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Zhorik Valley
Posted - 2006.03.14 01:34:00 - [1]

Interbus crew stranded in the warzone between the two warring gang factions. I am supposed to pick them up from the research outpost...

I am consentrating on "learning" right now, so I don't have the "skills", but I really have had no problems in any of the previous missions untill "Worlds Collide". I just get torn apart (a couple of missiles and my shields & armor are gone) this mission feels waaaaaaaay out of my league. Is this normal for Level 1? Do missions get progressively more difficult?

This same mission was offered to me by a "-8" quality agent and by the "16" quality agent.

Posted - 2006.03.14 04:10:00 - [2]

This is probably the hardest lvl 1 mission. If it is too tough for you, just refuse it and get another mission.

Note that the gates in this mission are unlocked. So you can just fly to the first gate, activate it, then fly to the second gate, activate it, then rescue the crew after killing off the enemies in the third area. You don't have to kill everything. If you are not yet tough enough to absorb all the damage running from gate to gate, I would recommend giving this mission a miss.

Schlieren Altiprlayle
Posted - 2006.03.14 06:51:00 - [3]

only thing that even comes remotely close is a lvl 1 storyline mission relatively similar, where you just keep getting thrown in <10km from the rats

all you have to do when you warp into that second zone is double click anywhere that is as far away from most of the rats as possible, find the rats with missiles and kill them off first, then you can hunt and peck the rest, they don't aggro all at once

once you get a frig requiring lvl 3 for your race you should be all square on that mission

Posted - 2006.03.14 14:42:00 - [4]

Edited by: Fiacra on 14/03/2006 14:42:34

Ok, fit an afterburner. When you warp to the first set of gates, take the left on. Cartel something I think. Then as soon as you get to the next level, hit the ab and move away from the rats. Draw the rats away from the gate. Then make a run for the gate and go the next level. The rats here are easy. But keep moving away from the main body so you have less aggroed. Then just pick up the marines and you are done.

Sable Moran
Moran Light Industries
Posted - 2006.03.14 15:23:00 - [5]

Get a destroyer, seriously. The learning skills aren't so important that you couldn't get skills to fly a decent ship first.

Another possibility is to get your friends or somebody in local to help you out. After all this is a MMOG. Right?

Zhorik Valley
Posted - 2006.03.15 01:29:00 - [6]

Thank you for the input guys, I really appreciate it.

Dratr Calrin
Alphard Trading Group
Posted - 2006.03.15 01:36:00 - [7]

Edited by: Dratr Calrin on 15/03/2006 02:56:16
You can't run a destroyer, the mission calls for only runnig a frigate.

Sorry, I take that back, you can use a destroyer. I just used my Catalyst to run the mission, not sure why the mission says you can only use a frigate.

Minmatar Munitions and Tactical Assets Repository
Posted - 2006.03.15 05:46:00 - [8]

Main thing on this mission is to forget about getting kills unless you have to or want the bounties and have a ship that can handle the heat.

Srvin Taisorgky
Posted - 2006.03.15 07:11:00 - [9]

I am also concentrating on learning. I don't know what race you are, I'm Caldari. Managed to do it in a "suicide Kessie" with low missile skills (think it was kin/therm). (Really got the kessie so I could do courier missions) No AB, only a shield extender, 2 passive hardeners, 2 pds1, 4 missile launchers.

Got the mission twice, first time had to warp out a few times, the second time worked okay. Went into armor the first time, with the low skills I had to keep between 10-20km range on targets and just took out one at a time, unless they had low hit points.

A wild mission all the less.

Ohmy Fugod
Posted - 2006.03.15 08:36:00 - [10]

I found this one very hard too, until I realized the worst punch they packed was when you found yourself within 7.000mtrs or less from them (specially wreckers).

Try to keep yourself out of range. I had a Merlin with Navigation II at the moment, which meant 251 m/sec, and did just fine :-)

OH and this is very important... the base is the hardest part by far... activating the first warp gate can be done without even engaging them, and the last part (where the crew is) is easy as hell, there're a million ships but they don't cause dmg even at close range.

Hope this helped!

JP Beauregard
Pilkington Communications
Posted - 2006.03.15 11:14:00 - [11]

There is a very simple way of doing this mission successfully every time: Don't shoot anything you don't need to shoot, fit an afterburner and make a run for the gates.

Sure, I did take armor damage in the second stage when I tested this mission with a nublet char in a Condor but by the time I was in the third room, my shields had been restored and never were in any danger afterwards.

Time to completion: 5 minutes.

Ashen Vigilant
Posted - 2006.03.15 17:59:00 - [12]

Edited by: Ashen Vigilant on 15/03/2006 18:11:47
I completed this mission on day 10 of my trial period (read: I am a n00b) without too much trouble. I just reorganized my Tristan to handle all the dmg it could. It seems like the pirates use thermal dmg lasers mostly.
2 X 100mm titanium armor plates, 1 X 100mm nano fiber armor plates
1 X Heat Dissipation Shield I, 1 X Shield amplifier v. thermal (forget the exact name, 1 hydrazine afterburner
2 X "Malkuth(?)" Missile Launchers (1st with sabertooth missiles loaded, 2nd with flameburst missiles loaded) (two slots left open due to CPU/Power limits)

I cleared all the Blood-something pirates on the right side and avoided the large group of Serpentis on the left in the intial area. After jumping to the Blood base you have to activate the heat shield and the afterburner and make a run for the gate. I took about half or 3/4 of my shield dmg before hitting the jump. When you hit the next area it's a matter of kiting away anything that latches on to you after jumping and then systematically kiting and killing the rest of the pirates there. This is why the extra armor is crucial b/c there are a lot of them to handle in a frigate at once. It may actually be doable to kite the initial pirates away and then sneak in and grab the passengers and then warp out wihtout clearing the whole area. All in all the it's the most fun I've had on a misson so far. (the "A Case of Kidnapping" was also pretty fun)

Ichijo Hikaru
Posted - 2006.03.15 20:15:00 - [13]

it's doable solo. i finished it last night with a Kestrel with 3 launchers, a 1MN AB, and a Civ shield booster.

it got crazy the first time, since i didn't know what to expect and you end up warping in the middle of 2 clumps of rats. just hit your ab, shield booster and head for a clear area while kiting the closest.

Posted - 2006.03.16 09:16:00 - [14]

I do it everytime with my merlin : 2x railguns and 2x standard missile launcher, 1 named shield booster, 1 shield hardener, 1 sensor booster (against target jammers), and 1 module that gives me bit more of "cpu" to use ;)
When i get to the second stage i just run out of range while i'm killing first the jammers then the others... If i'm really unlucky and target jammers get me too many times i warp out and come back but it seldom happens
However it seems you can do it with a destroyer and i have yet to try that ;)
With my merlin i get each time the reward bonus of course ;)

Re-Awakened Technologies Inc
Posted - 2006.03.17 08:25:00 - [15]

I was given this mission and so this was my result:

Number of times limped back to base in flames: 5
Number of ships lost: 2 (Frigate + Battleship)
Total ISK lost including time wasted: 1.8 Mil.

I don't think it's made very clear how to do the mission successfully. You simply cannot take on everything that's hostile to you, you'll be rip to shreds. I know, I tried 4 different fittings including shield tanking and everytime I got beaten bad. Furthermore there is not enough intel about where to find the crew members. I took the first gate and then kept searching for somethinto pop up on my overview meanwhile I was getting bombarded to bits.

Solahn Merav
Posted - 2006.03.17 17:27:00 - [16]

To make this mission easy as possible, I would first suggest you get the afterburner skill.

When I did this mission the first time, I picked one gate and got dumped into the middle of a group of rats who quickly finished me off. Coming back the second time in a new ship, I chose the other gate and found I was in a clear space of sorts and managed to get to the second gate without much hassle using my afterburner. The third room has a bunch of rats in it, but like someone mentioned above, they are pretty easy to take out and don't do much damage.

So, if you find yourself in the middle of a bunch of rats, pick the other gate next time and see if it buys you some breathing room.

Wild Fox
Posted - 2006.03.17 17:40:00 - [17]

Level 1 Worlds Collide is easy in a proper ship.

I had a missile Kestrel with only three missile launchers (no powergrid for the fourth one), an AB, a small shield extender and a shield booster.

Everything in that mission is perfectly well kiteable.

Aggro one bunch of rats at a time, fly away from them maintaining the distance (which should be right at the edge of your missile envelope) and shoot them down one by one. Some will MWD into range so continue to run away and shoot them first.

I don't really recommend attempting to tank them all at once in a T1 frig -- there are a bunch of rocket frigates there (wreckers, I think) and they are very painful up close. If you kite they never even get a single shot off.

Wangoze Tango
Posted - 2006.03.21 13:12:00 - [18]

Commorant with afterburner finishes World's Collide easy. I learned this after losing 2 kessy's and a merlin. Very Happy

Posted - 2006.03.21 13:25:00 - [19]

being french i dont know if hte pirates are the same, but having done this mission 4 times now i can tell you that the angel gate 1 has fewer pirates do less damage behind it. and gate 2 leads back to cheap 2 shotkill rats. also i recomend a destroyer with fully loaded rails on it. it sounds crazy but i know from exp that it will kill them faster then they can damage you.

Bindusara Pieterzoon
University of Caille
Posted - 2006.03.21 13:51:00 - [20]

For this mission of for the "A case of Kidnapping" I can easly do them both in a tank set up Destroyer (Catalyst), though it cost me a few ships to get it right (I hate to run from a fight Mad ).

My latest set up is this (previous was 8 125mm w/Plut ammo):
1 75mm Scout
1 75mm Protype
5 125mm railgun
1 150mm railgun
Ammo: All Plut.

High Slots:
2 small shield extenders (you could go 1 med and 1 small as well)

Low Slots:
1 100MM armor (Tungeston I think? its +150 armor)
1 Inefiecent (sp?) armor repairer
1 Field Stabilizer (Weapon multiplier damage increase by 1.something)
Originally I used two 50mm armor plates instead of the Field Stabilizer.

As most people have stated however the strategy is the most important. For me I come in and imediatly pick the spot with the least amount of enemies and head that way. I only go after things that have become agroed on me and the first to die are the missile ships. On worlds collide sometimes I have to jump out once to repair armor and shield damage if I get unlucky and get to many things agroed. The trick is to remeber that you can always come back to finish whats left, and if you do survive the jump in let your shield, armor, and power regenerate before jumping the next set of pirates.

Good luck and Good hunting.

Posted - 2006.03.21 13:59:00 - [21]

I did this as a total noob with a Tristan and no problems at all.

I have a setup like this

2 Limited Electron Blaster hybrid thingies
Missile Launcher
2 Civ Shield Boosters
100mm Carbide/Crystalline or something Nanofiber Plate
Newbie afterburner thingie
a Drone

Headed straight for closest gate since all enemies were very far away anyway.

In second room headed to the gate and just shot down anything that got in my way.

In the last room I went to the pickup thingie and again just shot anything which got in my way.

Got mauled somewhat hard but my setup seemed to be able to tank it until I had it under control.

Still using the setup and I love when I get this mission since the rewards are so much better than other L1 missions I've gotten.

velmistr Ecco
InNova Tech Inc
Detrimental Imperative
Posted - 2006.03.21 15:40:00 - [22]

Edited by: velmistr Ecco on 21/03/2006 15:42:13
Problem is that many people think the mission must be done in frigate. I lost 3 merlins in this mission and I made it only with help. However I'm getting better and better :)

When you arrive into gurista base you cannot go straitly to research gate with your frigate - AB won't help. On the other hand you can fly away and clear the rats. There is only one dangerous ship in this part - it is the one in the group next to research gate. So I would recomend avoid that ship or take it down fast.

My setup: Merlin, 2 railguns 125mm I, 2 Missile launchers, 1 small shield booster, 1MN AB I, 2 Power Diagnostic System I.

However this mission is also lvl2 mission (I got exactly the same from lvl2 agent).

I would like to know whether it is a bug or feature that you don't need to sit in frigate class ship.Question

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2006.03.21 16:45:00 - [23]

What agent gave you guys this mission? I did it on my 1st free trial and would like to do it again since I bought the game. It was the only level 1 mission that gave me any sort of challenge in my Rifter.

Fatima Nefestis
Posted - 2006.03.22 01:56:00 - [24]

I've done this one four, maybe five times; on each occasion it's been Angel Cartel vs. Sansha's Nation, I presume there are variations involving different pirate factions if you're working for a different faction's agent or in another part of the map. Over 75% of my ~800K skill points are in Learning skills, so I'm by no means a combat monster for my 'age.'

I've tried it in both an Incursus and a Punisher, and was able to complete the Angel Cartel section without too much trouble. The Sansha's Nation portion of the map is, in my experience, a lot tougher; I wasn't able to do it in an Incursus, but I had better results in a Punisher and was able to kill everything except the Sansha's Demon (which I believe was as much to do with my ship setup as anything else; I was configured for extreme close range only).

The rewards are definitely worth the increased risk - with roughly a quarter of a million ISK on offer as the total of the reward and bonus, plus the significant number of bounties you'll rack up over the course of the mission and the various loot items you'll gather, I think this is easily the most profitable level 1 kill mission, on a per mission basis - can't comment on per time as honestly I don't concern myself with how much ISK I make per hour as much as I do the total I log off with at the end of the night and the amount of fun I had in the process.

Admittedly, it does hit you like a sledgehammer to the face after the cakewalk that most level 1 kill missions prove to be.

Posted - 2006.03.22 02:12:00 - [25]

There are two ways to do this mission, in an assult frig, or with friends.

Posted - 2006.03.22 12:45:00 - [26]

I've done this mission easely with my catalyste. I have a spare Ship's crew saved, in escrow.

Infinity's End
Posted - 2006.03.24 04:59:00 - [27]

I can do this mission easily in an Atron. The Atron has been my favorite frig, although I am fond of the Probe as well. I am a noob with a good bit invested in learning skills, but I do I have Navigation 4 and Evasive Manuveuring 4, and Afterburner 2. So with an AB I am doing 1000+ m/s with a signature of 33. I just ignore the mobs in the first two rooms by going straight for the gates, then I kill all the mobs in the last room. I rarely get hit by anything. I use a 125 and 75 mm rail gun, orbit set at 5 km. I use a nano hull and a power control in low spot, and afterburner with a shield booster in mids.

The isk reward for this mission has been very good to me....

plus its fun to fly fast.

Posted - 2006.03.24 15:28:00 - [28]

I posted a couple days back about this (Look for thread: "level 1 deadspace recue"...couldn't remember the name of the mission when I posted).

I beat it yesterday solo after suffering my first ship loss! Here are some notes from a fellow new person:

My setup:
2x Standard Missile I
2x 75mm Railgun I (maybe Scout Accelerators...getting mixed up with the ship I lost)
Shield Extender I
Shield Booster I
Afterburner I (1MN)
(a mid I can't recall...something that boosts cap rechg, I think)
2x Power Diagnostic System

  • I had to train some skills to between attempts to be able to fit the 2 PDS
  • I've found that focusing on Learning is good, but take a break and train some skills like those in the Engineering and Missiles categories.
  • I originally thought I'd be cute and use Sabretooth missiles to kill the bad guys' shields, then let the guns take out their armor/structure. Second time around, I just used Bloodclaws. Things went a LOT better.
  • Kite a bit...with my setup, I used Keep At Range once one of them were within 15km and turned on my missiles. Had some trouble with my ship stopping once that target was destroyed, but by then a lot of them were closer, so I switched to orbiting at 10km.
  • First time, I went towards the Cartel gate. Second time I went to the Gurista gate. Don't know if that made a difference or not. I also don't know if the factions change depending on agent, region, etc.

That's all I can think of. I'm still new, so I'm in high-sec Calderi space a lot. Drop me a line if you want backup.

Mindstar Technology
The Kano Organisation
Posted - 2006.03.24 15:45:00 - [29]

Been playing Eve since November I think and I have plenty of combat skills. Was doing lvl1 all last night and got this one to do. Up till then it was a piece of cake then I jumped into this one and was like.... errrr.... where are my shields going?

No biggy tho as I was in my merlin and have good gunnery and missile skills and I can more or less instapop the rats. Still tho for someone totally new with few combat skills I'd say this mission would be a bit of a shock.

My set up was
2*125 rails
2*standard launchers

Small Shield booster
1mn AB

Mag stab and RCU

David Gryss
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2006.03.24 17:15:00 - [30]

I did this mission (fairly easily) in a Merlin with:

2x 125mm Railgun I
2x Standard Missile Launchers
1x Small Shield Booster I
1x Civilian Afterburner
1x Civilian Armor Repair Module
No more than 60,000 SP

Just warp out if it gets too hot, repair your damage with the shield booster/armor repair, warp in, and keep fighting. This lvl 1 mission is worth a ton of ISK (especially if you kill the pirates for their bounties).

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