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Justa Prettyface
Posted - 2006.03.03 22:12:00 - [1]

Been in the game a couple hours since the patch fiasco and so far Auto Pilot shuts off when you get to a station or gate so you have to manually reselect docking or approaching, Half the time info doesn't load like in the Character screen. Mine just stays blank after opening the window. You can't but barely move around because of the lag and locked up gates. The market sometimes takes as much as 15 mins to open. (if it does) It is difficult to involve yourself in any part of the game because you timeout or lag to the point that you get killed or what your trying to do fails.
Got to hand it to you you surely FIXED it this time!YARRRR!!Took me 30 mins to log in. 25 mins to get out of the station. 2 mins to move an item from the item bay to my cargo bay...... I could go on but what's the use. To top it all off you people have not communicated what if any thing is being done and what if any kind of time frame it is going to be. I hereby give you my personal Corporate Dung award!

Posted - 2006.03.03 22:14:00 - [2]

and again...Read! Cool

Net 7
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2006.03.03 22:14:00 - [3]

please just stfu

Kozure Okamii
Seriously Corrupt Information Industries
Hydra Alliance
Posted - 2006.03.03 22:16:00 - [4]

Please just stop trolling....

Rolling Eyes

Justa Prettyface
Posted - 2006.03.03 23:14:00 - [5]

Posted - 2006.03.03 22:14:00 - [2] - Quote

and again...Read!

Maybe you should read more carefully? My post was made 30 - 40 mins before the post you are linking.

Net 7
Posted - 2006.03.03 22:14:00 - [3] - Quote

please just stfu

And Da Reaper if you dont like to see what other people think CLOSE YOUR EYES, OR take your own advice and go do something else!

btw 4rc4ng3L ty for the link to more up-to-date info. Wink


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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