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Rabb Darktide
Independent Fleet
Dark Taboo
Posted - 2006.11.09 20:07:00 - [61]

Grew up in Topeka, and the lived in Overland Park for a few years.. In California now though, but I miss KC...

Shadow Tribe
Posted - 2006.11.11 02:10:00 - [62]

I'm originally from a small town near KCMO if that counts

The Synergy
OWN Alliance
Posted - 2006.11.16 21:02:00 - [63]

Wow, old thread but people keep posting. I work in Liberty and grew up in a small rural town northeast of Kansas City. I'm relatively new to EVE, so I'd definately welcome any help, and I need to make some friends from the same timezone! I've met some great people, but it seems they're all EU so we don't get to spend enough time together. EVEmail me and let me know if KCRULES channel is still the place to be, we should make a mailing list for KC and the surrounding area if there isn't one already!

A Lite in the Darkness
Posted - 2006.12.21 23:31:00 - [64]

Olathe here, just a few mins south of KC. There's a RPG store here that has a few comps ready to go for Eve. Also has the CCG and other products as they become available. Be a god place for another meet in the area. Otherwise, I'm willing to do some traveling. I play, 3 people at my job play, and 2 of my friends play. We should at the very least meet up in game sometime and cause some havok!

Saxon Hawke
Intaki Liberation Front
Intaki Prosperity Initiative
Posted - 2006.12.26 18:13:00 - [65]

I'm located in Marshall, Mo. About 1/2 way between St. Louis and Kansas City.

Posted - 2006.12.28 02:12:00 - [66]

Lees Summit, Mo here. Would live to have a big game.

Alex Eimin
Posted - 2006.12.29 05:51:00 - [67]

Lawrence, KS

Lerathe Vespaldia
The Babylon Project.
Dead Mans Hand
Posted - 2006.12.29 22:35:00 - [68]

Wichita Kansas here.

Vanguard Frontiers
Sc0rched Earth
Posted - 2006.12.30 00:42:00 - [69]

join channel KCRULES

Jahah Smith
Body Count Inc.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2007.01.23 09:36:00 - [70]

Olathe KS here

Vanguard Frontiers
Sc0rched Earth
Posted - 2007.01.23 13:08:00 - [71]

I've said if b4...join channel KCRULES

Chilled Solutions
Posted - 2007.01.31 18:52:00 - [72]

Count ole Sliffy in. I'm an Overland Park, KS resident. Have three others in my corp from KC area. Give us a yell in game!! I will be joining kcrules asap!! Cool

UA Industry
Red Alliance
Posted - 2007.02.15 02:33:00 - [73]

Born in KC MO. Lived in Olathe, Wichita, Pittsburg (if you ain't pitt you ain't $***, currently living in Frontenac, KS.

Druid: (just for you) ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!.

Hroller McKnutt
Hope and Change
Posted - 2007.02.21 18:38:00 - [74]

There's two of us in Warrensburg that just started playing a bit over a month ago. We'll join the in game channel (when I'm not at work...)

Cruoris Seraphim
Exuro Mortis
Posted - 2007.03.12 22:15:00 - [75]

\o/ Kc native here, I will join the channel in game tonight.

Frater Patroabo
Offworld Miners and Fabricators Guild
Posted - 2007.03.18 11:08:00 - [76]

Another Nebraskan for EVE. I'm in Lincoln. Or so they tell me.

Posted - 2007.03.18 13:40:00 - [77]

this is cool for awhile i thought i was the only one in kansas im in hutchinson ks

Most Wanted INC
White Noise.
Posted - 2007.03.23 16:45:00 - [78]

interesting. I shouldn't be surprised but I am anyways. Grandview, MO here :)

Open Concepts
Posted - 2007.03.24 07:06:00 - [79]

Another nebraskan, Omaha for me. Have relatives in KC,Mo.

North American Euro Space Agency
Posted - 2007.03.28 23:00:00 - [80]

King City, MO here. Talk about being in the sticks :D and buddy of mine here plays as well.

Imodesky Kafelnikov
The Colonial Forces
Posted - 2007.04.19 01:42:00 - [81]

Leawood KS YARRRR!! although in arizona for another 3 weeks,,,,

The Tierijev Compact
Division of Eden
Posted - 2007.05.10 16:05:00 - [82]

Wichita here... ks ftw?

Dissident Mao
Posted - 2007.05.15 12:18:00 - [83]

Omaha Nebraska here. I have three friends locally who are also addicted to Eve.

Dam Nilo Veth Ega Me

Posted - 2007.05.26 08:41:00 - [84]

Red Oak Iowa......Hour from Maryville...

A Lite in the Darkness
Posted - 2007.06.22 15:58:00 - [85]

Been a while since I've been here. Just a little update, all but one person in my corp, A Lite in the Darkness (ALID), is in the Kansas City area. I need to jump back into the KCRULES channel one of these evening so we can cause some havok. Any specialty pilots here? I'm a stealth bomber (manticore)/recon ships (rook) specialist.

Posted - 2007.06.28 15:22:00 - [86]

Fellow KC pod pilot here.

Check out this link for a bunch of others. I'm not sure how many of them are still active, but there were a bunch that responded to this old thread.

Sesu Prime
Posted - 2007.08.09 08:31:00 - [87]

<----- Hutchinson, KS USACool

Vanguard Frontiers
Sc0rched Earth
Posted - 2007.08.09 14:54:00 - [88]

join channel KCRULES

The Tierijev Compact
Division of Eden
Posted - 2007.09.25 14:01:00 - [89]

how about you guys setup a mailing list ingame too? that way everyone can get evemails about meetings.

darfloth minatake
Posted - 2007.10.22 04:19:00 - [90]

emporia ks and a friend here plays also

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