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Lord Artemis
Dark Seraph
Order of the Black Cross
Posted - 2006.03.09 00:45:00 - [1]

All in all the bounty system is a good idea. To make someone wanted and running from do-gooders. However the current problem I hear all too often.
"Hey, lets but a bounty on him!"

"He will just have one of his friends pop him when it gets high enough to be worth it." Confused

What about a bounty system that allows individual A sets bounty on player B AND sets parameters for who can kill.(corps, individuals, alliances, etc.) or some way to overcome the current largest drawback to the bounty system. If your looking for space on the server to use look into courier missions/player created missions. Rolling Eyes

Posted - 2006.03.09 00:53:00 - [2]

Even better, contracts.

You get OMGWTFBBQPWND by someone,
in all your hatred you put up a notice on the Bounty-Hunters-Guild-Billboard (Read: A place where bounty hunters can get work) and if someone wants to take the job, they send a notice to the guy with the contract that he is willing to take the job.
And then it's up to the contract holder to choose if he wants that guy to do it.
Also make the contracts non-transferable once signed (ofcourse)

Gold Diggers Inc.
Posted - 2006.03.09 08:56:00 - [3]

Something like your proposal Artemis is apparently is in the works with the contract system the Devs are proposing to add to the game. (In Development.) However, the contract-hit system still does not necessarily prevent bounty fraud. Your contract-killer could still decide to split the reward with the target, to make the kill easier. Also, the contract-hit system limits justice to rich and well-connected players (i.e., players who know what hunter they can trust). A more equitable solution to the bounty fraud problem is to limit payouts on bounties to the value of the targetís destroyed property. (See ArrowBOUNTY REFORM: Payout Cap at Value of Destroyed Property.)


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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