnt keep an eye on localSmile

Ariel Stardust
Posted - 2006.08.17 16:51:00 - [40]

Ahh, why hello there Arthur.

Missing that half-fitted Caracal that was stowed in Rephirib?

Dirty Denizens
Posted - 2006.08.17 17:23:00 - [41]

Thte concept is nice and all...however by using all that tech 2 gear you negate the money/risk advantage for using a raven. You will be more effective in a raven with tech one fitting then that setup. The insurance for a raven is 30 much did all that tech 2 gear cost? not to mention arby Heavies arent that cheap either.

If you can use all tech 2 shield mods thne you have the tanking ability. This is my combat alt and at 3 mil SP I was ratting down in omist quite fine. PvP was another story but I would make the insurance money for a raven in an afternoon, because it was so much more efficient. Can you kill triple 1.8 mil spawns in that setup?

Taram Caldar
Royal Black Watch Highlanders
Warped Aggression
Posted - 2006.10.23 19:17:00 - [42]

Edited by: Taram Caldar on 23/10/2006 19:28:25
My 100% T1 Caracal fitting for 0.0 ratting (Tested on up to 650k spawns)

5x XR-3200 Heavy Launchers w/Scourge (Arbalests if you're independantly wealthy and can afford to lose roughly 45mil in equipment if you get popped)

1x Invuln Field I
1x Large CL-5 Emergency Shield boost
1x Active Kinetic Hardener (Named)
1x Passive Thermal Resist enhancer
1x Lg Regolith Shield Extender

1x PDS
1x BCS

2x Light Rat dmg specific

Replace most of the above with T2's if you can fit them. This setup WILL work for 0.0 ratting quite well, however, and you will have the DPS (given moderate missile skills) to take out up to 650k BS spawns. Higher if you have better skills/fittings.

It only needs 1 shield extender. You go with more extenders = more damage from those nasty torpedos and other BS weapons they'll be firing at you = bad thing. 1 Extender is plenty and your sig radius stays small enough that even cruises take a pretty hefty damage reduction so you are taking much less damage which makes it easier to tank. Plus with the resist boosters you have on you you'll be taking very low dmg indeed. Cruisers and BC's do decent dmg to you though so warp in, blow the cruisers/BC's/Frigs right away then do the BS's in your spare time. You can take down a 500 fairly fast, 650's take a bit longer. I can do up to 950's (haven't tried a 1.2) but I have very high missile skills at this point. When I first came up with this build I capped out at 650, sometimes 800k.

Note: Use rat specific hardeners as needed. The setup above is for Guristas.

EDIT: This build isn't bad for PVP either but swap the Kinetic hardener for an EM Ward if you PVP in it as a DPS Caracal.

Ninkasi Stone
Ars ex Discordia
Posted - 2006.11.01 06:05:00 - [43]

I've blown up many a Sansha Battle ship with:

5 x Heavy Missle launchers

1 Large Shield extender
1 10Mn AB
1 Target Painter
1 Sensor booster
1 accessory I felt I couldn't live without du jure

1 PDU (or RCU depending on fitting skills)

Obviously use the best named part you can get - but the above will work with T1 standard parts.

I was able to hange out of range for the most part (57000 km) and lob heavy missles till it died. The target painter was for the support frigs - they die quick. With the sensor booster I could fire from about 85,000 out. They key to making this work is to distance tank the Sanshas - doesn't work worth a damn on Angels.

Talon Calais
Defilers Of The Cross
Posted - 2006.11.01 09:44:00 - [44]

If you sell those Cap Recharger II's you could buy a Ferox, put all the same caracal fittings on it and still come out with more isk than you had prior. Something to think about.

Posted - 2006.11.01 22:48:00 - [45]

Originally by: Arthur McFredric
Thanks for the good replies people!
I can kill a double 950k BS spawn with that setup, sometimes i use an alt in a comorant with 150mms and antimatter to speed things up a bitVery Happy

Also, in the area I operate, there is lots of pirates so sniping 80-100 from belt is a real advantageTwisted Evil

u kill bs 0.0 spawns in a characal, u are god!

Laura Briggs
Sturmgrenadier Inc
R i s e
Posted - 2006.11.06 08:27:00 - [46]

0.0 ratting in a caracal is reasonable in areas with rats that are weak to kenetic, i know it works fine against serpentis. The only advantage a ferox has here is its tank and the caracle can tank fine with a tech 2 AB. Also fit 2 tech 2 BCU to take the rats down faster then whatever else you want. You can do it with a tech 1 ab(i have) but you have to be careful with your transversal. Here is the setup i am currently using. I have killed triple 1.4m bs spawns with this no sweat. My missile support skills are all to lvl 4 and lvl 4 heavy missles lvl 4 cruiser.

5 x limos heavy launchers
tech 1 shield extender
2x tech 2 active hardners(kenetic &thermal)
tech1 passive hardner(thermal)
tech2 ab
tech2 bcu

Honestly there is probably something better to use in the mid slot other then the passive hardner, but it is the only thing i had available that fit and made any sense. Yes, i could sell the tech 2 stuff and buy a ferox, but i already have a ferox in the hanger and I dont see any advantage a ferox would have over this setup.

velmistr Ecco
InNova Tech Inc
Detrimental Imperative
Posted - 2006.11.06 09:42:00 - [47]

Ferox has an advantage over expensive setups of caracal. It's much cheaper, tanks better. However it has less DPS than caracal esp. when using kinetic missiles. Tech1 raven is even better. You can t1 fit raven let say for 10M, insurance costs 32M. So if you loose raven it is 42M. Moreover you usually don't loose raven to rats. Caracals are much easier to loose. So every setup of caracal that costs more than 42M is useless. Raven is far better for ratting.

Laura Briggs
Sturmgrenadier Inc
R i s e
Posted - 2006.11.06 10:28:00 - [48]

Edited by: Laura Briggs on 06/11/2006 10:35:47
Originally by: velmistr Ecco
Ferox has an advantage over expensive setups of caracal. It's much cheaper, tanks better. However it has less DPS than caracal esp. when using kinetic missiles. Tech1 raven is even better.

A better tank is not an advantage if you dont need it. More dps = more isk when ratting so the cost of a few tech 2 mods on a caracal is worth it.

I agree that the raven is much better then both though so if you have the skills and the isk(unlike the op) then it is the way to go.

Pinky Denmark
The Cursed Navy
Important Internet Spaceship League
Posted - 2006.11.06 11:24:00 - [49]

I've ratted sanshas with a Caracal... First off: You can kill the smallest battleships but it takes time...

I kited the bastards - staying at range so they couldn't hit me... thats the best way to avoid being BBQed because you can't really get in and orbit them afaik

5 x Heavy
1 x AB
1-2 x EM Hardener
1-2 x Thermal Hardener
0-1 x Medium Shield Booster
0-1 Sensor Booster
1-2 x Ballistic Control Units
0-1 x PDS/Sensor thing/something else

Posted - 2007.08.05 20:04:00 - [50]

Edited by: MeanRatBaztard on 05/08/2007 20:06:41
-Never Mind . . . I need to post this in the BB section.

Earned In Blood
Posted - 2007.08.05 20:23:00 - [51]

Originally by: MeanRatBaztard
Edited by: MeanRatBaztard on 05/08/2007 20:06:41
-Never Mind . . . I need to post this in the BB section.


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