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Kinetic Vector
Posted - 2006.05.04 18:12:00 - [1]

since the closing of the Agent in Hangeken Motsu field up very hard coz it has one of the best CN Q4 agents ...

You can not do any L4 mission had like 10-20sec delay - mining 12 sec be4 it even reacted on "WARP" .. not even counting the align and getting speed ...

ITS ALMOST UNPLAYABLE during High time ....

PLZ do something ( not closing another agent)

and i find it rather annoying that agent just closed til 1.6. .. what about all those player who worked really hard to get LP toward this agent !?!?

Jack McFarlane
Dallas Company
Posted - 2006.05.05 21:12:00 - [2]

I'm there now at it is totally unplayable. Like a minute to change ships when docked. Given I was getting 20s delays when activating my armor rep last time I was here, I'm not risking it this time...

There's only 130-odd people in local, so it should be *this* bad.

Ha, I say I'm leaving, but it's 2 minutes and counting on my undocking.


Angelus dos Business
Posted - 2006.05.05 22:30:00 - [3]

Why don't ppl learn to avoid caldari navy agents then? There are even better lvl4 agents in citadel, lonetrek or the forge that are not caldari navy - and it is rare that there are more than 10 ppl in the system at all.

Yes, there are problems to be solved. But those problems are self-made and its really easy for a player to avoid those from the beginning just by thinking before moving. :)


Toman Torax
Rage For Order
Posted - 2006.05.05 22:36:00 - [4]

What if people WANT to use Caldari navy agents? They're in the game for a reason... why should we not use them?

The problems are not really "self-made", and your solution is absurd. If people want to use Caldari navy agents, there shouldn't be anything stopping them from doing so.

There are other solutions to the problem... they just involve not being so short-sighted.

Jack McFarlane
Dallas Company
Posted - 2006.05.05 23:17:00 - [5]

Well, the reason why Im using them is that my standing with Caldari was -4.0 and I had to pick a corp to use to repair that. Navy seemed to have the most security agents. It's taken me ages to get just one corp up to L4 agents. Don't want to have to go through that again :)

Farscape Mining
Hitchhiker's Alliance
Posted - 2006.05.06 00:03:00 - [6]

Its is Self-Made Problem alright, made by CCP, and the Poor Choice of Moving the agents isnt going to cut it, ever. Yes they can move them, over and over, thier going to get the same damn problem in just another system. The Problem is. OMG people want Navy Issue Items and ships!!!
So where ever the best few CN Agents are, People are going to go to. Move it to 0.0 or Low-sec, and they will just gather at the next best one in highsec. Risk/Vs/Reward and all, the risk of loseing your ship do to pvp middle of 40 warp scraming, Target Jamming Rats isnt worth the better Qual Level. So everyone heads to the next best one in safe space. and you have the same problem just in a diffrent system name. Face is this isnt the Eve the oldtimers use to play. their upto 25k people playing in the same space where we used to have 10k TOPS.

The Fix, in my opinion anyways. MORE AGENTS!!. of the same or Levels and quals as the ones we already have. IE
10 L4 Qual 19 Commands, means all those 200 players from hageken will now be 20 players or so per system. untill the Player count raises again.

Posted - 2006.05.06 11:37:00 - [7]

lvl 4 agents = 0.0 (waaaaay spread)
lvl 3 agents = .4 -> .1
furry newb agents = yucky highsec where they belong

wouldn't this solve quite abit? but OHNOES you couldn't sit on your ass in a safe empire system along with 500 other and milk that lvl 4 agent anymore? too bad eh

barrett fodder
Posted - 2006.05.27 17:32:00 - [8]

Yeah Motsu has becoem vurtially uplayable, especially on the weekends. With 180 people there it takes 20 - 25 seconds to activate a module. My corp has operated out fo Motsu for some time now, and it has done nothing but get worse and worse. There currently is less lag in Jita with 440 players than in Motsu with 180. I think if CCP is going to move the better agents around that they should also alocate more system resources to those regions of space. Otherwise this problem will never be solved.

Posted - 2006.05.27 20:17:00 - [9]

Originally by: Phoenixhawk
The Problem is. OMG people want Navy Issue Items and ships!!!
So where ever the best few CN Agents are, People are going to go to.

You can get navy stuff off any caldari agent not just navy agents.


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