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Lani Stalisa
Posted - 2006.03.12 14:22:00 - [1]

I can create a minmatar with 8's in all but charisma which is 7
I can create (started this one) a caldari with 9's in all things but a 3 in charisma

I also think the minmatar ships tend to be more flexible, and I want a good all around character and even with learning skills the charisma may gimp me on some useful skills.

Akima Tucker
Universal Defence Industries
Posted - 2006.03.12 18:14:00 - [2]

Although I play Minmatar and do like them, and god knows we need more in the game, but with the choice you have I'd go with the Caldari character, Charisma I really don't think is vital - its great for leadership skills and using gang assist mods. But you can train up the charisma skills and the implants are always cheap as they aren't in demand.

If you like Minmatar ships - there is nothing to stop you from learning them Smile

Lani Stalisa
Posted - 2006.03.12 21:36:00 - [3]

may switch to mini ships, but i think the stats are good.

charisma is kind of useful for social and trade (and will likely do the learning skills for it)

Right now mining in an osprey while training up learning skills. (already int 3, mem 3, learning 3 in a couple hours, perception 1, willpower 1) Basicly training up the learning skills while I decide what I want to do with the character (picked up a couple general use skills to help with cargo and mount after burners)

Posted - 2006.03.12 21:38:00 - [4]

Unless you are into trade or mission running, charisma isn't needed. You get better payments and standings from agents if you have higher charisma and better deals with trading as it also affects the amount of tax you pay at NPC stations. The amount isn't a great deal so it's not worth going with the Minmatar character unless you're going to be doing a heck of a lot of trading/mission running etc.

For the average player, good atribs in all the other four are more important with the emphasis going on Memory and Intelligence. Those are the main ones for most of the skills you'll want to train. Perception and willpower is mostly for training for spaceship command and the ships you want to fly. The latter are used for other things on occasion but not so often.

Spend the time to train up on these four skills in the learning section and the learning skill as well. Although it may be a pain waiting, try to get them all to lvl3 or better still, lvl4. It will pay off in the end by giving you much shorter training times for the other skills. Later you can take them higher and go for the advanced learning skills but for now, lvl3 or 4 will do unless you don't mind spending the next month or two in frigates. If the time it takes really doesn't matter to you, train them up as high as you can get them, it pays to have them up as high as possible when you want to train other skills.

Lani Stalisa
Posted - 2006.03.12 22:00:00 - [5]

well started with frig 4 and command 2.

Trained up to cruisers 1

On a mini I would start with frig 4 and command 3 so quicker into the cruisers.

I am looking at picking up some of the trade skills (really want the one that reduces taxes and the one for station services). Plus anchoring is charisma based iirc, and secure containers once I head to lower security areas to mine would be a given

And i paln on learning several ship types (thinking of doing a lot of mining and transporting once I get a good grasp of the markets)


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