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The Sp00Ks
Posted - 2006.04.11 15:35:00 - [61]

that gal thing looks hot.
really needs another angle though.
i visulaise it as being 3/4 the size of a mega and def only a blaster ship.

very nice.

Posted - 2006.04.11 15:44:00 - [62]

Hmm, looks like the minnie carrier still packs a real pumch in the old looks department.

Shame it's a bit like a blonde. Not much up top but it's not going to matter. (Untill the bugs are fixed.)

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2006.04.11 15:45:00 - [63]

Btw. people complain about the new ships being all-symmetrical and how boring it is etc... but this seems hard to tell from these single sketches, actually.

The Amarr battleships looks more like the whole middle part could be off-centre, with weight shifted to the left side (though it'd be quite unusual for Amarr ship to not be symmetrical)

the Gallente ship heck knows, we're presuming the nose is simple shape but for all we know it could as well be Megathron-like, not like it's possible to tell. Or the engine thrusters disc thing isn't symmetric but has different numbers of engines on ship sides, or engines are of different widths, or whatever.

The perspective view on the Minmatar ship also doesn't quite match, the bottom wing farther from camera is placed quite a bit too close. If i had to guess, it appears more like there's single 'full' wing going straight through middle of the ship, then there's copy of bottom part of that wing attached to edge on right side, and copy of 'top' part of middle wing attached on the left ship side.

Then again, it could be all wrong... guess will just wait and see o.O

Red Six
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2006.04.11 16:05:00 - [64]

I'm liking the Minmatar and Amarr ones but I'm feeling sad about the Gallente one.

The art for the Minmatar one makes it look more like it was designed by the same team that did the Thrasher and Cyclone instead of the team that did the rest. Gives it a bit more of a modern feel and I'm liking that.

The Sp00Ks
Posted - 2006.04.11 16:12:00 - [65]

Edited by: fairimear on 11/04/2006 16:13:26
the gallente one is uber.

the size of the engines are very explainable in the fact a blaster boat would need larger than normal thrust to close range.

the turrets i would move.
2 on sides and 2 on top front and back.

as for syimetric's of the ship, a fully symetrical gal BS would not suprise me as currently the gallente BS generaly are, this stands true for amarr to.

i imagine the texture to look much like the moros and brutix so i can't say anything but yay.

Any way i think the comunity should not have seen these yet.
all 3 are REALLY GOOD from a eve player and artists perspective and it would be a shame for any to get altered becuase of it.

The Priesthood
The 0rphanage
Posted - 2006.04.11 16:14:00 - [66]

I'm not sure why everyone likes the Amarr one so much. To me it seems like its... not Golden enough.

The Sp00Ks
Posted - 2006.04.11 16:15:00 - [67]

OOO and take a look at 8/15 the thantos art.
at the bottom there is a ship for scale.
can't say i recognise it, maybe the caldari BS?
looks caldari

Posted - 2006.04.11 16:28:00 - [68]

Edited by: Talren on 11/04/2006 16:32:50
No it is just the Gal Carrier from front and from right side.

My contribution:

Amarr: omg looks pretty good but not goldy enough :(

Gallente: could look good without the freaking "ring" in the middle.

Minmatar: omg so ugly :/ It looks as it was stolen from one of the very first James Bond movies a few decades ago :(

Epsilon 1
Posted - 2006.04.11 17:11:00 - [69]

Outstanding design Very Happy Love the amarr and the matari ships, gallente tier3 battleship on the other hand, looks like a buttplug Wink

The Scope
Posted - 2006.04.11 17:41:00 - [70]

The Gall one does kinda look like a snake that ate a dinner plate.

The xDEATHx Squadron
Legion of xXDEATHXx
Posted - 2006.04.11 17:48:00 - [71]

Originally by: Epsilon 1
Outstanding design Very Happy Love the amarr and the matari ships, gallente tier3 battleship on the other hand, looks like a buttplug Wink

Those with visions of buttplugs prolly need to reexamine their lifestyles.Laughing

Fat J
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2006.04.11 18:10:00 - [72]

Minnie - cool

Gallente - I want to see another angle, but could look very cool.

Amarr - WTF!!! This thing IS the Amarr Freightor. There isn't enough armor. Arbitrator, Curse, Geddon. THAT's what it should look like - lots of armor.

I have to agree with DC 110%. The Providence model should be the new Amarr BS while this thing should be the Amarr Freightr. Providence looks armored to the teeth. Thats what the new BS should look like too. It just doesn't look......defensible enough. I do like the solid feel of the craft though.

But if it's a drone boat that can tracking disrupt out to 200km....I will be flying it.


United Minmatar Nation Industries
Posted - 2006.04.11 18:40:00 - [73]

My 2 cents...

AMARR ship looks awsome. I quite like the short stockyness of it. It's a departure from the rest of the 'thin' amarr battleships. If this design sticks i'll train Amarr I think, I like it that much.

MINMATAR ship is dissapointing. Which is a big let down since i've been hoping they would do something really cool and instead we got a long poll with an engine at the back. I truthfully hate it. I think they should have gone more in line with the AMMAR design, only more 'minmatary' in design (yeah I just made that word up).

GALLENTE ship, well I don't really care about gallente because I think all of their ships are ugly, except for the brutix. In any event, even with the huge disk in the middle this ship looks like the best one in Gallaente's fleet.

At this point, i'm jealous of both AMARR, GALLANTE and CALADARI (and we haven't even seen theirs yet).

The minmatar ships are pretty ulgy, but the ones that look cool are really really awsome, like the TYPHOON and the FENIR, and maybe tempest. If this design makes it into the game i'll be dissapointed.... maybe I should just start teching up ammar now?

Haniblecter Teg
F.R.E.E. Explorer
The Initiative.
Posted - 2006.04.11 18:40:00 - [74]

That minnie seems to be too solid.

You need to make it more wispy.

United Minmatar Nation Industries
Posted - 2006.04.11 18:43:00 - [75]

.... oh, and I think these concept sketches are all pretty final. If you look at the rest of his sketches they are all very accurate of what the other ships look like in the game.

Rosalina Sarinna
Intergalactic Syndicate
Nulli Tertius
Posted - 2006.04.11 18:46:00 - [76]

Im in love with the Amarr BS ugh

Xori Ruscuv
Multiversal Enterprise Inc.
Cry Havoc.
Posted - 2006.04.11 18:50:00 - [77]

Originally by: Ruah Piskonit
Originally by: Dario Wall
The Amarr one almost looks like it might be a drone carrier...

That would be very nice.

I would cry... since my plan is to train up to use the Dominix, and then train for my geddon and apoc.

United Minmatar Nation Industries
Posted - 2006.04.11 19:14:00 - [78]

I just wanted to add that we should probably add our comments to the sketches on the artists site. It's easy to do, so drop him your thoughts/likes/dislikes on these designs. It's early enough it might make a difference.

My guess is he added these sketches as he did them, and he is probably working on the caldari one now which is why it's not there.

I still can't help but get the impression of 'strength' and 'power' when looking at the Amarr and Gallente battleships, but the Minmatar one just looks like a...a sissy... I can't think of any other word for it really. I just don't get the impression that it's 'mean'. And minmatar ships are supposed to be mean. If it gets the shaft on the fitting and bonuses then the playerbase is going to revolt.

Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2006.04.11 20:17:00 - [79]

Minmatars revolt?
Surely not! Laughing

*starts saving for the new Amarr BS*

Glarion Garnier
Thermal reaction
Posted - 2006.04.11 20:26:00 - [80]

Originally by: Boonaki
With the Trinity upgrade the graphics should blow every other game away, when eve first came out it killed all the other MMOGs away.

Lets hope they can do it again.

I just wish they made Widescreen rosolution option.
I saw the WOW on a DELL 20" widescreen at 1600x1xxx something like that . IT looked very sweet.

Auctoritan Syndicate
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2006.04.11 20:34:00 - [81]

Doesn't EVE run on any resolution?

Litus Arowar
Posted - 2006.04.11 20:39:00 - [82]

the amarr design and minmatar design look almost like they switched engineers...

I'm already not a fan of the need for certain amarr ships to have metal "framework" sticking out (executioner, apocalypse), but I am a big fan of long swooping sections of armor... this new design makes me kinda glad that I don't fly BSs... I like the overall areas where the armor is, I think that is a cool shape, but I think that the inner sections need to be a little more armored as well... reminds me of the Fifth Element Gun

the minmatar one does nothing for me... but neither do most other minmatar designs (except the slasher, stabber, and rifter)

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2006.04.11 20:44:00 - [83]

"Doesn't EVE run on any resolution?"

Think it does... it works for me at least, can select modes like 1280 x 7xx which are widescreen ratio... and it works fine o.O;

United Minmatar Nation Industries
Posted - 2006.04.11 20:58:00 - [84]

Another point I want to make is that of the 3 ships, the minmatar has the least ammount of detail. It looks like it was designed in a rush and little to no thought went into it. Like he didn't care.

Because seriously the other 2 ships there have enourmous amounts of detail in the drawing and you can tell alot more attention and care was used in making them.

Here's how he made this....

"hrmmmm" ::draws straight line::
"ummhrmmm" ::adds sails to straight line::

hired goon
Posted - 2006.04.11 21:01:00 - [85]

All these designs are bad, very bad.

Posted - 2006.04.11 21:54:00 - [86]

Originally by: hired goon
All these designs are bad, very bad.

Why do you say so?

Rosalina Sarinna
Intergalactic Syndicate
Nulli Tertius
Posted - 2006.04.11 21:58:00 - [87]

Originally by: hired goon
All these designs are bad, very bad.

Thats not fair to say unless you can give detail as to why they dont suit their faction / role or whatever.

RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2006.04.11 22:04:00 - [88]

mmmm i hope thats not the Final Concept.

Amarr -Wheres the Front??
Minmatar-looks like a Robotics Dog
Gallente -is ok but why so big in the middle?

I hope Very Happy

Destructive Influence
IT Alliance
Posted - 2006.04.11 22:17:00 - [89]

I like the 8 turret points on the Amarr oneCool

Osirians Of Eve
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2006.04.11 22:31:00 - [90]

I rather like the looks of all three, though I certainly hope there's a bit more to the Gallente design than we can see from that angle. It does look suspiciously like something you'd buy at an Adult store.

The partial armor on the Amarr design almost makes me think it's being designed around med slots for shield tanking or something wierd like that, with the armor it has being vestigial and more to maintain a somewhat traditional appearance.

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