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Ryoukan Sakami
Posted - 2006.06.02 16:13:00 - [1]

Ryoukan Sakami
Posted - 2006.06.02 16:49:00 - [2]

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= = = = =
Entry Date 02.06.108
= = = = =

Graduation. Finally.

I have now acheived what billions can never hope to. I have joined the elite, the cream of society, the demi-gods in control of the behemoths that control this galaxy. Yet, in my STI issue Ibis, little bigger than the classroom where I spent months learning how to fly it, I do not feel like a demi-god, I feel like a drop in a vast ocean. I would hope it that it eventually becomes a Tsunami.

My friends back home on Saisio III have sent me messages of congratulation by the dozen, as well they might, I am the first from the City of Kokori'sya to acheive a starship license since the government approved our entry into space and galactic politics a few months ago. Hanzo tells me I have become rather the celebrity in the city.

After my graduation ceremony in Makkalen I was contacted by a certain Kazaka Uorara, apparently after being recommended to him by Miss Heimunka, my tutor at the STI. He asked me to meet him at his office in Sobaseki. Entering my hydrostatic pod for the first time was an unnerving experience, it is almost like intentionally drowning yourself. Slowly my physical conciousness receded to be replaced by an artificial one. Gradually a virtual display became apparent and after a few minutes I felt in control. I signalled to the docking controller to release my Ibis and with a jolt I was propelled from the docking array into the Vaccuum. Punching in the coordinates for Sobaseki into my navigation computer and engaging my warp drive I felt the ship lurch as it aligned itself for warp. The engines powered up and the ship was hurled forwards. The exhiliration I felt as I flew through the blackness at unimaginable speeds was inexpressible.

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On arrival at the Caldari Provisions Warehouse I docked in one of bays and disembarked from my pod. The fluid drained and I rubbed my eyes as they quickly became accustomed to light once more. After dressing in my standard apparel I caught a turbolift to the Cantina. There I was greeted by Mr Uorara, a vast Civire in combat fatigues and an icy demeanour. He led me to a backroom of the Cantina reserved for Caldari Navy business and informed me that I came to him highly recommended but that if I was to reveal anything he was about to explain to me, my family would be dishonoured and my actions disavowed. With my thoughts on my proud mother in Kokori'sya I quickly agreed to this stipulation. He proceeded to offer me a position as an independant contractor within the Caldari Navy as a gatherer of intelligence and courier of sensitive material. My heart lept. I had only been out of the STI one day, and here I was in conversation with an agent of the State being offered a lucrative contract as a covert operative. This was the day I had dreamed of throughout my youth.

The conversation then turned to my first assignment, the transportation of a sealed package to the Caldari Navy station in Isaziwa. I was informed that the package must not be tampered with or otherwise interfered with or my contract would be voided and the previous threat of family dishonour carried out. Nodding my agreement and taking the package with a nod I traversed the station to the docking bay. Entering my pod for the second time in my life I brought up my navigational display.


Ryoukan Sakami
Posted - 2006.06.02 18:30:00 - [3]

= = = = =
Entry Date 02.06.108
= = = = =

The credits dropped into my account. My first paycheck.

The delivery passed without incident, I resisted the uncontrollable urge to break open the package stored in my Ibis' hull. On completion of the delivery I was contacted by Mr Uorara who asked that I return to Sobaseki immediately. I am not one to argue with a man of his size and set course for the Caldari Provisions Warehouse immediately.

On arrival, Kazaka met me at the docking array and greeted me with a bone-crushing handshake and a rare smile. 'Good Work Ryoukan, for an Achura you're certainly efficent'. I smiled. He asked me to accompany him to his office and I duly followed.

Sitting in this lushly decorated office created no small amount of envy in me. Several large hybrid rifles sat on a wall mounting behind a massive oak desk with a vast Caldari Navy Flag beneath them. The office was opulent and received through years of dedicated service. I took a seat on the leather chair in front of the desk as Kazaka seated himself behind it. He reached down into a desk drawer and produced a dossier marked with Navy Insignia and a large 'Classified' emblazoned upon it. He scanned through the pages and then passed the dossier over to me.

"You've proven yourself Ryoukan, I will let you into a bit of what we're doing around here."

My ears pricked up, this sounded good.

"We are worried by the recent advent of the Ares-class interceptor, a Federation vessel that could easily come to challenge our long established Crow-class equivalent. I wish you to assist us in gathering information on this new threat.

I nodded slowly. My heart beat at a vastly increased pace.

"I have a courier mission for you that will require extreme discretion on your part. I need you to enter the border zone between the Federation and the State and smuggle this scanning and observation equipment into the Roden facility there. From there our agents will use the equipment to monitor the pilots of these vessels and establish how much of a threat these are. Do you accept?"

"Of course I accept, it would be an honour" I said.

"Good" He replied.

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Several anxious hours later, the mission was completed, I admit to being terrified entering Federation space as the Federal navy scanned my vessel but my anxiety was misplaced. I was allowed safe passage to the Roden facility and after a meeting with an agent, succesfully transferred the equipment. Five minutes later Kazaka transferred my second paycheck of the day into my account.

The drop in the ocean has increased in size.

Ryoukan Sakami
Posted - 2006.06.04 15:05:00 - [4]

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= = = = =
Entry Date 04.06.108
= = = = =

After my recent exertions, I set course for the Caldari Navy Assembly Plant with the intention of using my recently acquired funds to updgrade my vessel a tad. The Ibis was fast but technologically poor and inflexible. The Salesman presented me with several options, The Condor with it's high speed and sleek shape, the Griffin with it's myriad technological advancements and flexibility and the Bantam with it's respectable cargo space and mining ability but there was one that caught my eye; The Heron.

The ship was sleek, fast, beautiful. It looked like nothing else I have ever seen. The dual wing rises gracefully from it's fuselage. Without realising it I was handing my Kreditkard to the suited Deteis standing expectantly. Within fifteen minutes the ship was mine and was quickly transferred to my hangar.

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I christened the ship the Kokiri'sya, after my home city.

The Heron is significantly larger then the Ibis, I was more than comfortable in piloting the Ibis by myself but since the purchase of the Heron I am seeing I might require a few more brains to keep the ship running smoothly.

I headed down to the local employment agency, FastJob, and told them I required a competent engineer to oversee the ships maintenance and control the power supply to make sure I am runnign at maximum efficency as well as a mechanic to ensure everything stays together. Several hours later, there was a knock at my door, a large Civire male and a rather stiking blonde Deteis female entered my office.

"Mr Sakami" the female said as she walked in. "I am Heleya Irikosja, recent graduate of the School of Applied Knowledge, Starship Systems Studies. Here are my certifications"

She handed me a document containing a rather impressive set of grades.

"I see." I curtly replied

"This is my compatriot Kashin Jolskfard, a talented mechanic and an expert at keeping things from breaking apart. We are here to apply for a position on your vessel."

I smiled and nodded.

"You understand Ms Iri . . . kos . . ja" My Achuran tongue labouring over the complex Deteis pronunciation. "That crewing my vessel will bring with it great risks, I currently work as an operative for the State in rather sensitive areas. We will run the risk of being destroyed" I said.

The two of them nodded, the Civire had been oddly silent throughout.

"We understand that Mr Sakami" He suddenly spoke in a gruff Civire accent. "But it is every mechanics dream to crew a starship, to see the galaxy, to visit strange new places. I would risk death for such an opportunity"

The female nodded her assent
"We understand the risks are high, but so is the potential for profit."

"You are astute Miss. Very well, you are hired. Report to docking bay 37b at 0700 tommorow. I expect you to be dressed immaculately. We have a mission that has come from the higher echelons of the Caldari Navy. Dismissed"

The two saluted and spoke in unison "Yes Captain" before turning and leaving.

Once they left I let my authoritative frown change to a smile.

"I could get used to this" I said to myself and I reached for the Whiskey.

Ryoukan Sakami
Posted - 2006.06.08 04:44:00 - [5]

= = = = =
Entry Date 08.06.108
= = = = =

Well, it has certainly been an interesting few days.

Piloting my new Frigate, I completed several routine Courier assignments for Kazaka. On my return from one of these he called me into his office. He told me that I had done some excellent work and the entire State appreciated my efforts. He informed me that I had been given leave, to do with as I saw fit. Nodding my appreciation I returned to the Kokori'sya.

I headed out to Ishisomo system. Heleya had told me that the Nugoeihuvi were always on the lookout for enterprising individual and looking up the corporation, they appeared to be worth a look; focused on entertainment, possible links to the underworld. Sounded like a profit to be made.

Once in Ishisomo I headed for their development studio and contacted a Miss Harskaken of the Nugoeihuvi Corporation. She was a straight talking, opening the conversation with 'What do you want, stooge?'. After this cold introduction we conversed for a while on potential business opportunities and she offered me a contract, though hardly a glamorous one. I was asked to transport 100m3 of Garbage to an artist several jumps away who made sculptures from it. I tell you! The Kokori'sya stinks to high heaven now and Heleya is barely talking to me. After that job I needed a stiff drink. I had heard of one place, the Club Allure, set up by a certain Miss Kayleigh Doyle.

I set course for the bar as my small crew took long showers.

Cletus Graeme
North Eastern Swat
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2006.06.09 12:38:00 - [6]

Edited by: Cletus Graeme on 09/06/2006 12:39:05

Wow - cool story - keep it up - sorry to pollute your entries with my own though Very Happy Btw, love your sig !

Posted - 2006.06.10 21:15:00 - [7]

Fantastic. I was really involved. I felt like I was there.

Please make more of these. Immediately, I cant wait to find out what happens to the young captain next.


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