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Joint Espionage and Defence Industries
Posted - 2003.09.18 22:36:00 - [1]

well a friend of ours wanted help.. a newly started pirate corp sent me this message when i told him to back off from IseCara:

welp all i got to say you attack me, the new venal allilance will be after your ass and foyles.. so as far as i am concerd go right ahead and "protect" her - azgard out

So 'New Venal' supports pirates and crooks.. hell I will go with TTI any day now instead of these scums.. I did have higher hopes but I guess when push comes to shove the true colors are shown..

And Azgard, stay away from Lonetrek is all I say.. don't think New Venal will help you.. you are an orethief and killer of people in low end frigs..

Athule Snanm
Rien Ici
Posted - 2003.09.18 23:04:00 - [2]

I'm sure we'd be interested to know the details of what happened and who was involved. Just because someone says "the new venal allilance will be after your ass and foyles" (whatever that means???) doesn't mean it's so.

Again, one thing that this does highlight is the need for the NVA constitution to be ratified at the next meeting. After that point there should be no doubt one way or the other where the alliance stands, and if a member is caught acting against the constitution then action will be taken.

Attack me and I'll turn into a penguin and RUS and the little purple men will be after your ass and foyles! - Athýle Snanm out

Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2003.09.18 23:19:00 - [3]

Edited by: Jade Constantine on 18/09/2003 23:33:10
Jubeli, seriously hun, we know all about your Taggart connections. Sad attempt ... please try harder.


"Azgard" is the sole member of a one member corp also called "Azgard". He or she has a 0.0 security rating. The NVA have never heard of this person.

Love and peace

Jasmine Darken
The xDEATHx Squadron
Posted - 2003.09.19 01:43:00 - [4]

I think the Stain Alliance is behide this plot ...

Anormalii S.A.
Posted - 2003.09.19 04:07:00 - [5]

Sadly, Azgard was part of Occassus until late last weekend. He quit the corporation for reasons unknown. He didnt contact any management stating why he left or gave any notice. He didnt communicate in any way that he was displeased with Occassus and so didnt provide us with any assumptions on why he left. I havnt seen, nor heard from him since. He didnt steal any assets so theiving was ruled out.

As for him believing the NVA or Occassus will come to his aid, he is mistaken. As he no longer is part of the NVA nor this corporation, his ties with us and the Alliance are broken.

I'm sad that he is behaving this way, and offer my appologies to you.

IT Alliance
Posted - 2003.09.19 04:23:00 - [6]

JEDI are tti pawns from wayback.

Joint Espionage and Defence Industries
Posted - 2003.09.19 23:05:00 - [7]

Apparently Azgard is a former member of the Blade corp (not Bladerunner) and have a grudge with IseCara due to that he wasn't given the chance to take over Blade when they disolved. He is now a pirate that is trying to get payback and good to know that he has no connection to NVA.

Don't think they want him anyway.

Regarding TTI pawn rumours I can only say that we have a strictly mutual profitable business relationship with some of the members from TTI and early we hunted blockades with them in Lonetrek (read Obe blockades in for 3-4 months ago).

JEDI have officially stated to TTI how we dislike their reactions to the vote and also their new 'friends' Space Invaders who are nothing except lousy pirates that should be shot down on sight..

Rizmordan Hillgotlieb
Body Count Inc.
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2003.09.20 02:18:00 - [8]

Well at least that's all cleared up

Denise Galen
Federal Navy Academy
Posted - 2003.09.20 04:43:00 - [9]

Politics, bah, tell me where you are so I can come get some stuff... I think I know where I can find sweet Jade Wink


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