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Posted - 2006.08.22 19:13:00 - [91]

Edited by: T''Sundar on 22/08/2006 19:13:07
Remove ECM/ or balance it. Thats your traditional jammers, your tracking desrupters, and your damps! hell if they are so balanced why not permit their use in the alliance competition

Posted - 2006.08.22 19:27:00 - [92]

I would remove the tattle tell local chat. This would make Eve what it should be a deep dark empty void of space.

1. Corps would need to patrol to find enemies int heir territory.
2. It would move "some" battles away from gates.
3. It would make scanning and the radar more usefull.
4. You could set ambushes besides at jump gates.
5. Game would be more scary in 0.0.
6. You could hide behind structures.
7. It would make Eve seem even bigger.
8. You could announe yourself in local by speaking and others would know you are their if you so chose.
9. It is extreemly unrealistic that others can know your in a system by just looking at their comm chat. That shoudl be done with electronic gear.

I could continue but I wont.

Live Eye
Posted - 2006.08.22 19:35:00 - [93]

I'd remove the new patch so I could play again...

Live Eye

Briant Thoorag
Posted - 2006.08.22 21:47:00 - [94]

People would be limited to 10 posts per day in the forums.

Posted - 2006.08.23 05:08:00 - [95]

add: courier missions

Kage Getsu
Sharks With Frickin' Laser Beams
Posted - 2006.08.23 05:25:00 - [96]

I would fix my corp logo. The stupid crescent moon has been solid black instead of colourable since Cold War.

Firebird Squadron
Posted - 2006.08.23 05:44:00 - [97]

Fix: Caldari/other races balance----Change: My chars portrait----Add: Attrb. points to my char----Remove: The entire Caldari race

Akkarin Pagan
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2006.08.23 05:46:00 - [98]

I originally thought remove the Caldari race too, but have settled with just fixing / removing ECM, and ECM boats Twisted Evil


Queens of the Stone Age
Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2006.08.23 05:53:00 - [99]

The public humiliation of anyone who ****es and moans about carebears, people in noob corps, miners, et al, and who fund their l33t PvP career with noob corp ISK-earners.

Or, what the other guys said about traceable alts 8).

Lardarz B'stard
Imperial Shipment
Posted - 2006.08.23 06:00:00 - [100]

Make all pvp / gunnery / missile / engineering skills require high charisma.

Tania Khan
Posted - 2006.08.23 06:11:00 - [101]

Remove BOB???

Tommy TenKreds
Animal Mercantile Executive
Posted - 2006.08.23 06:32:00 - [102]

1. Force the devs to read insurance smallprint through mosquito netting for 12 hours.

2. Create a selection of fonts for the client.

DemonStar Supernova
Red in Tooth and Claw
Posted - 2006.08.23 07:39:00 - [103]

um... Im not greedy, make my stubborn drones at least get stuck within scooping range rather than 3000 or so meters. I could live with that.

Add atmospheric fights and planetary bases. :) ok, so thats really really greedy, but I saw that video about a year ago and me wanstise :(

Galadiin Venyaa
Posted - 2006.08.23 07:44:00 - [104]

Remove: Character names in local (Unless you speak in local ofcourse) Just remove the intel bit.

Add: Make the scanner better.

Posted - 2006.08.23 08:23:00 - [105]

remove:- macro isk farmers
add:- 1 mid slot to all amarr ships Smile

Le Cook
Black Omega Security
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2006.08.23 08:30:00 - [106]

Edited by: Le Cook on 23/08/2006 08:59:26
I would double the Dronebay of every Ship, so we can benefit of all the different types of Drones.
Or Create a seperate "Support Drone" - Bay, for carrying the EW, Repper, NOS, ... -Drones.

EDIT: Sig removed

Forum B
Posted - 2006.08.23 09:35:00 - [107]

Remove Veldspar all across the universe so nav and all the team nav will send to me their assets and quit eve. Twisted Evil

PS: sry for the alt but my main is not subbed atm

Zeddicus Thermopyle
Solar Wind
Posted - 2006.08.23 12:51:00 - [108]

I would fix the font, i'ts the worst thing about the game.

Lord DeFault
Serenity Prime
Posted - 2006.08.23 13:03:00 - [109]

Remove viewing who is in local in 0.0 space.

An amarr ship that does something intresting?

Kell VanEyck
Free Mercenaries Union
Posted - 2006.08.29 02:11:00 - [110]

Add: Corp and alliance logos visible on ships!!
Remove: Alts
Change: Local Chat. At least in 0.0

Posted - 2006.08.29 03:17:00 - [111]

remove the forums

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2006.08.29 04:05:00 - [112]

I'd make eve a lot harder then it is already. Eve is far to easy for most people, most of the time. The only time a challenge is present is fight between two willing people, everything else is a breeze.

Add a delay, or means of not showing up in local before your computer can even load the system.

Change stabs

Change scramblers. I can hit out to 250km, my short range guns/missiles go further then 20km, why are scramblers only that far?

Remove BM's. We've been talking about a way to take out instas, and still retain near insta status. To hell with that, make eve big again, and make it challenging. If you want to go some place fast, get a fast ship, or heaven forbide a friend to make warp in points for you. And do you dare whine that your indy won't be able to solo 0.0 anymore.

Kill POS wars. The sever can't handle them. It would be the best thing in the world if and only if the server did its job, which it clearly can't right now. I would perfer station ping pong then the current situation by a mile.

Agents. Easy, riskless, logisticless, solo oriented ways to make isk, lots of isk have ruined the game. It has been this way since the instant they were introduced in exodus, and coninues to be so. Kill them, eve is not a grind your way to success game, except for agents.

Suicide gankers. Every single person who has fallen victum to them, should be laughed at. A special sticky should be in place listing the names of people who have lost thier 200k indy with a 2 billion cargo hold. FFS this has been going on for 2 years, and with such easy to use no cost, may cat can do it ways to avoid it, anyone falling victum to it has no one but them selves to blame.

Exploits. You know the exploits that are exploit, but are not punished. If you log to save your pod/ship more then a couple time, expect to not log in for a couple weeks. Log in with all your friends to gank someone? Well stay logged in because you won'y be able to do it again. Spamming cans/drones/shuttle/whatever to make lag? Bye bye. The list is actually huge, but I'm tierd of writing.

Forums. The rules need to be changed to something like this. "If you say something so dumb that even stupid people think you would have to be a ****** for saying it, then TomB will be coming to your house with a bat, and it will not be nerf"

Aggro timers/Undock timers. No more playing the undock dock game. Or the kill a frig wait out the timer and jump. Both will be increased, by a fairly big margin. And as a special treat, for a certain allience I will not name... If you undock a bigger force then what is waiting for you, and try to redock your entire allience, you automatticaly get kicked back out of the station one at a time.

Posted - 2006.08.29 04:13:00 - [113]

Radically change instas.

They would be module dependent. You would have to build a map to use with the module. You could then sell the map but you would have to map out a new one.

Lisento Slaven
The Drekla Consortium
Posted - 2006.08.29 04:19:00 - [114]

I'd get rid of bookmarks and replace them with something else. I hate instas (copying them at least).

Second choice as someone else said - remove local...replace with something else.

Kongsberg Vaapenfabrikk Amarr branch.
Posted - 2006.08.29 04:42:00 - [115]

1 change hmmmmm.... lets see..
minimum 25 years old to play?

heres a few cus 1 is never enough, loot refining at pos, fixing the buggs, not adding ANYTHING untill everything already ingame works as intended,

and headshot on el dude which came up with the que system. atm we got sisi and sisi t2.

Dark Inner Clown Syndicate
Posted - 2006.08.29 04:51:00 - [116]

My only complaint.

Maintain server integrity after a patch.

Posted - 2006.08.29 04:53:00 - [117]

Originally by: Rungi
My only complaint.

Maintain server integrity after a patch.

Very unfortunate having this post on the main page when the server went down lol...

Dead Pilots Society
Chaos Theory Alliance
Posted - 2006.08.29 04:57:00 - [118]

Lag free fleet battles.

Posted - 2006.08.29 06:03:00 - [119]


Posted - 2006.08.29 12:44:00 - [120]

skill queue would be dam handy..

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