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Posted - 2006.05.19 17:37:00 - [121]

Tampa Florida here!!! South Tampa to be exact...

The Shadow Order
Posted - 2006.05.20 16:31:00 - [122]

Originally by: Mandrake Knight
Floriduh represent!

Pensacola here. For those that dont know, it is the furthest west one could be in FL and not be called a 'good ole boy' lol.

Nice to see so many Floridians here YARRRR!!

Gulf Breeze FL


Posted - 2006.05.22 01:34:00 - [123]

Yeah St.Pete FL here good to see EvE players in FL Very Happy

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2006.05.23 04:02:00 - [124]

holy crap. all these people from FLA and only one from Tallahassee? Im originally from Okeechobee (just look it up, the very north tip of the lake) but im in school up in tallahassee.

this thread should get very interesting come football season :-D GO NOLES

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2006.05.25 13:08:00 - [125]

St. Petersburg

Pau1 Atreides
Posted - 2006.05.25 14:05:00 - [126]

Looks like we could organize a tampa/tampa bay meeting. :P

The Nest
Posted - 2006.05.31 00:14:00 - [127]

I have just compiled a list of everyone who has replied here. I will be organizing it into areas and hope to plan a Non-Hurricane Affected get together in the Tampa Area soon. I am in the Gainesville area. My wife just started playing Eve as well. Her nick is Katarina Rose.
In total, there are 124 people listed so far!
Check out the profile here with all my contact info...
IGNORE THE PIX!!! It was my evil twin! In fact, I don't even KNOW that guy! YARRRR!!

50 Isk
Cult of War
Posted - 2006.05.31 14:07:00 - [128]

Originally by: hangovur

this thread should get very interesting come football season :-D GO NOLES

I knew there was a good reason to not like BOB Twisted Evil


The Nest
Posted - 2006.05.31 22:59:00 - [129]

The list is forthcoming! I have most of us grouped into regions. I am still wondering where to put the Seminole people. ;) If they get another Ivan or Katrina, they'll be merging with the Alabama or Georgia groups.
There are about a hundred people in-state on this list. I'm thinking a Gainesville meet and greet would be cool for those of us in this area. Email me in-game if you're interested, or at

Posted - 2006.06.03 13:31:00 - [130]

Tallahassee, FL here; soon to be Orlando. Back to good ol' O-town!

Alassra Eventide
Space Lobster Expeditionary
Posted - 2006.06.05 19:52:00 - [131]

Daytona Beach, or rather, 20 minutes south of there in Edgewater.

Celestial Mayhem
Posted - 2006.06.11 02:34:00 - [132]

Miami Springs, FL here next to Mia airport ugh noisy as **** but str8. Im also Going to be moving to Daytona in 2-3 months.

Posted - 2006.06.13 22:57:00 - [133]

Edited by: Gunnrikr on 13/06/2006 22:57:57
Gainesville here too, just started playing though Very Happy

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2006.06.14 01:28:00 - [134]


Naranja/prinston area

Cyber Wolf
Posted - 2006.06.16 19:46:00 - [135]

Tallahassee here. Didn't know there were any locals that played.

Kaylana Syi
Coreli Corporation
Posted - 2006.06.19 07:50:00 - [136]

Originally by: Gunnrikr
Edited by: Gunnrikr on 13/06/2006 22:57:57
Gainesville here too, just started playing though Very Happy

Welcome fellow gainviller. Hope you enjoy the best game on the net.

Obvious Loophole
Posted - 2006.06.19 20:50:00 - [137]

Palm Harbor here, anyone in the pinellas area planning anything?

Omega Enterprises
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2006.06.25 03:36:00 - [138]

Tallahassee here....we represent

The Kairos Syndicate
Transmission Lost
Posted - 2006.06.26 17:40:00 - [139]

Pinellas Park here, not too far from Kennith City and St. Pete lol.

Sosus Red
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2006.07.20 02:07:00 - [140]

I used to live in Jacksonville and plan to move back hopefully soon. I love Florida!

Posted - 2006.07.24 23:59:00 - [141]

St. Pete
Wow lots of Florida players

Zaul Nex
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2006.07.25 01:52:00 - [142]

Sunrise, FL!

Posted - 2006.08.08 07:10:00 - [143]

Orlando...waterford lakes area

Posted - 2006.08.13 19:00:00 - [144]

St. Petersburg.

Trying to get a gathering going for Tampa/St. Pete area at the Starbucks in North St. Pete off of Roosevelt Blvd N at the Pulix near MLK. Eve-Mail me if interested.

Kryste Banes
Canadian Shock Troopers
Posted - 2006.09.16 15:16:00 - [145]

Ah yes. Have been wondering about a Central Florida Gathering. Who was it that was compiling a list? As soon as this is done make sure you post it. I live in the LAKELAND area, and am all over the state quite a bit. I would like to know of all the players who are of drinking age or at least over the age of 18 that would like to meet up in the Orlando or Tampa area as this seems most centralized.

I am also a pilot so, for a share of expenses, I would be willing to pick some people up from around the area.

We first need to set a date. I have seen many requests for a get together but no dates, even tentatively. So, lets narrow it down shall we? We should give at least 2 to 3 weeks notice. So how about we start with September 30th. Other possible dates are October 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th. (all being on Saturday's obviuosly).

Possible Places: Starbucks, Panera, some local pub, Bennigan's, Beef O' Brady's, Hooters, Winghouse, and any other suggestions on a place we can either get online, or have a few friendly drinks (prefferably some place that has CIDER!...)

Place your vote for date and place. We'll get them compiled and then decide on a time. Any suggestions need to be either somewhere in the vicinity of an interstate, and/ or a small airport (this does not include Orlando International, Orlando Executive, Tampa International... though Orlando Executive is.... negotiable Laughing)

Kryste Banes
Canadian Shock Troopers
Posted - 2006.09.18 03:23:00 - [146]

Bump!... gotta get some replies.

Kryste Banes
Canadian Shock Troopers
Posted - 2006.09.18 21:10:00 - [147]

Bumpage!.. once more.... I hope this topic didn't die...

Kryste Banes
Canadian Shock Troopers
Posted - 2006.09.20 21:49:00 - [148]

To the top we go.

Shaktipat Revelators
Posted - 2006.09.21 10:38:00 - [149]

Orlando/UCF for meee~

Nikolai Nuvolari
Gilead's Bullet
Posted - 2006.09.21 23:00:00 - [150]

We need to all get together on the beach and have a massive barbecque.

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