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Dust Puppy
Posted - 2003.09.05 19:43:00 - [1]

I just picked up a copy of The Reality Disfunction by Peter F. Hamilton and so far it is a great read. The world is very similar to the world of Eve (weve Smile).

But for other readers of this post than Joshua, What are you reading?

Joshua Calvert
Rule One
Posted - 2003.09.05 19:51:00 - [2]

Hey Dust Puppy,

The books just get better and better.

Dust Puppy
Posted - 2003.09.05 19:54:00 - [3]

yeah it was probably a mistake buying it but what the hell it shortens the subway trips. Of course the character Joshua Calvert looks exacly like you. Did you have him in mind when you designed the character... I mean facial attributes... what the hell is angular face anyway Smile but thanks again

Joshua Calvert
Rule One
Posted - 2003.09.05 19:55:00 - [4]

I did try to make my avatar look like how Hamilton described him in the books but I think I got the hair horribly wrong Shocked

DB Preacher
Posted - 2003.09.05 20:11:00 - [5]

yeah, there are quite a few names from the peter f hamilton people in the eve universe. it is a great read btw.

If you want an awesome battle description go read Gates of Fire by Stephen Pressfield. All about how the 300 spartans (and a couple more odds and sods) held off at least 100,000 persians at the battle of thermoplyae. wicked stuff ;)

Dust Puppy
Posted - 2003.09.05 20:15:00 - [6]

but I think I got the hair horribly wrong

actually I think that the hair is the bad part of the wonderful character creation system but I probably think to much about hair Embarassed

Critical Mass Enterprises
Posted - 2003.09.05 20:34:00 - [7]

Domain by james herbert.

sorry not space related but a good read anyway.

Dust Puppy
Posted - 2003.09.05 20:42:00 - [8]

Skyleach I did also ask for what anyone else was reading Eve related or not and the reason for that is that people that play Eve like games (mmog, mmorpg and so on) read more fun books. Nerd some call them (us) and I have been called that number of time since I started playing Eve. So I'm just wondering what books you all are reading, for future reference Very Happy

Posted - 2003.09.05 21:02:00 - [9]

Well I've just finished reading Alastair Reynolds "Revelation space", "Chasm City" and "Redemption Ark".

All cracking reads, Hard SciFi and very very good. I fully recommend them to anyone.



InTech Inc.
Posted - 2003.09.05 21:14:00 - [10]

"Enders Game" is an awesome read, and the other three books in that quartet. They are written by Orsen Scott Card.

Joshua Calvert
Rule One
Posted - 2003.09.05 21:17:00 - [11]

Enders Game is excellent.

The ending is very surprising.

Halo Jones
Oberon Incorporated
Posted - 2003.09.05 21:35:00 - [12]

anything by Iain M. Banks

basically the entire 'Culture' series of books are excellent, and not overly dissimlar to eve.

Try Excession for a good battle read with sme intrigue, but best to read them in order. Use of Weapons and Player of games being two of the best books I have read. The origins of the chairmaker and the talebehind it, are truely from the mind of a genious.

Posted - 2003.09.05 21:51:00 - [13]

Just finished "Earth Made of Glass" by John Barnes (probably not the footballer, but I'm guessing). It's excellent. The first book in the series, "Million Open Doors", is even better. The main character is called... ah, you guessed.

The basic idea is that humanity colonises a few nearby systems with sub-lightspeed technology; then centuries later, the resulting "Thousand Cultures" suddenly get reconnected with Earth when they invent a kind of jumpgate. With hilarious consequences. Well not really hilarious, more kind of scarily dramatic. Anyway it's good stuff!

Dr Snarl
4S Corporation
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2003.09.05 21:53:00 - [14]


Frank Herbert is numero uno. If anyone manages to get through the Dune series, they will enjoy it.

Although I agree with most of the thread

Peter Hamilton is extremely good
Iain Banks - player of games (my fav Sci-Fi book)

Arcane Velshologies
Posted - 2003.09.05 21:58:00 - [15]

I have just finished reading G R R Martins Song of Ice and fire series, and am eagerly awaiting my sisters return from America so she can bring me the newly published fourth book in the series. Its a very good fantasy series which i recommend to everyone. To fill in the time until then i am reading the Deverry series by Katharine Kerr and Stalingrad by Anthony Beevor

November Corporation
Posted - 2003.09.05 22:01:00 - [16]

reading Dune atm, very first one, totally kicks ass

Joshua Calvert
Rule One
Posted - 2003.09.05 22:02:00 - [17]

The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan is my all-time favourite series.

Arcane Velshologies
Posted - 2003.09.05 22:05:00 - [18]

If Jordan ever gets the WoT series finished i will be amazed, we still have to see Rand defeatinf the Seanchan as well as strengthening his position in the realms that arnt under his control. And of course there is always the dark one. Roll on number 11 :-)

Posted - 2003.09.05 22:13:00 - [19]

Iain M. Banks, Terry Pratchett, Tom Holt

I have had Redemption Ark on my table since christmas.. still not had time to read it.

Erich d'Artox
Posted - 2003.09.05 22:13:00 - [20]

I'm reading Terry Pratchett atm, but my favorite writer is definately Douglas Adams..

Posted - 2003.09.05 22:24:00 - [21]

i read, not to recently, Rainbow 6 which is a great Tom clancy counter terrorist book, Aliens, quite a few of the Aliens Vs Predator series by steve perry, and Team Yankee.

Not particulary space related, except for aliens, but good books anyhow.

Posted - 2003.09.05 23:16:00 - [22]

If you run EVE in window mode, you can always read:

The Phenomenology of Spirit

On Liberty

The Art of War

The Protestant Ethic and Spirit of Capitalism

Karl Marx and Freidrich Engels works

The Prince, etc.

The Origins of Inequality

A Modest Proposal for the not-too-Swift

The Wealth of Nations

A Critique of Pure Reason

That's a goodly few places to start.

* WARNING: Reading some of the following may actually chance your perspective on reality. Shocked

IT Alliance
Posted - 2003.09.05 23:43:00 - [23]

I'm reading The Janson Directive, by Robert Ludlum. I like it so far, the guy has a knack for making a no-put-downer.

Helmut Rul
Posted - 2003.09.06 00:08:00 - [24]

Well i would suggest reading some of Larry Niven`s books such as Protector and Ringworld, And as many other have suggested Iain Banks and Peter Hamilton are very good too.

Hikaru Okuda
Posted - 2003.09.06 01:28:00 - [25]

I love everything all of you have mentioned (yes I read a lot!)

And all the Banks novels about The Culture and his wonderful ship names. If I can ever own a Titan, while not as large as a GSV, I'd still like to name it afer one from the novels.

Captain Xpendable
Posted - 2003.09.06 05:07:00 - [26]

Edited by: Captain Xpendable on 06/09/2003 05:14:06
"Good Omens" by Terry Pratchet and Neil Gaimen is one of my favorite books. I can reread it endlessly.

My copy of "Time Enough For Love" by Robert A. Heinlein will need replacing someday, it's getting worn out. Cool

Tomoe Laboratories
Celestial Imperative
Posted - 2003.09.06 08:09:00 - [27]

I've been reading the "Left Behind" series and its really good. The last book of the series should be coming out soon. Its a fictional story based on the biblical end of times. Really good reading. Smile

Halo Jones
Oberon Incorporated
Posted - 2003.09.06 21:20:00 - [28]

yes the GSV culture vehicles would make eve look like poo

Archon Stormrage
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.09.06 22:19:00 - [29]

Edited by: Archon Stormrage on 06/09/2003 22:19:20
Well I got all the old Sci-Fi books my dad has as a kid and hes mid 50's now so theres good stuff there.

The Null-A series by A.E. Van Vogt (brilliant writer).

Thousandstar by Piers Anthony and the rest of the series.

The Amtrak Wars by Patrick Tilley.

Transit by Edmund cooper.

The 'Sharpe' series by Bernard Cornwall ( follows a fictional character in wellingtons army and his rise through the ranks).

Have to say any of those writers are great but my favourites are A.E. Van Vogt and Bernard Cornwall.

Posted - 2003.09.06 22:32:00 - [30]

Well, I just ordered The Reality Dysfunction(Peter Hamilton) and The Player of Games(Iain Banks) on your recomendations, hope they are good... or else...

..I'll be disapointed Confused

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