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Guppy Dartus
Independent Frontiers
Posted - 2006.04.22 15:07:00 - [1]

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Indendent Frontiers
Bring the beer and join the party, Well provide the rest!!

Independent Frontiers is a tactical PvP and Industrial corp operating within 0.0 regions of Pure Blind and Deklein and Lonetrek in empire. Were primarily a European corporation however our member base stretches all round the globe, so we tend to have a 23/7 presence.
Our main emphasis is on team activities within industrial and pvp operations in 0.0 spaces

Were currently part of the Northern Freedom Coalition a new alliance operating in Deklien in the north of eve.

Recruitment is currently open to experienced pilots who have a good grasp of the game mechanics and relative experience in PvP fleet ops or Industrial operations. Were also willing to take on those who are prepared to learn and support in those areas.

What do we want from you??
Were after pilots who can fall into the following categories:
  • 2mill Skill points

  • European Time based (Not essential)

  • Good understanding of the game in either with pvp experience or Industrial

  • Remain active

  • Good sense of humour is a must

  • Most importantly you must be a team player!

  • Non pirate

  • What can you expect from us
  • Stocked hangers in 0.0 and empire

  • Free ships or reductions on ships

  • PvP fleet ops within the corp and alliance

  • Industrial operations for the corp and personal benefit

  • Access to 0.0 for NPC ratting and Mining (crokite, bistot and more)

  • Loyalty Point scheme for those who help in corp ops

  • Teamwork and friendship

  • Teamspeak and corp website

  • Two corporate divisions

    Military Division:
    Responsible for all tactical and pvp fleet operations in the corporation or alliance
    Structure of the division involves; Fleet Officers, Squadron leaders/
    Our military division is soon to be divided into specialist tactical groups
    *Bomber squadron
    *Covert ops
    And more….

    Industrial Division:
    Responsible for over seeing corporate production in empire and 0.0 for corporation and alliance members. We have a Mining squadron, Production team and soon our POS team.

    What is our progression?
    Our corp is primarily focused on two areas:
  • PVP Operations for alliance security and corp security

  • and POS industrial operations in 0.0

  • We have so far managed to achive one of those goals and are fastly establishing our self as pvp focused corp within the new NFC alliance we try to respond and help fast when we are at war or when at threat as well as running operations into enemy territories which we are not in short supply!!!

    Our industrial focus is on POS progression and potentially a chain of POS within 0.0 to help with t2 component production this a new venture which we hope to start up soon so experienced POS experts are more than welcome to join us.
    We are not a mass manufacturing corp forcing our members to mine every week for the corp we don’t see this as a huge benefit to the corp or our player we mine when we need to!!

    If you’re interested in joining come speak to us online

    Our in game channel is “IDFT Public”
    Website is:
    Ingame contacts: Guppy Dartus or Jameroz

    Recruitment offices:
    Isinokka V M10 Spacelane patrol testing -HQ
    Jita IV M11 Expert Housing Production Plant
    Arant V M14 Quafe Company Bureau
    Haatomo III M1 Propel Dynamics Factory

    Posted - 2006.04.22 22:15:00 - [2]


    Guppy Dartus
    Independent Frontiers
    Posted - 2006.04.28 23:39:00 - [3]

    Bump :)

    Maoam Druban
    UK Corp
    -Mostly Harmless-
    Posted - 2006.05.15 15:51:00 - [4]


    Join us for instant fun Wink

    Guppy Dartus
    Independent Frontiers
    Posted - 2006.05.25 11:55:00 - [5]



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