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Faeden Pain
Posted - 2006.05.26 20:08:00 - [1]

Dear CCP, please feel free to reply at your leisure.*

1. Battle Cruisers agility & sig si teh SUCK!
a. We appreciate the obvious (and well detailed) interest in this subject and are looking into the matter.
b. We feel the agility of the BC is appropriate, relative to its other capabilities.
c. BC's ?!? people fly those hulks?
d. We're quite sorry, but the Nerf Bat was swung so hard against these things, it stuck. We are having difficulty in removing it.

2. AC ammo is HUGE/clip size too small
a. Its fine the way it is. We dont want you to be outside the station for more than 30 mins at a shot. The way minnie ships are put together, we are worried about the radiation doses you are getting.
b. We are looking into possible solutions. The simplest solution would likely be to simply reduce the volume of the ammo, as it will have no real effect on arty cannons.

3. I have calulators smarter than my Drones.
a. We are aware this has been an issue for some time, rest assured we have or top people on it.
b. Real men dont use drones!
c. Meh, they are cheap you can buy some more easily.

4. CTD makes this game UN-PLAYABLE
a. If you werent trying to play on a TRS80 that would not happen.
b. We are doing what we can to resolve this issue, but due to the massive variation in computer configurations, it is difficult to nail down.
c. Im sorry but we are unable to reproduce this problem.

5. The Carrier + Skiff "trick" still works (obviously I have no personal experience with this one)
a. Well DUH, we left it in for a reason.
b. Crap!, sorry about that, we will get that fixed.
c. SHHHHHHH! everyone will know.

6. Do you guys REALLY have to change the font size every patch?
a. Ya you betcha!
b. We realize that a far better choice would be to make the font selectable, even if only selectable from all previous fonts.
c. It's not our fault you need glasses.
d. TomB has a bionic eye.

7. Agent offers are... ummm whats the word... ridiculous? That might not be a strong enough word.
a. Yeah, we know. We like to watch people attempt to smuggle all the drugs to the Caldari Navy agents.
b. We realize that, and are looking to make agent offers better.
c. We have an office party when people buy 15mil in Gallente Planetary Vehicles, and get a 1.5mil reward.

Thats enough for now. I dont want to over work you guys, I know you have beer to get back to. :P

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2006.05.27 00:58:00 - [2]

your sig is awesome

Avery Badman
Sanctus Ordo Luminarium Amarri
Soldiers of Solitude
Posted - 2006.05.27 15:03:00 - [3]

He he he...

I think everyone should complain like this. Entertaining.. yet getting the point across.


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