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Vel Kyri
Empire Assault Corp
Dead Terrorists
Posted - 2003.09.18 08:02:00 - [1]

Yesterday, with the announcement of the death of the Emperor - there was a large gathering of Loyal Ammari who were able to gain an audience with the Imperial Aide - Master of the Administration, Daham Nestorik.

(this is excerpts, quotes are from Dasham Nestorik)

"Greetings Brothers and Sisters. Greetings on this black day."

- May the Soul of our Emperor meet our God today.

"He shines with the stars now. His Immortal Soul has transended beyond our filthy wretched world of sin and treachery. May his written work be a light on our path, and his memory survive the long ages of the empire's future. We must carry on his Vision."

- Is there any word on the upcoming trials, will all the Heirs be participating?

"You speak of the Championship? The interim leaders are discussing the details, between sessions of Prayer and Mourning. We know this much: each house will choose a brace hero to represent them in this championship. There will be competitions prior to this. This will be a test of true cunning and strength. Strength of Spirit, not of money or power."

- Offers of assistance for the Imperial Administration in retaining peace in the meantime.

"we thank you for your most honourable offer"

- some arguments break out between the assembled people, arguments about the various heirs.

"Division between the houses. Already it is obvious that a new leader must come soon"

- comments on possible attacks

"We must hope that moderate and peace loving powers will take the throne. It is imperative to the trans-staellar peace that our Leader strived to achieve. As a superior race, we must show a good example in our faith and honour"

- arguments about peace and traditions. The reclaiming and protecting Amarr heritage.

"There can not be peace if we are humbled. Peace must come through the continuation of our Principles and beliefs. For our cause is the right one. There is only One Truth. One Emperor, and only one race proud to call themselves Amarr."

- We are a light in the darkness or chaos and materialism. We must bring this light to the universe.

"Well said - for in Light there cannot be Darkness. In Enlightenment you will never find Ignorance. In Honout you shall never find Deceit."

"I bid you farewell. Carry on the Good Works. Long live the Emperor!"

At this point the Imperial Aide left us, and a small private gathering was held at the Imperial Monument for the Soul of the Emperor.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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