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L4stMan Standing
Posted - 2006.05.25 08:12:00 - [1]

No Boni at all.... Dear CCP, this problem continues for more than 3 patches now (as far as i know, dont know if they ever worked properly)

Im pretty upset cause it took me about 3 month to skill towards a comand ship just to see that its for NO USE AT ALL!
The whole corp is pretty angry.

When are you planning to solve this ?

Wolverine PL
The Scope
Posted - 2006.05.25 18:16:00 - [2]

Edited by: Wolverine PL on 25/05/2006 18:16:52
Be patient, we had to wait only year for blaster's fix:) But be happy, we have new font. It was very important for CCP to bring us new FONT.

Star Dancer
North Eastern Swat
Posted - 2006.05.25 20:22:00 - [3]

i agree the darn gang mods dont work at all. i wasted 8 weeks of training and going to be more since im alread this far into these none able to use mods i might as well wast a few more weeks. i would just like to know if we will ever get the mods to work. i know they used to but come on ccp, devs, gms anyone. can we get a update on if anyone will ever fix this proplum since this game is going to gang ops and yet we cant use the only mods made to help all the gang.

i vote everyone in eve thats trined to use these mods post here to start a chain of unhappy people with this bug since it effects all of eve in a large way.


L4stMan Standing
Posted - 2006.05.28 08:06:00 - [4]

Why dont ccp jus tcopy the skill script (mining foreman aso) and add if - variables for fitted unfitted, gang- not gang

I mean the modules are THE SAME as the skills (in terms of way they work. just that they are not permanent like the skills)
If i join a gang... and mining foreman is "active" (so to say learned) the gang gets boni by strength of this Skill (module)

The only real variation is that the MODUL is influenced by another skill.

CMON CCP 2 men, 1 day just connect those darn variables properly

Either % of % is not calculated properly or the moduls dont realize that gang is active
Even the info changes correct when i lvl the skill for the modul

Gimme a damn copy of that script i bugread it myself, if you dont have the time cause asian market is too big.

Or grab urself a trainee for 10 bucks a day so he can search for that bug.

The biggest thing what upsets me is: CCP hasnt even put that bug on their confirmed list.
Again 2 man, 10minutes of work set ur skills to leadership max grab some modules and a buddy get to that belt and throw on those lasers... CONFIRMED!

PS: I wouldnt be so ***** about this whole thing if it would be even realized (no petition answer, no confirmisation, no reply to post from moderator aso)

...if eve really has 100.000 paying accounts u guys get 1.300.000 a month... DO SOMETHING PLS

Vladikov Orrico
Posted - 2006.05.28 15:18:00 - [5]

Edited by: Vladikov Orrico on 28/05/2006 16:08:43
Mining Foreman V
Mining Director V

Mining Foreman Laser mod

With laser mod off noted gang mining cycle yield
Turned laser mod on, waited 1 minute, noted no changes in gang mining cycle yield.

Turned laser mod off.

Plugged in Mining Foreman Mindlink

Waited 1 minute and noted gang mining cycle yeild - same as original yield (no difference)
Turned on laser mod and there was a 12% (approx) raise in gang mining cycle yield.

gang member 1 - Yield went from 91 to 102
gang member 2 - Yield went from 113.3 to 126.6

End summary - The Mining Foreman Laser mod is definately broken. The Mining Foreman Mindlink seems to only give a bonus
of any kind when you turn the broken Mining Foreman Laser mod on. It adds 12% bonus approx above and
beyond the regular Mining Foreman skill bonus.

EDIT - tested corp member yeild in gang before I joined. 83 yield
joined gang with just Foreman skill adding bonus - 91 Yield (10%)
Turned on Mining Foreman Laser mod (with mindlink implant installed) - 102 yield (total of 22.5% raise from 83 yeild).

This work out.

Mining Foreman skill supposed to add 2% per level for a total of 10%
Squadron Command supposed to add 2% of total Mining Foreman skill per level when Mining Foreman Modules active
for a total of 1% added to total (so 11%)
Mining Director skill adds 100% effectiveness of Mining Foreman Modules per level
(so 5 x 1% = 5%) bringing total to 15%
Mining Foreman Mindlink implant supposed to add 50% effectiveness to Mining Foreman Modules and Mining Foreman skill
(so Mining Foreman skill 10% with added 50% effectiveness is 15%)
(so Mining Foreman Modules with both Squadron Command and Director at level V - 5% with added 50% effectiveness is 7.5%)
(so 15% + 7.5% is supposed to total 22.5% bonus when all skills maxed and mod/implant installed and active)

The bonus I am getting from base Mining Foreman skill is 10%....but no bonus yet from the Mining Foreman Mindlink (which is supposed to add an extra 5% output to that as shown in chart above.

When I turn on Mining Foreman Laser module my total bonus jumps from 10% to 22.5%...but without the mindlink the Mining Foreman Laser module does nothing.

Hope this helps narrow down what may be wrong with the mod and implant.


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