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Arabian Goggle
Baby Eating Robots
Posted - 2006.04.21 22:21:00 - [1]

Edited by: Arabian Goggle on 21/04/2006 22:25:12
Today I found an item I have been needing advertised in a forum. I expressed my wish to purchase said item and the individual sent me a paypal invoice/bill. Using some judgement (but I guess not enough) I decided to send the money thinking that it was only $50 and anyone looking to screw someone over would do it for much more than that (plus this was a law school forum where ethics SHOULD come into play). It has only been 4 hours or so since I sent the money but as soon as I did, the individual stopped responding to my emails (he was very quick before).

Now I know what I did probably wasn't the brightest thing I could have done. I took a risk. I am just wondering if anyone can give me any advice.

Posted - 2006.04.21 22:52:00 - [2]

Petition Paypal (item not received) and get them to refund the payment to you. You should not pay RL cash for items, it's against EULA.

Items for sale in the forums are for ISK and not RL cash or maybe trade for another item. Anyone asking for cash in those forums is breaking the terms of the EULA and should be reported to CCP.

Falke Chasseur

Posted - 2006.04.22 00:20:00 - [3]

He stated that it was a law school forum. Not the EVE-Forums, he was simply asking for advice in the Out of Pod area here.

Paypal are the people you wish to deal with on this. Let them know you sent the money but no merchandise or service was recieved. Also keep in mind, he may have a reason for not responding to the emails. Give him time, if after 24hrs you hear nothing from him, talk to Paypal.

Arabian Goggle
Baby Eating Robots
Posted - 2006.04.22 01:47:00 - [4]

Thanks for the help guys, I am going to give him a little while before I begin the resolution process.


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