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Ars ex Discordia
Posted - 2006.03.13 07:19:00 - [1]

Hi folks,

It took a long time given my trader/hauler tendencies but yesterday was my first true pvp experience in EVE and I have to say it was an enormous rush. I started the game hauling, worked my way up to a covert ops ship to make for easy travel for trading/hauling and then got a stealth bomber for use down in 0.0 (as it was the easiest/fastest thing to train at that point that could do some decent damage).

So yesterday I was joining up with one of my corp’s gangs – first time I am on AND there is a gang going as I am in an off time zone from my corp mates generally - and was working my way up to their location. I hear on vent some battles and am dying to get there. I get into the system next to them and hear of another approaching enemy from a covops pilot 2 jumps away. I am frantically trying to get through into their system now so I can join up and be ready and waiting with them.

Then, just as I get 15km from the gate (I have not been through this route so don’t have an insta), I hear they are engaging him on the other side. I am excited but bummed as figure I am missing it. So close! Or am I? I decide to just sit 15km out as I am the only person in the system anyway just on the odd chance the enemy makes it to the gate and jumps in.

Lo and behold, he is in what must be a pretty quick cruiser (Thorax) and does indeed make the gate and jumps. I am hearing screams on vent about getting after him etc etc – I don’t even think my gangmates realize I am actually sitting on the other side waiting….in a cruise missile toting stealth bomber no less.

So the beautiful (in this case) to my ears gate activation sound goes and now I know this guy is in the system with me. My heart rate now explodes with a huge rush of adrenaline. All I can think is ‘don’t screw this up’, ‘make sure you get him targeted and hit’ and ‘hope someone comes thru to scramble him’ or he might just warp away from me faster than I can even lock him (I swapped out a sensor booster on the way up for more damage via a ballistic control unit not expecting to need massively quick locks).

I don’t quite think about it at the time that I do not even know what kind of ship it is – as I was in such a rush to get there – and that it might be something that could explode me rapidly being in a soft and squishy stealth bomber. I also don’t think about what I enjoy thinking about now – what the other guy must have been thinking as he came into the system probably ecstatic at getting through to the gate to jump………..only to get into the new system and already see a red square waiting. I doubt he would have been taking the time to check out what ship I had but I also enjoy thinking that he did – because I know if I had made it through and then on the other side quickly pulled up what was there waiting for me and saw it was a stealth bomber I would not have been happy! A huge ‘yes, I made it!’ followed by ‘oh, this might not end so well’.

Anyways, so he is now in the system and has not decloaked, seems to be taking a few seconds as he checks the situation – although he must be wanting to just warp to a random planet or something I would think. Fortunately one of our other pilots who was tackling must have been right on the gate as about 2 seconds after his warp in sound there was another from the tackler coming in.

Another second or so passes and he show up in local – clearly the tackler following him in got him to decide to get moving as soon as possible; maybe seeing me there caused him a bit of pause as well. I quickly click on him to target him and watch as the lock countdown starts. A fraction of a second later the tackler also decloaks and is attempting to scramble. He is set for fast tackling so I hear he has a scramble on him a moment before I have a lock. Once I see lock I hit my hot keys for launching some cruise missile goodness at him………….only to have the hostile act warning button show up!

Salacious Kitten
Posted - 2006.03.13 07:20:00 - [2]

After a 0.1 second heart-attack I quickly click’yes’ (can you tell I have never actually fired a weapon at another player as of this point?!) and hear the soothing sounds of 2 cruises racing out of the missile bays – normally only ever heard when I was ratting. This time it is infinitely sweeter.

Suffice it to say, I am in heaven now knowing that he is scrambled and that I am definitely going to be hitting this guy as 15kms out is only 3 seconds from me with the cruise missile speeds and with 3 ballistic control units in low slots they are definitely going to leave a mark. My heart rate is now probably heart attack inducing were I an 80 year old person and I can feel blood racing and my head pounding. This is probably the hugest adrenaline rush I think I have experienced. Normally you ‘expect’ your big events so the rush is large and sustained as opposed to huge and all at once. This being an all at once rush was just total wow – biggest wow ever I think let alone playing a ‘silly computer game’. Bigger I think or at least as big, going from memory, as the first time I did a skydive from 15,000 feet. The skydive I had time to anticipate – this just came on me all at once.

So anyways, cruise missiles are away and by now I am hearing lots of warp ins and starting to see some nice purple gangmate boxes show up. My cruises are the first thing to hit and the first wave take out half his shields or more. By now the second wave of cruises are away and some of the fast lockers have got some additional ordinance in the air but I think I still hit for the first and second volleys (4 cruises at this point). Shields are gone now and so is a fat chunk of armor. Now everyone is piling on so that armor is going faaaaaaast. Hull does not even have time to show up as a moving bar – it just disappears.

And then, as you all know, there is a beautiful ‘popping’ sound and the rush is huge. Best of all, moments later I notice my mail box flashing – seems my third volley (or fourth, I have no idea as I lost track in the excitement) got the final blow. So not only do I get my first pvp experience, and live, and be involved in the kill – I get the killmail as well!

I am so proud of it I am tempted to print it and frame it! I am not even sure my gangmates quite realized what happened as I am sure it was all a purple box missile/laser fest but it felt GREAT to be sitting on the other side of that gate knowing I was going to get to be hitting a guy for fat damage as the rest came racing in – with them not even really knowing I was there waiting already. And of course, thinking about the ‘oh crap’ the other guy must have been thinking as he got through only to see a lone red box sitting 15km away….in a stealth bomber!

So there you have it – first pvp and boy what a day. It really hits home how cool this game is when this kind of thing happens all the time – and I am only just getting started. Granted, this was not a one on one type thing so a purest may not call it pvp but it was close enough for me…..and I will get some one on one eventually I am sure.

Thanks EVE!

Ars ex Discordia
Posted - 2006.03.13 07:21:00 - [3]

Sorry, in my haste to fix an overflow of text I posted with an alt for the second half.

Posted - 2006.03.13 07:38:00 - [4]

I had the hostile warning box come up on me after I cleared my cache. Saw a ebil pirate with a bounty on his head go past me in a shuttle with no insta, but he was saved by the box Embarassed

Herko Kerghans
Posted - 2006.03.13 07:48:00 - [5]

Congrats on your first adrenaline high! Very Happy

First one is surely the best.

Posted - 2006.03.13 07:58:00 - [6]

I remember my first PvP encounter as well, I could barely press the correct buttons as I was so shaken from the experience. I still feel a bit that way, but only in very small amounts Razz

Anyways, very nice story.

Posted - 2006.03.13 08:13:00 - [7]

funny reading, nice post, and welcome to the fun part off eve =)

Copine Callmeknau
Kangaroos With Frickin Lazerbeams
The KWFL Republic
Posted - 2006.03.13 08:37:00 - [8]

Lucky you only had cruise missiles to sort out, the first time I engaged in PvP I forgot to both web and scramble my opponent Confused

Posted - 2006.03.13 09:05:00 - [9]

gratz on the kill but ... net time you rly want somùe more distance between you and the nme. if i had been that thorax, the moment i jump trough and see an sber at 15 i would go for it big time why? sbers do huge dmg but r frail. thrax gets mwd bonus so he'll be next to you in mere seconds. if you are popped , he has more of chance to stand up vs other peeps.

tackler was probably an inty wich is also very frail. if the thorax used light drones that inty would have been toast .

but if and if = if

fact remains you popped him

congratz on the kill

Azeroth Uluntil
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2006.03.13 09:46:00 - [10]

I remember my first pvp battle as well... Condor vs condor. Took half an hour to end(we kept missing due to speeds) but eventually came out as a win.

Don't get an adreneline rush anymore as pvp is part of my daily routine, but it's still fun to get hate mail and watch people whine in local. :D

Unfortunatly, due to the large amount of stabs in the game, I am forced to fly almost strictly with a gang...

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2006.03.13 09:57:00 - [11]

That's what keeps most of us playing EVE, that adrenaline rush you get with no other game

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2006.03.13 10:12:00 - [12]

Nice read :)

Good to see that you enjoyed it so much, may you have many more adrenaline pumping encounters ;)


Grumpy Old Farts
Posted - 2006.03.13 10:30:00 - [13]

yeah nice read, glad you enjoyed the experience.

I've been PvPing for some time now and when ournumbered I always get the same rush, it's fantastic Very Happy

Ars ex Discordia
Posted - 2006.03.13 11:24:00 - [14]

Edited by: Eudoxus on 13/03/2006 11:27:51
Edited by: Eudoxus on 13/03/2006 11:25:19
Yea, I have my doubts that he actually did check out my ship. I suspect he was thrilled to have made it to the gate to jump into my system and was entirely focused on getting away from the pile of people that were after him.

I would think one would have to be extremely cool under fire to:

1) get through a usually certain death scenario
2) arrive on the other side alive
3) see a ship
4) decide to check IT out knowing full well there are pile of people behind him
5) figure out what it is
6) ponder ones odds at taking it
7) determine it is indeed a) defeatable and b) defeatable in a very very short amount of time given the hoards coming through after him
8) do the math of his ship 100% certain to be lost if he stays versus the value of taking out this other ship

Personally, from the one time I have actually had something hit my ship the only thing I was thinking was WARP WARP WARP YOU SLOW FRIGGIN MAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOTTTTTTHHHHHHHH

Veto Corp
Posted - 2006.03.13 12:51:00 - [15]

Originally by: Eudoxus
Sorry, in my haste to fix an overflow of text I posted with an alt for the second half.

In my haste to read excitedly the continued text, I never even noticed.

I've never had a rush from any other game like I have with Eve.
I still get the shakes from time to time, but I don't log on as much as I used to so the intervals between the PvP are getting longer.

Luminara Jedrick
Celestrial Angels
Posted - 2006.03.13 13:21:00 - [16]

Congratz on your first pvp exp & DEFFO double sweet getting the killmail on your first encounter Very Happy Hope you get many more & none of em are me Laughing

I still get the rush from a pvp exp, its what makes this game so sweet Very Happy

PinK Tac0 ReasearcH
Posted - 2006.03.13 14:39:00 - [17]

eve is the best game ever, aside from zelda 1 which turns 20 this year.

Posted - 2006.03.13 14:41:00 - [18]

I would put Eve in joint first place with "Dungeon Master" and "Chaos Strikes Back" on the Atari ST Cool

Posted - 2006.03.13 16:38:00 - [19]

Awsome story - the possibility of PvP gets me shaking with a massive adrenaline rush, but after about 3 months of playing I've never killed anyone Sad I need to get into a pure pvp corp...

Congrats on the kill Very Happy

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2006.03.13 17:55:00 - [20]

Great story...thanks for posting.

Posted - 2006.03.13 20:42:00 - [21]

welcome to's a nice rush..even better when its 1v1.

crom ralphfao
Posted - 2006.03.13 21:41:00 - [22]

haha, loved reading that.

yeah, my experience with eve is becoming a little more interesting as i refuse to mine anymore.

got into a couple systems last night .3 and .4 sec. fly around ratting while trying to be ready for stumbling across players......when all of a sudden there is a, i dont know non gallente ships so i didnt even know what class he was flying; i lock on to him, my heart starts thumping.....and he warps off.

suppose i need to decide whether im gonna fit for pirating or defending against....maybe act as a small time bounty hunter until then.

haha, congratulations on your win!

Rift Scorn
Black Nova Corp
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2006.03.13 21:46:00 - [23]

welcome to the show Exclamation

It doesn't get any less exciting each and everytime, i promise you that. You jsut get more used to working properly with the all the adrenaline, missiles, and assoretd fireworks going on around you.

Great read Very Happy

The Scope
Posted - 2006.03.13 21:58:00 - [24]

/me waves to Eud - nice kill Very Happy

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2006.03.14 00:20:00 - [25]

The urge to kill only get stronger. Don't worry, eventually you won't shake anymore when in that sort of situation. Makes it easier to press the keys that way.

Arcane Velshologies
Posted - 2006.03.14 00:28:00 - [26]

Nice story and welcome to the best part in eve, like my friend hinik says....soon it will pass and you only get it when outnumbered etc

Dark Eulogy
Posted - 2006.03.14 01:37:00 - [27]

Edited by: Dark Eulogy on 14/03/2006 01:39:09
lol ever get in a real fight? adrenaline in these games is def cool and is one reason i play em but its nothing like a real adrenaline rush

also asherons call pvp adren rush > eve.. eve is actually pretty slow paced :/

Lunas Feelgood
Posted - 2006.03.14 06:50:00 - [28]

This is a really nice story... Hope you gonna start killing alot moreTwisted EvilTwisted Evil

Mentis Seorsum
Posted - 2006.03.14 08:11:00 - [29]

killmail too!
I didn't get my 1st killmail till my 5th or 6th engagement(a solo AF vs poorly fit cruiser)

grats, the rush is fun
even if I am a carebear ugh Razz (with fangs)

Ars ex Discordia
Posted - 2006.03.14 09:44:00 - [30]

Glad you people liked it. I am a trader Neutral .... with a cruise missile Shocked

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