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Killer Gandry
Shadow of the Pain
Posted - 2006.03.12 01:36:00 - [121]

Edited by: Killer Gandry on 13/03/2006 07:52:14
honor isn't worthless, just wasted if used regarding most Gallente.

Interstellar eXodus
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2006.03.13 02:19:00 - [122]

After reading through this discussion, i'm not prepared to engage in debate as my time is valuable to me. However, i'd just like to point out that tragic though the events were leading up to the outbreak of full hostilities, the systematic bombardment of a planet (caldari prime) and the wholesale slaughter of millions is by far the greater atrocity and a totally disproportionate response to the loss of half a million lives in the destruction of ONE underwater city. How many cities were leveled on caldari prime?

I know the gallente respondent deplored the actions of the federation government for it's response, but to then turn around and in the same breath somehow justify that government's actions is questionable. Apologies if i misread your statements, but that's how you've come across...

Anyway, to answer the questions:
1. What dealings have you had in the past with the Caldari State that deviated from the assigned contract?
I have had minimal direct contact with the state, but what contact i have had has been honourable.

2. What is your particular stance and viewpoint on the Caldari State (good and bad)?
In terms of how the state works: no system is without it's flaws. Foreign policy: i am concerned that their asisstance of the Amarr may backfire on them -however, just because the state sanctions such activities that doesn't mean that every caldari corp adheres to this concord. In general, i have no overwhelming opinion one way or the other towards the state -i prefer to keep an open mind...

3. If you had the choice, what market would you be more willing to invest in? (ie Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, Minmatar)
In the materials i trade in, the profit margins are somewhat higher in Gallente and i have come to realise just how much the lonetrek region lives up to it's name! However, i have no real inclination to move back to Gallente at the moment. I have had no direct dealings with the Amarr or Minmatar regions -so i can't say on that front...

4. Which type of vessels to you prefer to pilot? (Gallente, Caldari blah blah blah)
Gallente for the time being. However that is a choice that is forced upon me for now...

5. How often do you spend time associating with Caldari? Not just podpilots but normal citizens of the mighty State?
The corp i'm from is a caldari based corp with some Amarr, Gallente and Minmatar members. I have found my experiences with this corp to be enriching and i associate with it's members and their friends during out of work hours.

Killer Gandry
Shadow of the Pain
Posted - 2006.03.13 07:55:00 - [123]

My my. One of the rare Gallente that hasn't been blinded by Federation propaganda.

Those half million Gallente in the underwater city wouldn't have been harmed if the Federation hadn't illegally blockaded a planet which had nothing to do with the conflict as it was.

Some brave Caldari just didn't want to put up with the gallente arrogance and rightwinged idea's.

Posted - 2006.03.13 11:00:00 - [124]

Thank you Killer you have justified my entire perception of you.

Isca, i intended to point out that we did have to respond, however the response was grossly disproportionate, as i was trying to suggest. Much in the same way was the attack on our city.

Killer Gandry
Shadow of the Pain
Posted - 2006.03.13 14:50:00 - [125]

The attack on the underwater Dome was a result of an illegal blockade of a planet which wasn't even in the conflict.
Allso the attack on the Dome was made by some Caldari and instead of going after them the Federation chose to eliminate defenceless civilians.

Mainly because the few Caldari that responded to the illegal blockade seemed to be armed and the population on Caldari Prime seemed easier prey.

Allso as stated, the Gallente had the BIG finger in the porridge at said time, even though Intaki wer in ruling of the federation.
The Intaki were easily surpressed and thus the socalled voting for any change in the Federations direction was still in gallente hands.

So please do us all a favor and unplug your connection to either the Galnet or to your Federation propoganda masters.

Posted - 2006.03.23 14:25:00 - [126]

The Amarr are two things you do not want in an empire. Arrogant, and in a state of steady military and socio-econimic deathspiral. They have enslaved one race and would be quite willing to enslace any others. Through diplomatic or other means the federation and state must coalesce into action and strike the insane inbred bloodlines from the stars. With space to share afterwards and a chance to strike back at their cowardly tormentors the Minmatar would not waste a moment in joining us as brothers in arms.

Something dark and bloody is on the event horizon anyways, so we might as well take the initiative while we have it. If properly used to our advantage we could eliminate much unneeded bloodshed. Twisted Evil

If I can get along with half a corp of Gallente pilots and other Caldari without us all having made space dust out of each other. Allies or needlessly weakening once formidable enemies while the real threat threat rises up from the dark dead space?Question

Posted - 2006.03.23 14:41:00 - [127]

Well spoken Kitsu, although i suspect that there are a few Caldari who are not going to like the fact that you have spoken out about such a thing. Fly Safe, fly with honour.

Karl Mattar
Caldari Independent Navy Reserve
The Fourth District
Posted - 2006.03.23 14:44:00 - [128]

Edited by: Karl Mattar on 23/03/2006 14:44:36
You know you are on the wrong side of something when the Gallente are praising you.

Get your head straight, Kitsu. The Amarr are far more our friends than our former masters will ever be.

Posted - 2006.03.23 14:51:00 - [129]

Edited by: Elrianmk2 on 23/03/2006 14:53:12
Mr Mattar, i have to ask you do you seek conflict with us? I would rather avoid shedding the Blod of the Caldari, i have found the few i have met and worked woth to be good and honourable men. Pull your head out of those state sanctioned broadcasts and propoganda.

I am merely commenting that Mr kitsun may have the right idea, stop looking at the past for your enimy and look at the greatest threat to the Caldari state. It is not the federation, it is the supremist Ammar. Time to let history lie, i would extend the hand of friendship to the Caldari, as would many of the Federation citizens, but it is a difficult thing to do when you constantly attack our people.

The Caldari support of Slaver raids, and your alliance to the Ammar will be your undoing because as surely as a star will die one day the Ammar wil enslave you too. Your servitude to us was a requirement to obey the law. Under the Ammar you will have no recourse to the law. Your vaunted State will be destroyed by those very people that you count as your allies, not those you state are your enimies.

Incidentally Isca, my apologies for not responding sooner, but, my arguement was that we had to respond, the response itself was out of proportion i agree and have tried to make clear in my statements earlier.

Karl Mattar
Caldari Independent Navy Reserve
The Fourth District
Posted - 2006.03.23 15:07:00 - [130]

Elrian, I do not seek conflict with the Gallente, it is already upon us. Just because the State has not decided to engage in a shooting war, does not mean the cold war isn't here. We both know the war rages on in the shadows of space. There will never be peace for me until we walk upon a State-controlled Caldari Prime. Attempts to divert State personnel will be met with a similar response.

How many times do you think we will accept Gallente overtures? With one hand, you offer things that sound good. In the other, you carry a club behind your back. Your Federation is decadent, immoral, and drug-addled. You are ruled by the whims of the majority, by a people so unaware of their own history that they will believe whatever is on the latest holovid. Emotions lead the way. Such mob rule cannot be trusted. That is what I think of the Gallente "hand of friendship."

If you doubt the commitment of Caldari patriots, come to our space. I'll introduce you to some friends of mine. With good old Caldari technology, we can upgrade you to mk3.

Posted - 2006.03.23 16:59:00 - [131]

Mr Mattar, i have been working in Caldari space supplying Caldari and Gallante ships to both Caldari and Gallante personell. Our main area of operations has been moved however the corporation i work for intends to maintain good relationships with our clients regardless of nationality.

If you wish to "upgrade" me to Elrianmk3 i wish you the best of luck however i would request that you notify me so that i may switch to a frigate classed ship. There is no reason for you to kill innocents Caldari, i would have thought given your people's history you may appriciate that.

Jacq d'Luna
The Scope
Posted - 2006.03.23 17:28:00 - [132]


The posturing continues. The benefit of the Caldari - Amarr alliance has often alluded me.

You share no ideological ground, the former being an economic powerhouse primarily concerned with commercial expansion, the latter a decaying authoritarian state with a failing and highly controlled economy organised along religous lines.

Some of the other writers have correctly pointed out that it is inevitable that the Empire will eventually seek to convert the Caldari, it is an essential part of their ideological doctrine, please refer to the Pax Amarria if you disagree. While I seriously doubt that any Caldari will ever accept overtones of friendship from the Federation at this time considering our recent history, the decision of the state to engage in this alliance seems marked by spite rather than any mutual benefit.

What is it, if I may ask, that attracts you to these fundamentalists? What do you have to gain? Why do you suppose them to be 'friends'? I ask because I see no logical answer to these questions.

The government of the Federation at the time of the war was in a state of martial law and controlled by fascists, the Gallente, while far from perfect, has progressed far since then. We are not your enemies and your bitterness could lead you into the arms of a much more oppressive taskmaster.

Jerek Laz
PIE Inc.
Posted - 2006.03.23 17:57:00 - [133]

please refer to the Pax Amarria if you disagree

The Pax was written by his Holiness Emperor Heideran VII and is actually, for many, a rather liberal commentary on non-aggressive expansion on co-operation throughout the various Empires.

The Caldari are a wise, independant and strong people, whilst the Gallente wallow within their pleasure hubs. The Caldari would be wise to view such a silver-tongued Federation that hides its own imperialist agenda behind placating words...

For reference: The Intaki issue. They would appear to have no desire to be a part of your "FederatioN", seeing as you are seemingly fawning over the Matari currently.

Ah well, I'm sure as soon as the next bandwagon rolls past, you'll be on it...

Karl Mattar
Caldari Independent Navy Reserve
The Fourth District
Posted - 2006.03.23 18:36:00 - [134]

Originally by: Jacq d'Luna
What is it, if I may ask, that attracts you to these fundamentalists? What do you have to gain? Why do you suppose them to be 'friends'? I ask because I see no logical answer to these questions.

This I can easily answer, Herr Luna.

The Amarr Empire and the Caldari State are similar in the core of our beliefs. We are both a militaristic culture, and we both cling to ideals that drive us to be more than what we are. It does not matter that they cloak their ideals under a religion, and we cloak ours under a devotion to the State. In the end, it is the same - service to a higher cause. Since we share a similar vision of how the world works, it is easy for us to form friendships and alliances.

I could care less that the Amarr practice what you call slavery. If I must generalize, the Minmatar are a savage, backward people. Enforced employment is the only way to civilize these people, and to bring them into a more cultured and stable form of government, then that is how it must be. It is the end, not the means, that matters. Fortunately, we in the State do not have to endure these terrorists. I'm sure if we did, the State would take a much harder line against them. I must also say that there are some Minmatar that have been able to leave their natural tendencies behind, and to become a part of something better. They have been called race traitors, whatever that means, but they have achieved far more than those who wallow in chaos ever will.

I believe that the State and the Empire will only grow closer as these times proceed.

As far as the Intaki are concerned, they have only my best wishes. They should be free of Federation interference so that they too might pursue their own destiny among the stars. As the recent destruction of the agricultural planet has shown, this won't come easily or without cost. When the time comes, I will be glad to provide to those who fight for that destiny.

Perhaps I've misjudged you, Ehrian. In that case, I offer my apologies. I am under the impression that you are a loyal lapdog to the Federation. If instead, you are dedicated to the independence of the Intaki, then I will accuse you no more.

Posted - 2006.03.24 00:15:00 - [135]

I cannot speak for the Intaki, or the Federation, i am however wary of the Ammarian intentions. It is not my place to dictate your foriegn policies, or for that matter guide you with my limited knowledge. I merely wished to present a different viewpoint to what you may normally be exposed to.

I am not sure how widespread the move for Intaki seperatism is, as far as i am aware it is a Pod Pilot based movement currently. I cannot say for certain though. Being Gallante it would seem that we are immediatly cast into a sterio-type of being drunken drug addled fools. There are many good and clean living members of the Federation. I am sure if you look hard enough you will find evidence of the more depraved sort amongst all cultures. It is a difficult thing to do though the changing of perceptions.

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