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Muffin Man
Albatross Inc.
Posted - 2003.09.02 12:41:00 - [1]

This thread refers to the plight of freedom fighters in EVE, who are so often branded as Terrorists by those who lack the necessary background information to properly judge them.

This thread contains both character roleplay and a first person account of the Character Muffin Mans experiences prior to becoming a freedom fighter.

*read "A Seed of Hate" background story in this forum before reading this, as it makes direct references to the incident contained therein*

IC: The Peoples front are responsible for a large portion of the minefields around Amarr (if not all of them), despite what Amarrian propaganda would have you believe these minefields did little more than disrupt trade routes, they were of low yield and hardly capable of destroying even civilian vessels (although that doesnít mean they couldnt should someone carelessly autopilot through them).

As for the station incident at Elmed VI-Moon 5 station 4 years ago where a Minmatar ship destoryed a station full of innocent civilians using high explosives in whilst docked, my deepest sympathies, whilst the TPFM is considered one of the more "brutal" corps of the rebellion our fights are honourable (in our eyes at least).

Yes we attack the odd mining vessel out in a belt, but then again so do our enemies, we have lost many defenceless industrials as a result.

We would never attack a semi-civilian station, especially a place of education that would house students, families and even children.

I'm sure such cowardly acts have already stained our reputation beyond reprieve.

So I'll not plead our case on such matters any longer.

Our corp. members sacrifice their lives for the cause, only brought back through the miracle of cloning to help their people to freedom.

As outsiders looking inwards you could not begin to understand the tyranny and pain the Amarr Empire has inflicted upon our people.

I personally have not witnessed any loss first hand, my father suffered the loss of our entire family in one day, the sister of a mechanic who gave his life to save me wrote me a letter explaining in great detail what had transpired the day I was freed, she had been told the story by an engineer serving on the same ship as he.

Muffin Man
Albatross Inc.
Posted - 2003.09.02 12:42:00 - [2]

Edited by: Muffin Man on 02/09/2003 13:01:51
I was born on an Amarrian slave ship, I was in the process of transferring to a friendly Minmatar Scythe cruiser which had intercepted the convoy, unfortunately due to the incompatibilities in docking hatches and the fact that the Scythe was neither equipped for war nor freeing slaves (chance led them to us) the slaves were being transferred over by means of a cable and space suits, I being newborn was the first to be transfered, being held by a mechanic from the Scythe who had volunteered to help in the transfer.

No sooner had the transfer started than an Amarrian battleship warped in, sent personally by the emperor to make an example out of those slaves who tried to escape, the battleship destroyed the Amarrian Bestower ship with all hands on board, I was newborn only a day or two previous, my father saw the Battleship and already being suited up kicked off from the side of the Bestower and hurtled towards the middle of the cable were I was currently making my way across to safety, the Extremely heavy lasers cut the Bestower in half and a large portion of wreckage still attached to the cable (to which we were still attached) drifted passed the Scythe smashing the mechanic, my father and I against the side of the Scythe.

My father being of Brutor heritage was frighteningly larger than most men, he shielded me from the impact, the mechanic being a Sebiestor suffered massive injuries and died shortly afterwards, whilst my father had received severe injuries he was to make a near full recovery.

I will never forget a day I was too young to remember, for though I hold no memory of it I have an eternal reminder, I opened my eyes for the first time seconds before the blast of the Bestower, I was instantly blinded.

Trained by my father in hand to hand combat and space warfare I quickly made a name for myself, although being blind I could serve as little else but a comms officer or tactical advisor.

A retiring Matarian captain recognised my strengths, his experience in Jovian capsule technology was phenomenal. He believed that the key to utilising my talents was within the Jovian capsule. He was right, I could suddenly see everything around the ship, I was wired directly to the camera drones, the capsule bypassed my eyes.

The captain had asked only one thing of me in return, to help him end his fruitless existence with a few desperate years of helping his people. After several years of fighting Amarrian frigates and obsolete cruisers (the Scythe class was solid but no match for modern Empire ships) he gave his life to free a Bestower full of Slaves, acting as a decoy warping to a nearby planet with the Empire following closely behind.

His crew never forgave me for leaving him, but I knew him far better than they will ever know, I made the jump to Republic space without hesitation, the malnourished, sick and dying slaves in our cargo hold were more important than any of us.

I later found out that the very same captain who had given me my chance, who had flown and fought side by side with me, was the very same captain who rescued both my father and I shortly after my birth, a man of honour.

The miracle of cloning gave me back my eyes, but after many years without them I found I could not use them, I would receive extreme pains and eventually fall into a coma, fortunately cloning stations are very accommodating

Muffin Man
Albatross Inc.
Posted - 2003.09.02 12:45:00 - [3]


when it comes to personal requests and with a little extra ISK I was able to secure a deal with one such station for blind clones.

I acquired myself a Hoarder industrial in a fight to the death with a Matarian who believed I had defiled his sister, despite my lack of sight my fatherís combat training was no match for him, after some trading I acquired the Event Horizon, a Rupture Class Heavy Cruiser.

I was recruited by Tyto, a proud patriotic Matarian who introduced me to the rest of the newly formed Council of the "Peoples Front of Minmatar", Demetor, Viqer Fell, Beljorin.

They all shared similar histories as I, although usually witnessed first hand and far deeper were the atrocities engraved in their memories.

The Empire is Evil, I personally have no wish to kill Amarrians, but I will destroy the Empire, of that you can be certain.

Take this as a warning, if you are Amarrian and you fly a Cruiser you will be considered a part of the Empire unless you declare otherwise, we have but a few Amarrian allies, if you are part of a Pro-Empire corp. then you will also be considered to be part of the empire, regardless of ship, those peaceful corps who side not with the empire should declare themselves.

We fight for our people, it matters not what outsiders think of us.

Muffin Man
Albatross Inc.
Posted - 2003.09.02 12:51:00 - [4]

OOC Just to add to that brief account (Yeah right) :)

IC: Although I do not condone what happened to that station I think it fitting to point out one valid point.

How many slaves do you people who call us terrorists think the Amarrian empire has murdered?

Unfortunately most of the slaves do not serve their masters by bringing them quafe or tidying up, they die horrific deaths at the hands of their Amarrian guards and their unatural dogs.

I take a couple of exerts from the historic archives

(OOC: Peek of the Week regarding VITOC).

"Through the ages the Amarrians have employed various methods of keeping the slaves in line. Many of them are deemed, by the standards of the Gallenteans and others, to be highly immoral and cruel."

Not to mention this favourite...

"One of the additional features in the new virus is that the resulting death is much more horrifying now; those that fail to get antidote will suffer excruciating pain that can last for days before death
finally comes."

Some races and pacifsts think our perception of justice is skewed, I hope maybe the above exerts may make you think again.

Concord and the Minmatar Republic itself has failed these people, we intend not to abandon them.

I'll re-iterate, we do not condone the Evil act of terrorism and murder as demonstrated in the incident regarding Elmed VI-Moon 5 station 4 years ago (assuming that the pilot was indeed Minmatar since he was unidentified and Stabbers by their own market description are a popular ship throughout the races).

Mjr Tom
Posted - 2003.09.02 15:59:00 - [5]

Very nicely done. Very Happy

Well, it is good to see an 'opposing' viewpoint, if indeed it is that. In war, we tend to clump individuals together, to become a whole. We rarely see the stories behind them. Propaganda flies from either side, nothing is pure truth. One must choose a path they believe in, and blindly assault the other. Their blood, morals, and history all contribute to their choice. Belief makes allies and enemies. Belief is all we have that cannot be lost, it is also what kills us.

Peace is only brought through power, for how does one know if they are good if there is not someone who is bad?

Muffin Man
Albatross Inc.
Posted - 2003.09.02 17:18:00 - [6]

Glad you took it the right way.....

Keep 'em coming I look forward to reading more of your stories Very Happy


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