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Lanfear's Bane
Mining Munitions and Mayhem
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Posted - 2006.04.22 11:19:00 - [1]


Originally by: ""
EVE Online Client Version: 2.10.3900

- New piece of equipment introduced: Reinforced Windshield Ionizer. This handy device removes all bugs from your ship's windshield, but permanently drains your power supply.

- Asteroid belts are no longer pilotable.

- When more than one person attempts to use a jumpgate at once, both ships will now comically squeeze against one another and get stuck. This provides some much-needed comedic relief to the dreary atmosphere of the game.

- Installation has been greatly simplified. Previously, players had to format their computers, insert the installation disc, enter a hidden code in the manual only accessible at midnight, install Windows through the game's installer, enter the cd-key four times in a row, connect to the internet to download the latest patch twice in case there was an error in the first download, then provide their social security number and blow into a breathalyzer. Now, instead of entering the cd-key four times in a row users must only enter it three times.

- Reduced the number of encounters with cavemen.

- Motherships now render at their intended massive size, leaving the player's camera helplessly clipped inside of the model no matter how far he or she zooms out.

- The "scream" function built into all ships has been removed, as no one could hear it.

- Cloaking no longer turns off your monitor.

- The time it takes to research a skill is no longer determined by your stats, but by a DDR-like musical mini game featuring Deltron 3030.

- Mana now regenerates 30% faster when out of combat.

- Players are no longer able to "swim" through space at warp speed by ejecting from their spacecraft, then from their pods while holding down the spacebar. On a related note, all players must be inside a ship before departing from a space station.

Wonder does one of their writers play...

Lanfear's Bane.

Posted - 2006.04.22 11:25:00 - [2]

I wish the devs had posted that here. The number of players who would have tried some this would probably be mindboggling.

PS - yes, I think one of them must play the game. If they didn't, this wouldn't be as funny.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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