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Rabid Shot
Posted - 2006.05.29 06:41:00 - [1]

Hi, my friend just paid for eve-online and installed eve-online, but when he turned it on no text ever shows anywhere. On the login screen where it has text boxes for typing in your user name and password there is no text to tell you which box is which nor is there text telling you what server your on or anything else for that matter.

I knew from experience which boxes were which so i logged him on but there is no text in the game either so he can not play eve on his computer.

All of the graphics show up fine as he has a geforce fx 5200 video card and everything else works fine but something seems to be blocking the text.

I thought maybe it was a firewall or something as he has norton but when i turned that off it still didn't work. I don't know if he has any other firewalls that could be blocking it.

Anyone have any ideas?

Posted - 2006.05.29 07:32:00 - [2]

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Spartan III
Posted - 2006.05.29 12:00:00 - [3]

Well i wasn't sure which forum would be best for my question so I just posted in both and hoped for the best.


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