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Bruticus Prime
Posted - 2006.05.07 20:08:00 - [1]

So upgraded from a Hoarder to a Mammoth for some mining.

I mistakenly made the assymption that since it has 2 hi slots I could fit 2 miners. This is not the case. The bad part is that when you bring up the shop description, it shows no information as to what can go in those slots. For example the Hoarder says 1 turret under the hi slot section, the Mammoth shows nothing. My bad for making an assumption, but it's not a new ship so it'd be nice if they'd fix the description. I'm sure it's not the only ship with this problem.

Too bad it cost me a million isk to discover that it's no more useful for mining than the Hoarder.

Bruticus Prime
Posted - 2006.05.07 20:14:00 - [2]

Actually just looking at the mining barges - Covetor etc - none of them say what can or can not go in the high slots. So how are you supposed to know ho many mining lasers you can mount besides trial and error?

Benny Hill
General Thrusters
Posted - 2006.05.07 20:30:00 - [3]

The Mammoth say 2 highslot and one turret. You can use a turret (mining laser) and a non- turret, non launcher in the other highslot - like a cloak, smart bomb, remote armor repair.

The only think you want in a covetoer are strip miners or better.

Bruticus Prime
Posted - 2006.05.07 20:42:00 - [4]

Weird, mine says 2 Hi slots, but nothing else as far as what can or can not go in them. The Hoarder says what it can have, so does my BC< but nothing in the Mammoth fitting page on my screen as to what it can or can not have. Same goes for all the mining barges.

Digital Fury Corporation
Digital Renegades
Posted - 2006.05.07 22:09:00 - [5]

All haulers have only 1 (or in some cases none) turrets. Mining barges use more specialised equipment like strip miners or ice harvesters which are not classified as turrets like normal mining lasers are.

Btw, the mammoth is not a bad purchase, ditch the mining laser and take that thing trading. :) check commodities on the market and see what you can pick up cheap and sell elsewhere. Can still be done afk and makes a lot more money once you've got some capital to work with.

Posted - 2006.05.08 00:28:00 - [6]

Bruticus :: please note, when active in a ship, the shown available Turret and Launcher Hardpoints is dynamic, asin it changed when you fit a turret/launcher.

Same goes for any ship, eg. Armageddon has 7 turret hardpoints, fit 7 turrets, look at info, and fitting screen will tell you that it has 0 turret hardpoints, this is because you are using all 7 and 0 are free.

It would seem you are looking at your mammoth with a turret already fitted, look at a mammoth on the market and it should tell you correctly.

Posted - 2006.05.08 12:42:00 - [7]

Mammoth Data

Two highslots but only 1 turret. As Benny Hill stated.


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