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Deka Ekato
Posted - 2006.04.18 11:35:00 - [1]

Hey guys I hope someone can give me some info and advice about this mission. I have been doing Level 1 missions and all the info I have found concerning this mission is based on people who have received this mission after doing Level 4 missions.
Some questions that I have :-
1. Is this mission easier for a Level 1 mission runner?
2. Can it be done in a destroyer.
Any info, help and advice would be truly appreciated. Thanks.

The Shield
Posted - 2006.04.18 14:16:00 - [2]

I've done the lvl 4 related mission; so i could only explain this one to you and suggest you to warp in a shuttle, and verify the first stage.

A Case Of Kidnapping: 5 stages
1) 3 EoM bs, initial aggro (entire stage)
2) 3 Spots, lot of EoM bs + small sized ships, no aggro
3) 4 Spots, lot of EoM bs + small sized ships, no aggro
4) 3 Spots, lot of Mercenary + small sized mercs, aggro (4 bs)
5) 1 Spot, 6 sentry, 1 EoM Behemoth, full aggro

Try the first gate, and check.
I hope (for a lvl 1 runner) the missions maybe different. :)

See Ya

Posted - 2006.04.18 14:38:00 - [3]

Edited by: Topodo on 18/04/2006 14:39:05
When I helped a corpmate with this, in the Mercenary pocket, ALL Mercenaries agroed when we fired on the BS's, so we ended up suiciding a bunch of light and medium drones to clear it.

EDIT: Oh, you got this at level 1? I hope you got "The Kidnapping" and not "A Case of Kidnapping"

Solahn Merav
Posted - 2006.04.18 17:33:00 - [4]

This mission isn't too bad if you take some time with it. The first few rooms shouldn't be too difficult with a decent frig and skills. I used a tristan with 125 mm rails and 2 missile launchers, plus my trusty drone.

The 3rd room is the one I think you may have a hard time with as there are several merc fighters, an elite merc fighter and several merc rookies. The merc fighters will be using missiles on you which will take down your defenses pretty. The way I did this was to launch my drone as soon as I entered the area, target one merc fighter until it was dead, then go after the next couple if my shields/armor were holding up. If I couldn't handle it, I would warp out leaving my drone to fight on while I repaired. Eventually, the fighters will be dead and the rookies pop pretty easy. The last room is one npc and really pretty easy.

Deka Ekato
Posted - 2006.04.19 11:12:00 - [5]

Thanks for the info guys. I finished this mission last night, in a destroyer. I can only assume that the dificulty of the mission is dependant from which level agents you are doing. To clear things, geting this mission from doing Level 1 agent missions is doable in a destroyer. Just inspect the situation and act quickly when entering the a new room, (staying at long range with railguns helps imho), and when you kill everything take your time to collect the dropped can loot, to recharge shields/capacitor/armor, (no respawns occured to me anyway, but I do suggest to stay alert for any, just in case).
And yes, in the 3rd (?), room find the merc fighters first and quickly and kill them fast. Their missiles pack a punch.

The Riot Formation
Posted - 2006.04.19 13:12:00 - [6]

the 4th stage in on the amarr version is nasty as everything aggro's you there's 6 overlords 13 merc commanders and we had 8 merc wingmen.....if you dont fire on the initial group that aggro's you which is the first 4 overlords but just tank them and move away you can at least get some distance between yourselfs and the rest of the group.alsohit the eom ogres first as they are the torp firing gheddons on the other lvls the last lvl is a walk in the compared to all the others


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