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Ixion Defence Systems
Posted - 2006.04.17 16:15:00 - [61]

Because they can.

Boob Heads
Fat Kids Cause Lag
Posted - 2006.04.17 16:20:00 - [62]

Tbh hacs are prices we are willing to pay so ppl should stop whining about prices as i for 1 am still willing to pay 200mil for my zealot

Ranger 1
Ranger Corp
Posted - 2006.04.17 17:17:00 - [63]

Edited by: Ranger 1 on 17/04/2006 17:27:31
Originally by: Jet Collins
Originally by: Haniblecter Teg

Look ******.

Naga, TRUST, and all the other T2 ship producers are charging moderate prices for the ships. Its the ****ing reselling players that are marking up the market. If you want a fair price, put an order in with the big producing alliances, dont go to the market.

I tried contacting All the "listed" builder for a vaga for thier prices and if they had any other options avaiable and "no" one replied.
So my only option is the Market. I tried contacting them to get a ship but I'm not going to jump through hoops just so they can make more isk with little effort.

Interesting. I personally would have suggested going to their well publicised web sites and actually looked at the price list there... maybe even ordered one.

Nah, you're right, way too much trouble...

Where do those lazy lout's get off anyway? Selling for 1/3 of the market price, with 100's of people on the waiting list. You'd think those greedy fellows would be eager to bump you to the head of the line.

Talk about nerve. Obviously they are the one's to blame for the current situation. And you are quite right about making not making it easy for them to make that money. I'm quite sure it's much easier for them to create a web site and order system (not to mention charging a reasonable price to begin with), than it would be to just dump them on escrow or the market at full normal price.

They are pure evil I tell you...

Yes, I sometimes use heavy sarcasm as a learning tool.

Jet Collins
Dynamic Endeavors
Posted - 2006.04.17 17:22:00 - [64]

Edited by: Jet Collins on 17/04/2006 17:29:28
Originally by: Ranger 1

Interesting. I personally would have suggested going to their well publicised web sites and actually looked at the price list there... maybe even ordered one.

Nah, you're right, way too much trouble...

I recal going to Naga and Star websites. Thanks how I got the contacts. No responce. As for place to order if I saw a place to order or a price that they are selling at I probably would have. So either thier was no place to order, I was on some other random sight of thiers, or I didn't want to make an order because thier wasn't enough information ie price location or what not.

Disregard Smile I just remember by going to thier sight. I do my shopping in game via market. out of gave via website forum. I can not place a order via website unless I log in in game. I don't want to browes websites while in game... I want to play. Smile So yes to much trouble Smile
But thanks.Very Happy

On a side note if there are suppost to me x amount of BPO for HAS why are thier only a couple corps listed as builders? I would assume thier are more than 2 BPO for the Vaga but thats how it appears via the T2 ship index and t2 ship producer list. So where are all the other BPO Wink

At this point I really don't care about getting one. I'm just trying to compleat my Minmatar t2 collection Wink.

Ranger 1
Ranger Corp
Posted - 2006.04.17 17:29:00 - [65]

I edited my post evidently while you were typing yours. Sorry about that.

If you aren't sure where to order, a question to them in the appropriate portion of this forum should recieve response if nothing else.

Jet Collins
Dynamic Endeavors
Posted - 2006.04.17 17:31:00 - [66]

Edited by: Jet Collins on 17/04/2006 17:33:45
Thanks Ranger. I guess I just never make posts in the right place right time or they just don't like the way I request Smile I have also stated in my WTB orders that I am willing to wait a long time Wink

*Jet thinks he has been very accomidating in his requests ohh well Wink.

Ranger 1
Ranger Corp
Posted - 2006.04.17 17:32:00 - [67]

Most large manufacturers have more than one of those prints in production. Also, not all people wish to reveal to the public at large who they are for various reasons.

Silverleaf Foundation
Posted - 2006.04.17 17:51:00 - [68]

Just as a side note... it's funny how the people who say that rules and comparisons between social interaction and responsibilites between a MMO and real life don't just hold up (thus trying to defend griefing) then go on to defend HAC's and other T2 stuff's prices on the premises of real-life-like supply and demand example.

As for me, I don't think I'll be shelling out 200mil for a HAC any time soon, even when I'll have the skills. 20+mil for Enyo? Yeah. Whatever Eris goes for? Maybe, if I get the skills. 200mil for Astarte? Yeah, if I get the skills. Are the prices sane, however? Not really.

Then again just looking at the prices for faction ships, I guess it seems like CCP likes the high prices. Like some others, I'm a bit worried if the demand with the rising player amounts will in the end become so great compared to supply that you simply can't get a ship.

Shadow Mancer
Interstellar eXodus
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2006.04.17 17:52:00 - [69]

seriously if people can't afford one just because they are tight as*** than they shouldn't be playing with Elite ships. Now, for u poor souls that can't fly a techII Cruiser, wait till Test Server gets back up, u can get them there, last time I saw 100K units of vagabonds, munnins, zealots ...ect ect on open market at 100 ISK each.

Now u won't complain hey?

Eleis Machuron
Posted - 2006.04.17 18:40:00 - [70]

Originally by: Mikal Drey

3) EvE seems to be suffering from inflation average wallets are 50mil + and the market has adjusted accordingly

I'm still interested in seeing hard evidence of this. In the regions I've been monitoring, some items (HAS, AS) are increasing steadily in sale price while others (+3 implants, Interdictors) are decreasing.

Al Thorr
The Wheel
Posted - 2006.04.17 22:57:00 - [71]

Edited by: Al Thorr on 17/04/2006 22:57:50
Well I think we should be thankful that we only get the "High price Hac" whines weekly. When / If ccp tweak the demand situation its going to be the " Wahh Cant insure my Hac "Whine as more people will be losing them.

Oooh cant wait


Al Thorr

Guinea Pigs
Posted - 2006.04.17 23:00:00 - [72]

Who summoned me? Twisted Evil

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