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Mon Maures
Blacklight Incorporated
Posted - 2006.05.28 01:52:00 - [1]

Since the latest patch i've had the wierdest things happen, most notably my ship just deciding to fly in a completely different direction to the course set, even when i choose to approach something it just flys off on its own......Shocked especially when kitting on a lvl4.

Other syptoms:
Reload all gets stuck, have to reload manually
Modules switching off on their own (not due to cap)
Can't move items in the hanger, click hold is erratic

It feels like someone else is trying play on my pc!

Anyone else getting this recently??

Rod Steel
Cerebral Flatulence
Posted - 2006.05.28 07:58:00 - [2]

My ship doesn't go off of it's own accord, but the turns have turned into a screaming heap...goes past the point of the turn, then swoops and wallows it's way back to where I want it to go...also having probs with distance-related objects since the last patch...mainly my tractor beam being out of range at anything above 1600mtrs, and then when I finally get the can alongside, within 700mtrs, I get the message about it being too far away to open...all since the last patch. Actually had one episode yesterday where I undocked, and my ship and the station were not visible...had to use the overview to re-dock, and when I tried again everything was where it should be....weird Shocked

Posted - 2006.05.28 16:25:00 - [3]

its also happened to me today, my scorp went into warp stopped did a 360 barrel roll and then decided to warp...go into a belt sat their tanking a spawn for an hour then my torps reloaded and stayed reloading....for about 10 mins...i lost my shield decided to warp out....couldnt repair or warp..console said warping ship sat their as if i was trying to fly through a asteroid...wouldnt align to warp nothing was in the area except 3 Malakims all beating on me, had to hard reset the computer , spoke to a GM got told to Clean my obviously not a Issue but a ghost in the machine that the devs and Gm's refuse to do anything about.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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