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CCP Tuxford

Posted - 2006.03.16 09:24:00 - [1]

We've been making some changes last few days. They are nowhere near ready but since you're probably just going to extract this from the database I'm probably just better off telling you about them.

It's not really a far off from being a good ship. The optimal range bonus is mostly wasted on it so we've changed it to launcher rate of fire. It still has that split weapon system you hate so much but you should be more satisfied with the damage output of it.

Tachyon Beams
They're not really worth fitting over mega beams right now. The damage output has been increased slightly, the tech 1 from 4.25 to 4.5.

Tracking Bonuses
They are not really that good so they are getting increased. All bonuses that were 5% per level are now 7.5% per level and those that were 7.5% per level are 10% per level.

Assault Ships
There is not going to be any drastic assault ship overhaul but there are some frigs we are going to give a slight boost to keep them inline with other assault ships. The ones we're giving a boost are Vengeance, Hawk and Jaguar. Again I remind you that this is nowhere near final.

Vengeance - It has the damage output of a wet paper towel. Well not really but it still a bit odd that it doesn't have a single damage bonus. The cap recharge rate bonus has been replaced with small laser damage bonus.

Hawk - Its going to be a missile assault ship. Its gettting 4 missile hardpoints, the launcher rate of fire bonus changed to a 5% kinetic missile damage and the hybrid optimal changed to either missile velocity or missile damage. As it is now both bonuses are damage.

Jaguar - We've changed the projectile optimal range bonus to ship velocity, The Jaguar then becomes kind of a hybrid between an interceptor and an assault ships. It could also do with a tiny bit of cpu upgrade.

Coming up

I'm locking this thread, not because I don't care what you have to say but because these are so many changes that this thread would just look silly if we were trying to discuss all the changes. If you want to speak about something specific in this list just check if there is an existing thread about it and post there, if not start your very own.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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