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Kaleigh Doyle
Racing News Network
Posted - 2006.06.23 17:37:00 - [91]

Friendly bump!

Ryu Eveningstar
Point of No Return
Gentlemen's Club
Posted - 2006.06.23 19:49:00 - [92]

I've been here over 5 monthes now, and while I may not be the most vocal member, or hang out in TeamSpeak much, I've enjoyed my time here a lot. I doubt I'll ever leave this corp. Very Happy

Hyd Drakan
EVE University
Ivy League
Posted - 2006.06.23 19:57:00 - [93]

I am interested in joining Eve University.
I am more interested in mining and hauling stuff. works great with my schedule, and those little ankle biters floating around. Would this work in Eve University? I would not mind mining and hauling for corps mates. Looking at this thread, it looks like a great place and somewhere I can learn and help other learn in too. I am coming to the end of my 14 day trial and going to upgrade it this weekend. hoping to get online tonight and apply. But you guys look like a great group!

The Graduates
Ivy League
Posted - 2006.06.24 15:32:00 - [94]

just a friendly bump...

We have received a lot of new faces since the war ended and its always nice to see fresh new excited faces and voices.

So do join us, I had a real nice class going yesterday, lot of great feedback, participation and the more the merrier.

Remember Eve U is a lot like Eve gameplay, your not forced to do anything you dont want to and enjoy your style of gameplay no matter what that is with no strings attached.

Training Director

Posted - 2006.06.25 21:36:00 - [95]

We are now up to 5-7 classes and events per week, stop by and check us

The Graduates
Brutally Clever Empire
Posted - 2006.06.26 14:12:00 - [96]

PvP and tackling classes scheduled this week.

Posted - 2006.06.26 21:41:00 - [97]

Great place to be.. bumpity bump Cool

Bowling Green
Posted - 2006.06.27 04:07:00 - [98]

I'd very much like to join this corp I'm impressed by the corp's helping philosopy, and the many positive testimonials from members and friends. Kudos!

About me .. 3 noobie char's on 3 accts (all with less than 2 mill SP's), most of which are in learning Most of my time so far has been mining and hauling. I'd like to learn more about PvP, mishs & agents, industry/BP's, ratting w/o dying etc..

I played another MMO - Asheron's Call 3 years, and loved getting to know game mechanics, character templates, equipment set-ups, fighting strategy and so on. So understanding the mechanics of EVE (rather than just ratting for ISK) is what I'm looking to do.

Eve University channel sounds great .. I will apply when I log on tonight. Emrayer station in Tash-Murkon is my closest Eve-U station. Thanks!

-BowlingGreen/Zahalia/Second Wind

Plunge Fireborne
Posted - 2006.06.27 16:40:00 - [99]

Eve University looks like it could solve my problems! I am a newbie, under a mil skill points, and I have been a hard time finding a place where I really "fit in" to the Eve Universe. I am hoping that Eve University can finally be the place I can fit in and learn about the game, as well as enjoy the social life of the University!

The Graduates
Brutally Clever Empire
Posted - 2006.06.28 15:21:00 - [100]

Eve Uni welcomes BLUE's two new alliance members Fatalix (FXI) and Northern Empire (NEMP)!

Cirrus Asp
EVE University
Ivy League
Posted - 2006.06.28 17:38:00 - [101]

"I go to college"

Khazad Hazari
Posted - 2006.06.28 22:27:00 - [102]

Curse that Enter key.

Yet another application consisting of nothing but "Greetings"

I'm a new pilot keen to enroll at Eve U. I have been semi-lurking in the public channel for a few days and was positively impressed, hopefully you can find room for me in the corp proper.


Galis Mari
Posted - 2006.06.28 22:56:00 - [103]

Have a question. I'm interested in joining, but my account is way over 6 weeks, i played a little while, till my computer died, and just started back. to show how far i am i have about 600k sp. would that be ok?

Vurakan Fafnir
EVE University
Ivy League
Posted - 2006.06.29 16:05:00 - [104]

I am interested in Joining, I have been playing for a bit over 6 weeks but most of that has been training skills due to Real Life Obligations. I have several friends who have or are looking at joining and they are incourageing me to get involved. At the moment I am a fairly new pilot with lots of skills (heading toward a fighter), just minimal pratical experience who is looking to learn more.

Vurakan Fafnir

Posted - 2006.06.29 21:48:00 - [105]

:: wave ::

Wanted to say well met. I kind of feel a little dumb because my corporation appliction says "Hello," (s'what I get for pressing enter I guess), but I was directed here by some friends in the game and thought it'd be a good fit. Currently I'm playing a combat oriented player about 1 month into the game. Noobtastic! Very Happy


Cujack Rojaztein
Posted - 2006.06.30 01:02:00 - [106]

Edited by: Cujack Rojaztein on 30/06/2006 01:12:33
Hi, I'm interested in joining EVE University as well.
I did tutorial to the point that there was no computer chick
told me what to do anymore. Is that all I have to do?
Also, by Follow up mission do you mean the Trojan Horse storyline?

Mark Weston
The Graduates
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2006.06.30 11:50:00 - [107]

23:30 - Attend EVE-Uni's basic PvP course.
01:00 - Fly to 0.0 space and take part in BLUE military ops.
03:30 - Return home for cake and lashings of ginger beer.

Just a day in the life of an E-UNI student.


Cujack Rojaztein
Posted - 2006.06.30 12:35:00 - [108]

Wow that sounds very interesting!
Now I'm all fired up! :D
So how should I get in contact with you in the game?

Mark Weston
The Graduates
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2006.06.30 13:10:00 - [109]

Edited by: Mark Weston on 30/06/2006 13:15:08
Edited by: Mark Weston on 30/06/2006 13:12:48
Originally by: Cujack Rojaztein
Wow that sounds very interesting!
Now I'm all fired up! :D
So how should I get in contact with you in the game?

Check out this post on the first page of the thread, which lists all the stations where EVE Uni has offices. Dock at one of those stations, scroll through the list of corporations, click the Join Corporation button when you find EVE University and type in a few words about who your are and why you want to join. Most applications seem to get dealt with pretty quickly. (Tip: don't do what I did and press Enter for a carriage return, as that Enter activates the OK button and sends the half-finished application - very embarassing.)

In the meantime come join the EVE University channel and say hi!

Cujack Rojaztein
Posted - 2006.06.30 14:46:00 - [110]

Thanks, I'll check that out after I get out from work today.

Cujack Rojaztein
Posted - 2006.06.30 20:49:00 - [111]

and guess what? I pressed enter while typing application Embarassed

EVE University
Ivy League
Posted - 2006.07.01 16:46:00 - [112]

Ok who let this get all the way to page 3?? ugh

Morning Maniac
EVE University
Ivy League
Posted - 2006.07.02 09:24:00 - [113]

I'd say most applications don't go beyond "hello," Don't worry about it.


Aleksander Whiterock
Maelstroem Mining and Exploration Limited
Posted - 2006.07.02 11:50:00 - [114]

Just a quick question, if I may.
I'd like to know if people from europe can join up, too? Seeing as the time zone difference may interfere with participation in classes and trainings (if those are set at NA time zones).

Thank you for your time.

Gut Punch
Cry Havoc.
Posted - 2006.07.02 19:01:00 - [115]

Edited by: Gut Punch on 02/07/2006 19:04:02
Edited by: Gut Punch on 02/07/2006 19:02:16
I'm very interested in joining a corp such as this.

Just a little background here... I played, or rather, tested the EVE beta almost three years ago. But I haven't been on since. I started a trial account to see what the game had evolved into about a month ago. But after a week, we got sorely beat by a pirate and dropped the game again.

But, I haven't found anything else which interests me, so i'm back. But this time I want to learn the tricks of the trade. I'm mostly a combat player... but I have found that mining seems to be required to make any money with your time.

I'm a college student and working full time, so I will not be able to be a every class... Is this ok?

Also note that I have 4 friends which I could also bring. Two of them are over 6 weeks (and mostly mine) so I think they would join one of the [BLUE] corps. But there are three of us who are very inexperianced...

Posted - 2006.07.02 19:59:00 - [116]

Well pretty similar questions as above..I'm a 3week old character, and used to play Eve a bit 3 years ago (about a week or so) but simply didn't get far. The game changed a lot in the meantime and sofar I did pretty well for myself, but I'm in kind of a lull know enough to get around and make a decent living, but you want to see a little more of the game, like 0.0, PvP etc.

I'm planning to train to be a topnotch frigate pilot, 500k skillpoints and rising and am currently flying a Rifter, exploring the galaxy and going from here to there. I would love to see some PvP, even if it means I'll die a lot. Ambitious streak I imagine. ;)

Do you guys still accept?

Ksander Kasama
Posted - 2006.07.03 19:21:00 - [117]

Salvaging this thread from page 5... waiting for University Officials to stop by... ;-)

Akira Zendragon
EVE University
Ivy League
Posted - 2006.07.03 23:00:00 - [118]

Shameless bump...Very Happy

I joined E-UNI just a couple of days ago, and it's been great. Everybody is really cool, and it really opened up the game for me... I most certainly have to recommend EU to any rookie looking for a great time...

Today, with my week-old char, I roamed about in 0.0 for the first time, got in a fleet op, had fun, learned a lot, got blown to bits in the process, had fun, went back to empire for a test, got 2Mil in scholarships, went ratting lvl.2 or 3 with the instructor, had fun, learned some more, got some 300K in loot and a generous donation from the instructor (Kudos Vendette Ornay! )

This is just one day... sure beats hauling livestock across 11 jumps for some lvl1 agent Very Happy

EVE University
Ivy League
Posted - 2006.07.05 15:23:00 - [119]

All Timezones covered (X)
Ratting 101 (X)
Mining Ops 202 (X)
Speak like a Pirate YARRRR!! 101 (X)
Finding an Agent 101 (X)
Using Instas 102 (X)

Oh the hell with it the list is to long. Lets just get this back on page 1!!

Rick Thwaites
Aperture Harmonics
Posted - 2006.07.05 16:00:00 - [120]

They guys do an amazing job. Their new pilots are so well trained quite a few have more kills than I do. Looking back, I wish I went the E-UNI route.

o/ for EVE University.

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