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Nulli Secunda
Posted - 2003.09.20 11:51:00 - [1]

Edited by: b0ksah on 20/09/2003 12:00:37

”Dad, what’s Nomads,” a little boy asked the man next to him.
The boy was b0ksah’s son Juk’ta. B0ksah turned his head and smiled to him.
“You’re all questions today, well Nomads is the corporation I work for,” b0ksah answered with a smile. They were being shipped out to the new Nomads HQ, and b0ksah wanted to spend time with his family, so Qobra had let him travel on one of the others ships without any duties. They were onboard Wulle’s big Industrial ship. B0ksah’s wife, Jasmine, was up in the cockpit by Wulle, while b0ksah and Juk’ta sat in their cabin.
“Yeah, dad .. I kinda know that,” Juk’ta said, rolling his eyes.
“I mean how and where did Nomads come from,” Juk’ta asked.
“It may take a life time to tell the whole story,” b0ksah stated.
“I’m not going anywhere,” Juk’ta smiled back, “And we have all the time in the world, right dad?”
“Yes, my son.. all the time in the world..” b0ksah answered with a curse on his tongue.
“Easy now my dear father, it will kill the time while we fly to our now home,” Juk’ta sent a charming smile to his father. B0ksah shook his head and smiled.
“Damn you boy, you have too much of your mother in you,” b0ksah laughed.
“Okay, I’ll tell you the story of the Nomads .. little bandit,” he said with a little laugh.

Somewhere in the same system ….

“Bravo leader to Tango squad”
“Tango Leader here”
“Sending coordinates now”
“Coordinates received”
“Target will be at coordinates”
“Not much, we tampered a little with the ship”
“HE HE .. copy that, see you again soon”
“Yup, should be a walk in the park”
“Dunno about that, never been to a park”
“Never mind just do it”
“Yes sir, over and out”

Back at the good ship Bertha…

“Hmm how to start this tale,” b0ksah mumbled.
“How about to starting with the beginning maybe?” Juk’ta replied wise.
“Isn’t you the wiseguy” b0ksah snapped, “well okay, at the beginning then”.
“At the beginning it all was just an idea in the head of our CEO’s head, a dream you can say” b0ksah was getting warm. Juk’ta loved to hear his father tell stories.
“What idea was that dad?” Juk’ta asked eager to hear more.
“Well the idea, was pretty simple,” b0ksah answered, “the idea was to create a forum for people to exchange ideas, information, and items. But also to have a good time doing it.”
“How did this idea become the Nomads?” Juk’ta asked.
b0ksah smiled, “easy now I’m coming to that in a moment”.
“Well like all good and simple ideas, this idea got out of hand,” b0ksah continued.
“You see more and more people came to this forum, which was held every 6 months” b0ksah sighed then continued.
“When a lot of people gather to talk and barter, disagreements and difference of opinions are common place,” a sigh more, b0ksah took a deep breath.
“Then you mix these controversies with alcohol, and you get a explosive mixture,” b0ksah stopped for a moment and looked out the window at the Warp lane …

Somewhere in nearby space…

“They just jumped into warp, Tango leader”
“Yes, wait a sec”
“Aint we following them?”
“No we stay here and take a coffee break, waiting for them to jump through the jump gate so we can loose them .. of course we are gonna follow them fool”
“Sorry, sir”
“Well we just giving them a little line”
“Line? Sir”
“I guess you never have gone fishing”
“No, sir. I haven’t, like you never walked in a park, sir”
“Where in the Hell do the Boss, get you guys”
“I’m from New Caldari, sir”
“Don’t tell me where you are from you fool”
“Sorry, sir”
“Never mind… Well I guess we have given the fish line enough, let’s bring it in”
“For ****s Sake, WARP .. you moron”
“Yes sir and sorry sir”
“Just do it … Space Abe”

Nulli Secunda
Posted - 2003.09.20 11:53:00 - [2]

Edited by: b0ksah on 20/09/2003 12:01:02

Back to the unknowing …

“So there was fights or?” Juk’ta asked.
“Oh yes, there was fights and brawls. It nearly became a tradition,” a smile ran over b0ksah’s lips.
“But, our CEO knew he had to intervene, before it all got out of hand” b0ksah continued.
“So he created the Nomads?” Juk’ta asked in ardour.
“Well, not right away … he started to set up rules for these forums,” b0ksah answered.
“Rules?!” Juk’ta looked at his father confused.
“Yes, rules .. The first one he set up was that only Minmatar could enter the forums,” b0ksah said in a firm voice.
“Why that rule, haven’t it always been like that? Who would come to these forums other than Minmatars?” Juk’ta looked with wonder at his father.
“Well, where people gather, other people see an opportunity to make a buck. So Caldari, Gallente and even some foolish Amarrians, came to the forum,” b0ksah said.
“Amarrians? How? Why? Why didn’t they get killed?” Juk’ta asked.
“All people at the forums, were under the protection of our CEO. But the growing amount of the people at the forums, were getting harder and harder to control, so yes some Amarrians turned up dead,” b0ksah said in a sad tone.
Juk’ta looked at his sad father, “Why does dead Amarrians saddens you dad?”
“Every death saddens me boy,” b0ksah answered with a faith smile and ran his fingers through his son’s hair.
“But they are our enemies, dad?” Juk’ta asked in wonder.
“No, not every Amarrian are an enemy of mine Juk’ta. Some are all right and trustworthy, don’t forget that son,” b0ksah looked at his son with a strict look.
Juk’ta dodged his father’s look, “Sure dad, but what have all this to do with the Nomads anyway”, Juk’ta quickly added.
b0ksah laughed at the quick comeback from his son, “Yes, what indeed,” he smiled.

Well back to the bad guys…

“Approaching rendezvous, sir”
“Copy, fool”
“What, sir?”
“I called you a fool”
“Roger, sir”
“The packet will first arrive at the party in a moment”
“Moron … Just hide behind the jumpgate when we drop out of warp. Can you do that?”
“Sir, yes sir”
“Good, then I’ll drop off the boss’ little gift to the happy couple”
“Sorry, sir?”
“I’ll drop off some of our new disable drones, they will drain all power from the ship”
“But didn’t the boss say the ship was sabotaged, so it will be a sitting duck?”
“Well I don’t trust anyone so I just making sure we getting out of this one alive. Have a problem with that?”
“No sir, No problem”
“Good, we are dropping out of warp, go hide”
“Yes, sir”

The victims …

“So how was the Nomads corp. founded?” Juk’ta asked.
“Well, the size of the forums grew from year to year. So more and more organization was needed to keep order”, b0ksah answered.
“So that was then Nomads was founded?” Juk’ta asked again.
“Yes, it was” b0ksah answered.
“How?” Juk’ta asked quickly.
“You see, the heads of the 6 largest tribes was summoned by Qobra. That night is called “The long night”. At this meeting Qobra told the leaders of his idea to make these forums permanent in the form of a corp.,” b0ksah answered.
“What then,” Juk’ta asked eargerly.
“The leaders and Qobra discussed for hours,” b0ksah paused and smiled. B0ksah looked at the passing sun, a blue giant.

At the gate out of the system…

“They’re coming be ready.”
“Roger sir. All systems are go.”

Back at the ship passing a blue giant…
“And what did they agreed on dad?” Juk’ta asked and pulled b0ksah out of his daze.
“Well, first of all they made Qobra the CEO of Nomads”, b0ksah started, “then they put together the Council of Nomads to govern and manage the corp.”, b0ksah stopped.
Juk’ta looked a bit puzzled.
B0ksah looked at his son, “you want to ask me something”.
Juk’ta looked at his father and asked, “are Qobra the same man that formed Nomads?” b0ksah didn’t really have an answer on that question. “Well”, he started, “both yes and no. You see the Qobra that lives now is a clone of the original.”
“Ohh”, was Juk’ta only response to that. Then silence danced it’s little cookie dance as intermission.

The backstabbers…

“The ship is dropping out of warp, arm weapons.”
“Roger … What ..a Mammoth .. is this a joke.”
“Do you think it’s a joke fool?”
“No Sir arming weapons.”

Nulli Secunda
Posted - 2003.09.20 12:00:00 - [3]

Back to the silence and it’s dance...

“Dad?” Juk’ta broke the silence.
“Yes?” b0ksah replied.
“Are you a clone of someone from long ago?” Juk’ta asked.
“No, but I am from the bloodline of one of the founding members. Our family have never used clones, we are of the belief that death comes for a reason and is final”, b0ksah replied.
“But why do you have a clone then dad” Juk’ta asked in wonder.
“It’s corp. policy, I can’t work there if I don’t have a clone. Simple.” B0ksah answered.
“Okay…” Juk’ta said and smiled “Thanks for telling me about the Nomads dad.”
“You’re welcome son” b0ksah smiled at his son …

The attackers…

“Target locked sir.”
“Destroy them.”

A ship getting ripped apart…

The loud bang of the first missile that hit Bertha’s shield came as a shock to both b0ksah and Juk’ta.
“DDDAAADD ..What’s happing,” Juk’ta nearly screamed.
“I don’t know son,” b0ksah replied.
B0ksah ran to the comm. station and called up to the cockpit and got Jasmine.
“Honey, what’s happening,” b0ksah asked in a desperate voice.
“Pirates.. Wulle is gonna outrun them”, she answered.
B0ksah relaxed and waited for the afterburners to kick in. But nothing happen, only the sound of battle, no roar from tons of matter being push out the back of the ship as the afterburners start. Nothing, just the sound of missile and bullets hitting the shield and soon the hull was heard.

The destroyers…

“Ready with the cruise missiles?”
“Ready, sir.”
“Good, FIRE.”
“Firing Cruise Missiles.”

The tomb…

The first cruise missile took out what was left of the shield and ripped the armour apart. The second cracked the hull. The last one …and b0ksah blacked out ….


The winners…

“What about the pod?”
“Don’t worry it’s can’t warp they disabled it’s warp drive, he’s not going anywhere.”
“Shall I destroy it or leave it?”
“They said destroy everything and they meant EVERYTHING.”
“Okay sir, killing him now …”

Somewhere many years later …

b0ksah woke up ….

Bad dream again. He have had this nightmare to many time to count, his last trip with his family. B0ksah sighed stood up went out the bathroom … another great day was just starting.
B0ksah smiled to himself in the mirror … what a lie.

Shintoko Akahoshi
Risen Angels
Posted - 2003.09.21 05:32:00 - [4]

Nicely done! I'm looking forward to reading more: Who did this, and why?


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